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Afternoon Delight

I slept restlessly thinking of yesterday at the office. It was the most erotic scene I have ever witnessed. Always having secret longings to have my boss at least grab my ass, but no advances ever came. The absent-minded stares he would give me or the longer than needed glances at my tits were about as close as I got.

Yesterday at lunch I went to his door to give him a few files, and I knew he would need after lunch. He has always requested never to be bothered during his lunch hour, but I thought he would want these ready. I was not prepared for the glorious site that was awaiting me. The door was slightly ajar and I could see him leaning slightly back in his chair. One hand on the phone and the other grasped firmly around the most beautiful erect cock I have ever seen. Forgetting about the files I watched intently, listening to him on the phone telling Sarah his wife of how he loved watching her suck his massive purple hooded cock. If she was a good girl he would allow her to swallow his cum.

Absently mindedly my hand went to my already wet pussy to rub my throbbing clit. These scenes replayed in my mind over and over as I showered this morning. Soaping my body, pinching my erect nipples. Fantasizing of taking that big cock of nine and a half inches at least deep into my mouth. What a lucky woman his wife was to get these phone calls.

I rinsed off and got dressed putting on as little makeup as I could since I had spent too much time fingering myself this morning. I would have to do away with the usual bun I wore atop my head. Instead I allowed my long auburn hair to fall about my shoulders. It wasn’t until I pulled into the parking lot did I realize I had forgotten to put on my bra. “Oh shit,” I spat out. I would have to do it on a day I wore a white blouse, my 40 DD breast slightly pulling at the buttons of my shirt giving anyone an eyeful. The boss is not going to like this. We work together in an insurance office so I did not have to worry about anyone but him seeing me. Since he paid little attention to me I doubt it would be that big a deal.

Sitting at my desk when he came in he stopped in front of me, “Carla, what a nice change to see you not looking so prim and proper. Ahh and nice blouse I might add.” With that and a wink he went to his office. I smiled curiously, well at least he knows I exist and went about my daily duties.

The thoughts of him stroking his cock in the other room everyday at noon had me a bit frazzled. I felt my pussy moisten as I noticed the time near twelve. Oh God, he is going to be pleasing himself and I have to watch. It had been nearly three months since I had been with a man, and this man had the most perfect rod I have seen in a long time.

He came out right before noon handing me some files asking if I did not mind staying in for lunch to finish them. I nodded my approval and he went back to his office. As I stood to stretch, realizing it was noon, the phone rang and it was Sarah. He would be fully erect in moments right in the next room. My clit began to throb at knowing this. I paged him on the intercom to let him know he had his call. I could hear myself echo, and turned noticing the door was more than ajar it was a good four inches open! I sat back and listened as he began telling her that pumping her hot tight cunt felt so good. This was nearly my undoing, I needed fucked and in the next room was a man with a hard cock that needed pleasing. I got up and locked the main office door and put on the answering service.

Unbuttoning the first three buttons of my blouse so my tits would be more visible. My dark nipples already hard and pressing against the cool fabric excited me even more. I walked to his door and seen him stroking his cock, he glanced up seeing me a smile spread across his face.

I walked to him while he was still on the phone to his wife for his afternoon phone fuck session. He began talking to both of us without her knowing. “Just how wet are baby, come here and let me feel you.” I waked toward him and he slid his hand up my thigh to my eagerly awaiting cunt. “Mmmmm, yes you are so wet, if you are good I will tongue fuck your tight hot pussy.” He pulled aside my thong and ran his large finger up and down my slit then slid it into my dripping pussy while his thumb caressed my clit hood. “You love being my little slut don’t you?” I nodded taking on the role of his wife while he talked to her.

He made a motion for me to be quiet and said into the phone “Honey I am putting you on speaker phone no one is in the office but me so don’t worry just continue.” Soon the room was filled with sounds of her pleasing herself and him pleasing himself. I found the whole scene hot.

