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My boss (first encounter)

It was about 6:50 am when Kacie and I finally made it to the front door of the factory. It was a white building with a little add-on with a roof, but no walls, where we were guessing people go to smoke on their breaks. Kacie grabbed her bag and grabbed a pack of Newports and her lighter as we started to walk over and sat down next to a couple of guys and a girl.

What’s up ladies? The bald built guy at the other picnic table asked. “I’m Chris, this is Josh and Nicole. You ladies new?”

I smiled and nodded my head. “I’m Callie, and this is Kacie. Yeah we start today.”

“Cool shit, we need a couple more good looking ladies to keep all this testosterone down up in here. It’s like a building full of young studs that just got out of the slammer after two years.” He said chuckling as he hit his cigarette.

We all chuckled as I asked him if I could bum a smoke off of him until I went to the store at lunch time he nodded his head yes and handed me two.

“Thank you.” I said grabbing them out of his hand. “I will repay you at lunch”. As I lit and and hit it a couple of times.

He smiled and shook his head, “girl don’t worry about it, just promise me if I ever am out you will return the favor.”

I agreed and went back to my cigarette.

It was almost 10 after 7 when I finished my smoke and lit my other one. We had about 10 minutes until Kacie and I had to go in and speak to human resources of where we were supposed to work. I was so hoping we were working in the same department. About a minute later we heard a motorcycle rumbling up the street towards where we were. The driver parked it and shut it down.

The driver was about 5 ft 8 or 9 inches tall give or take, and looked very fit, but I couldn’t tell with all the gear he was wearing. He unhooked his helmet and removed it. My eyes widened as I bit my bottom lip. He had blonde shaggy hair, probably down to his shoulders, but I couldn’t tell, he had it up in a bun. As he hopped off his motorcycle he started to walk over to where all of us were, waiting to go in and start working.

Chris started to chuckle once again as he said, “o here we go again, another lovestruck female, gaucking over your fucking motorcycling ass Jaxon!”

I stared at him until he noticed and then looked down, acting like I wasn’t hypnotized by his beautiful self and those green eyes. Oh my God his eyes were absolutely beautiful. He caught a glimpse of me and flashed a sexy grin.

He walked up to Chris and sat next to him as he grabbed a smoke and lit up,taking a long drag from it.

“What’s up brother, how was your night?” He asked him

“Oh it was okay just went to the bar and had a few drinks with the boys, and then went home, how about yours?” He asked as Jaxon shook his head in annoyance.

“Man, take my advice, stay single as long as possible. The married life is very fucking difficult. All the wife does is nag nag nag!”

And there it was the feeling of lust towards this man left my body as I finished up my smoke and put it in the can that was full of butts.

“by the way, I’m Jaxon, or Jax for short. I’m one of the supervisors on 1st shift and you ladies are”? He asked as he reached out his hand to shake ours.

“I’m Kacie, and this is Callie. Today’s our first day and we don’t know where we are working yet.” She said to him as she shook his hand and then I did the same.

Oh his hands were so soft, but sturdy at the same time. We all got up and started walking to the door to go inside. Kacie followed Chris and Nicole in as I followed Jaxon in and he held the door like a gentleman, and let me fo in first, as he smiled that sexy grin at me one last time, and disappeared the opposite direction.

I've been writing erotic stories since my late teens some true some made up and some do were fantasies. Lmk if there is a specific topic people are more interested in then others. Trying to become a erotica writer to make extra money for I am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children. Tell me your feedback and corrective criticism is acceptable. Thanks :)

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