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Locker room fantasy

As i walk into the locker room after a long day of football practice i notice a girl stareing at me as i undress, I smirk and continue to undress and as i turn on the shower and start washing my hair I feel arms wrap around me and someone whispers in my ear “may i join you” before i can say anything she walks in front of me and gets on her knees and rubs my cock with a delicate smile on her face. As i look at her in pleassure i notice the water of the shower drip off of her face and roll onto her body as if it were as smooth as silk. She stops rubbing and puts my cock in her mouth and sucks on it bobbing her head back and fourth and i moan with pleassure and i push her head so she can go deeper and i hear her choke on my cock and as soon as i let her go she takes it out of her mouth and stands up
Then she sits on it wrapping her arms and legs around me and i hold her and bounce and my cock feels so nice in her tight pussy and i feel and hear her arms and legs squeeze harder and her moan louder as i go faster and faster till i let my seman inside of her.

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