“MMMM your pussy is so wet, do you like when I finger your nasty little cunt”? I nodded and she said “Yes, oh God yes deeper baby deeper into my pussy!” I began to grind my cunt into his hand as he leaned forward to undo the remaining buttons of my blouse freeing my well rounded tits and hard nipples. His hot mouth found the right, then left nard pebbled nipples flicking them firmly with his tongue.

Sarah spoke “Oh baby I need to feel that hot cock in my mouth, I want you to fuck my face.”

“Ok, on your knees you little cock hungry bitch and you better suck it good or I might have to spank that ass a bit.” I quickly got to my knees licking his swollen head lapping up the pre-cum and slowly taking him deep in my mouth. “Ahhh that’s it bitch you know what I like suck my cock good.” One hand on my head pushing me down as he moaned, his other hand now had two fingers fucking my throbbing cunt.

Sarah unknowingly giving me instructions on what to do excited me even more until my juices were flowing down his hand and my thighs. I needed to release, but he was not ready. “Mmmmm baby your sweet daddy needs to taste his pussy juice so lay down so I can suck that sweet tight cunt” She replies, “Oh yes, eat my pussy good” her ragged breathing tells me she is as close as I am.

He reaches down and pulls up my skirt around my waist, and sits me on his desk. One hand one each of my knees pushing me open to expose my cunt to his waiting tongue. Sarah says “Oh honey you are so fucking hot today don’t stop keep going.” Without much prompting he opens my pussy lips and finds my swollen clit and rubs it with is thumb. “My thumb is rubbing your clit my little love slut, do you like the way it feels?” Looking straight into my eyes I nod with wanton passion, she answers “Ahhh yes, your tongue I want your tongue on my clit NOW” He wastes no time in burying his face in my hot twat, licking up and down dipping into my love hole and back up to my clit. He inserts two fingers in my twat and sucks on my clit pushing the hood back over and over until I am ready to squirt my love juice. He sees it coming and covers my mouth and sucks out my cum from my cunt. I hear Sarah screaming “I am cumming you bastard eat it all!”

“Oh, I am my little whore I am eating all the cum I can get and now I am going to fuck your tight little cunt properly until you scream and beg for more” With that he rams his big cock deep into my waiting cunt. With my mouth covered my mind is reeling with pleasure of this pulsating hot meat stretching my very insides. In and out pumping slowly at first then increasing harder and harder. I thought I would loose my mind. Sarah says, “I am using my dildo to fuck my twat baby, you know how much you love to watch that.”

“That’s my little slut, fuck your cunt til you cum think of me pound your pussy hard, in and out faster and harder. Let me hear you’re cumming.” As Sarah begins to scream, she is cumming, he has his finger rubbing my clit as he pounds in and out of my pussy. He begins to grunt and moan yelling he is cumming too. I can say nothing but he feels the muscles of my cunt contract on his cock knowing I am ready to burst.

Sarah says “Ok honey, lunchtime is over see you tonight, kisses bye” He replies “Bye Babes see you tonight.” He doesn’t stop pumping in and out of my snatch and slowly withdrawing.

“So, you liked that huh?” I nodded barely able to speak. I attempt to get up and he smiles. “No, you will now lick off all the cum from my cock.” I don’t complain I take him into my mouth and taste the both of us. I suckle his soft cock licking his balls clean and notice he is getting hard again. I begin sucking his cock back to full life. Without warning he flips me on my stomach so I am ass up in the air leaning over his desk.

Taking his swollen head rubbing it up and down my slit teasing my pussy until I beg for him to please fuck me. “How badly do you want it my little sexatary?”

“Please, please I will do anything just fuck my cunt. I am aching for your cock in me.” This is all the prompting he needs to bury his cock in one thrust and please me until we both cum in a heap on his desk. He swats my ass once and says “Time to get back to work sweetheart.”

With this I gather my clothes and head to the washroom wondering if I will be getting an afternoon delight along with the wife every day. The thought brings a pleased smile to my face.

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