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Because circumstances had kept them apart for so long, the mere thought of one another led them to images of passion that would start the love juices to flowing from their bodies. They were so in tuned with each other that numerous on nights they had made love mentally but tonight wasn’t the same. He had yearned for her this night physically and she knew this. So she started out on the journey that was unlike any she had ever taken before. She had to make contact!

There he was at his desk, his head down deep in slumber, her scent traveled through the air, aroused him and to his surprise there she stood. Approaching him wearing a dress that zipped down the front. And in an instant she unzipped the dress revealing all to him. What she wore that night was a silk article of clothing the just barely covered her trimmed love tunnel. As she turned around to place her dress down he watched the glimmering fabric as it contoured to her nice round brown bottom. Her soft nipples began to protrude because of the coolness of the room and she gently reacted to the chill with a slight twitch in her body and a smile.

Standing to greet her in the usually fashion she halted him with an extended hand demanding that he remained seated and not utter a word. At this point words would only neutralize the spell that she was putting him under and nagate her purpose for being there. She kissed him gently on his forehead, cheek, and removed his glasses from his face then placed her mouth on his. His lips parted to take her tongue, she loved the way his mouth taste, gently sucking his tongue, while his hands tried to explore her body, abruptly she stopped him wagging her finger in his and shaking her head no.

Tonight, she was there for only to please him, tonight she would deny herself pleasure, just bringing him pleasure would send her to levels of ecstasy unknown. As she kissed him, her soft, manicure hands gently caressed his neck, chest and stomach. While her tongue moved from his mouth to his cheek then ear the gentle sucking relaxed him. She could faintly hear him moan as he grabbed the arms of the chair tightly.

Now, that she had him under her control. She proceeded to lick his stomach and sucked on his belly button gently. At this point his member touched the bottom of her chin. She reached in the opening on his pants to find his member fully erect, pulled it out where she could feel and see every protruding vein. With excitement her insides began to shiver, she wanted to taste his clear love juice. Her hand gently stroked it as he laid his head back on the chair. The thought of her foundling him in this fashion couple with her unwillingness to allow him to touch started to overtake him.

While stroking his member she placed one of his fingers in her mouth and she began gently sucking and biting it bringing it to the back of her throat. Then felling the time was right to place his member where she wanted it, deep in the back of her throat. She started at the base and gave it a long wet firm lick, smiling from the sound that the chair made as he griped it tightly. She was ready to taste his clear juices licking her lips first she took just the head of his member into her mouth and gently sucked while her tongue played with the tip. As she increase her suction more of his member slid into to her mouth till the head was at the back of her throat and her lips wrapped around the its base. Looking down at her work he it amazed him how it all perfectly fit into her mouth.

Really wanting to please him so she got on her knees, between his legs and began to move her wet mouth up and down his member. At times fast, and then slowly so that he wouldn’t explode too soon. With one hand gently holding his storage stack while massaging it. Not being able to withstand the site of pure pleasure he buried his head in the back of the chair and held tightly to the armrest wishing this would never end. Then suddenly the air began to thin for him, almost as if someone turned off the oxygen, he looked down at her to see her sliding her mouth up and down his member stopping at the top, licking and sucking. Hearing her moaning and groaning the sound muffled because she has his huge member in her mouth, he let out a breathe of air and continue to breath harder.

Releasing the armrest he grabbed her head and ran his fingers through her hair. To her that was the signal he was ready to launch his love that he had been holding in for her into the back of her throat. In a wave of glory his head went back against the chair, and his hands came to his face as his love potion burst from his body. Hot and plentiful and into her mouth and throat. Some she swallowed the rest she left as a token of her appreciation. He laid there for a minute, then he stood up and help her from her knees, and gave her a passionate kiss. At this point she would have loved to have him ravage her body on his desk.
But not this time her purpose for being there was to please him and denying herself was something she like to do every once in awhile. She put her dress on he began to speak. She place her finger over his lips, kissed him then walked out the door.

