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Office Work

He was one of those big-shot businessmen. Young, successful, very good-looking, A real stud!
He was in need of someone to help him organise himself so he hired a P.A. He got one. He got me.
But I’m not your average secretary! I’ve been through several bosses, just like this one. You see, I’m very highly sexed, and there is nothing that turns me on more than an attractive wealthy man. I’m young, sexy, with a curvy voluptuous figure and long silky brunette hair and I’m an outrageous flirt. I wore practically indecently short skirts to work, and I have a thing about knee high boots.
But he was not complaining! I could see it in his eyes when he looked at me, and when he left the room we were in together, with trousers practically bursting! I could see he was one hundred per cent in lust with me, and that made me even more horny and outrageous.
One day I turned up in a short skirt, black knee high boots and little white shirt tied at the waist with no bra underneath. I had a desk out-side his luxurious office, with it’s big desk, and leather sofa and chairs, drinks cabinet and entertainment system
I came in at lunchtime with a cup of coffee and sandwich, and I stood with my back to him, doing some filing.
I bent down a little giving him a view up my skirt and smallest of frilly thongs. I heard him moving in his char. I smiled to myself. I turned round and put some papers on his desk, once again bending down, now giving him a view down my top. My plump breasts strained against the material
I felt him looking up and staring slightly at my breasts. I looked up suddenly and caught him.
“What are you looking at?” I asked innocently “Is there something on my shirt?”
He put my head down looking embarrassed. ‘No no, nothing’
I smiled to myself again. It was time to stop pussyfooting around.
“You alright there? You look a little… uncomfortable, anything thing I can do? you look really tense, would you like some music on?”
He relaxed and smiled at me. ‘Yeah put some music on’
I went across the room and choose a C.D. and put it on.
“Oh my god! I love this song”
He got up “Care to dance?’
I gyrated and grinded against him to the Latino music. And then a slow, sexy ballad came on. He moved his hand down onto my bum and pulled me tight against him. My hands slipped around his neck and I looked straight in his eyes. He stared back at me, and moved his head closer to kiss me. I moved my head up to meet his mouth
He moved in closer, opening his mouth wide. I moved my tongue in and around his mouth, exploring and tasting. He played with his tongue over mine forcefully and his dick started to press against my crotch.
I turned round and poured out two glasses of sherry. I gave one to him and he took a sip, looking at me. I took some of mine but missed my mouth, and the golden liquid went all over my shirt. The white muslin went instantly see through and my tits pressed against the material. He tried not to stare at my breasts but failed.
“Oh dear” I giggled “Want to give me a hand here?”
He looked me in the eye again and nodded eagerly. He then moved over to the door and drew the blind. He walked back over to me and kissed me again, beginning to unbutton my shirt as he did.
“Woah, there big boy, let’s slow down and enjoy this. If you sit down there, I’ll give you a little show”
I pointed him to a seat near his desk and he sat down. I turned the music up and danced slowly as I unbuttoned my wet shirt and took it off, freeing my tits. They fell out and he got the full view. He sat back in his chair and breathed out slowly, watching me.
I continued to dance slowly and sexily. I unzipped my skirt and pulled it off.
He looks at me greedily. I was left in just my thong and my knee-high boots. I crossed the room to him. He obviously couldn’t stand it anymore, because he undid his trousers and pulled out a beautifully hard cock. Kneeling, I told him to take off his shirt, which he began to do I stroked his cock with my hand and then took it in my mouth. He gave a small shudder. I took long licks, long hard licks off his cock, humming and moaning all the time. The vibrations made him wild, and he writhed in the chair. I teased his end with my tongue, always looking him in the eye. He ran his hands through my hair and ran them down to my breasts, which he fondled and squeezed, and I kissed his cock up and down.
I took his hairy balls in my mouth and I slowly sucked. I then deep throated him, and he shuddered again and started to squeeze my breasts harder.
I broke off. “Is this good? Wouldn’t want to disappoint you!”
He nodded, eyes closed in concentration and his balls tightened in my hand as he shot his first load into my mouth. I swallowed his creamy cum and kissed my way up his cock, over his toned stomach and up to his mouth
I sat on his knees, buried his face in my tits, giving him a hand job all the time, working on getting him hard again.
I got up and perched my arse on his desk,
“Your turn” I said huskily
He moved over and started sucking on my breasts, licking at my nipples, I moaned and kissed his hair. He sucked and licked roughly, while squeezing the other breast
“Lick my pussy” I moaned in his ear “Please”
He got on his knees and pulled down my thong. My legs, still clad in my favourite knee high boots clinched around his head, forcing his face right up to my pussy so he could smell my musky scent.
“You smell good”
He spread my legs and licked my entrance with his tongue. He licked me again pushing his tongue in slowly. I flung my head back and gave a soft moan. He sucked on my pussy lips while pushing his tongue in further. He licked around my pussy walls.
“You taste good”
I pulled up his head and leaned down to kiss him. I tasted my juices and become instantly wet”
“Fuck me on your desk” I moaned loudly “pump me hard on your desk”
He kissed me and spread my legs apart; he smiled and looked straight in my eyes.
He rested that lovely dick against my pussy entrance and held my hips tight
“Oh don’t tease, fuck me now” I told him.
He kept his eyes on mine, and gripping me tightly, slammed his dick deep in my pussy. I screamed loudly as my pussy stretched to fit his cock as he forced it all inside me. I put my hands on his arse to help him ram deeper and faster.
He moved his hips back and forth slamming his dick hard into my pussy, my juices running over his dick and the desk. I flopped back over the desk, knocking everything over. The coffee spilled and piles of paper collapsed over the desk and onto the floor
“You bad girl” he panted “you’ll have to clear up that mess when we’re finished”
“Finish me first, then we’ll see”
He laughs “Oh I will finish you, don’t worry”
He kept on banging into me hard
“Oh god, you are so tight” he moaned. I moved his hands onto my tits and he leaned on me heavily. Suddenly he pulled out and pulled me up
He turned me round and bent me gently over the desk. He easily slid into my wet pussy and began to fuck me from behind. He slammed me harder and harder. He paused for breath.
“Would you like me to go on top?” I looked round. I pushed him back slowly on the desk so he was lying on it like a bed. I climbed up too and lowered myself onto his cock. I rocked for a while enjoying the contact, and then I began to rise and fall helped by his hands on my hips. I fell forward over him and moved back and forward. My tits flew back and forward.
“It hurts” I moaned “But it’s so good”
He moved his hands onto my tits and squeezed them as I moved on his cock. My mouth met his and our tongues collided as we fucked.
“Oh god I can’t keep this up” He moaned
“Roll over then” I pant “Come on top of me”
We rolled over and he stood back on the floor. He entered me quickly and he pumped me at an unbelievable speed until I screamed and a powerful orgasm ripped through me. I sat forward and pulled his cock between my breasts.
“Come all over my tits”
He moved his hips again, and in a few thrusts he shot his load all over my tits. I fell back panting, and he lifted me in his arms and brought me over to the couch. We both fall onto the couch and collapse into a sleep with our legs
And that was our first encounter. But let me promise you, it wasnt our last!

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