The next morning, he had awaken to find that he had some love juice in his pants but couldn’t remember where it cam from. You see she came to him while he slept and fulfilled his needs in spirit since situations in her life couldn’t allow her to be there physically.


Now because he had awaken to find love juices on his body, and could smell his woman’s scent faintly in the room. He knew that she had come to him while he slept. He was hell bend on returning the favor. Later that day, he called her at work as usual. She giggled childishly hearing his voice and remembering what had happened the night before. He remained calm while he spoke to her as if nothing had happened and that made her wonder if they had really connected. Her heart was a bit sorrowful because she had enjoyed bringing him unimaginable pleasure and the fact that he didn’t respond in words about how much he enjoyed her left her bewilder. He felt the unbearable pressure in her heart when he hung up the phone smiled and began a mission that what would send her to heights unknown……..

As she lay in her bed that night she tossed and turned at the thought of him not mentioning what a good time he had. Eventually the heaviness of her sorrow filled eyes coupled with the exhalation of the night before overcame her and she slowly drifted off to dream land. As she entered the land of Morpheous she heard the door creep open. There he was, she knew he had come to see her and rave about how great her performance was the night before. He walked in look at her but did not utter a word.

Standing over her he began removing his cloths. Knowing every night she slept nude, he knew what the proper attire was when he had to enter her bed. He slid his warm nude body in entering from the foot. She smiled at the feel of his tongue that took every one of her toes and gave it personal attention. Then her ankles, calves, knees and thighs. She parted her legs inviting him between, he passionately caressed and kissed each thigh, moving from one to another showing the same amount of attention to each. Her body squirmed with anticipation and seduction.

As he moved closer to her love tunnel, he took a deep breath, savoring the smell of her sexy body and it drove him wild. Her body ache for his tongue to explore her sensual slit. He parted her lips to find her hidden pearl with his fingers, then gave it one lick that took her the nexus of ecstasy where should would remain until he decided to release her. He began licking and sucking her clit savoring the taste of her juices as they flowed from her love canal. He grinned fiendishly as she arched her back and her soft manicured hands ran through his hair. She forced his head further down so that his tongue could explore her love cave. While exploring her canal he inserted two fingers to forces all her sweet juices out onto his tongue. Deeper and deeper his fingers went touching the center of her pleasure spot as her body shivered and went into spasms. The motion in her hips signaled the first of many orgasms for the night. With her eyes closed and her hands reaching endlessly for something to hold, she held his head and exploded into his mouth. Grabbing and pulling his head in closer into her private parts to ensure he received the flood of juices that gushed out.

After her explosion he sucked her loveclit softly and gently until she could take no more. She felt her body floating and a calm came over her while he slid his body on top of hers. Now it was time to feel her body with his and this was a task that he always welcomed. As he slid on top of her, her legs open wide exposing her sweet love canal to his member. Her eyes popped open and she gasp, held him tightly as he firmly thrush his member deep into her love canal. The feel of her fingers clawing into her back and her feet on his calves signaled that they were one not two individuals engaged in this quest to paradise. He began stroking her canal slowing with deep long thrush and with each thrush her the air expel from her lungs. While stroking her canal he began kissing her on her forehead while gently massaging her temples with his thumbs. Relax, baby is what he said over and over again just relax.

As he felt her body relaxing he increased the speed and the depth of his stroke. Harder and a bit faster with each fluid motion he could feel her body winding up for another explosion. Feeling her legs trimmer he knew what was to happen next. He held her head in his hands he thrush his tongue inside her mouth so she could savor the sweetness that she gave him earlier. Then she turn head into the pillow dug her nails into his back and let out a scream that would have gotten the attention of any passer byres. The warm beads of sweat that surface on her fore head he gently wiped away while massaging her temples. Overwhelmed and exhausted she drifted into a deep slumber. He kissed her forehead and laid next to her and they slept. The next morning, she awoke to him laying next to her. He opened his eyes and said, “You know, the other night was spiritual” and she said, “Last night, you were heavenly.”

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