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On the Job Benefits

My wife, Karen, is a beautiful woman with a dynamite body. The first thing men notice about Karen are her large breasts, which are “D” cups and look out of proportion on her otherwise slim, petite body.

When I first met Karen she was heavier and very much aware of the effect her body (especially her tits) had on men, and was embarrassed by it. Because of that, she always wore baggy clothing, which made her look really overweight. She lacked confidence in herself and her appearance and seldom wore make-up.

After we were married (eleven years ago), I was able to slowly begin to change the way she felt about herself. I complimented her when she was naked and especially when she wore some of her less-baggy clothes, and I always made a point to compare her favorably to other women. As a result, Karen finally became motivated to wear tighter, more figure-revealing clothing. I always bought her sexy things, including tops with plunging necklines, stockings and garter belts, high heels, and tight skirts to urge her on. Last Christmas, I bought her a complete hair and make-up “make-over” at a local salon. It was all money well spent!

Finally, I could see a change taking place as her confidence was built. She began aerobics and bicycling until, now, she’s slimmed down and her body is tight and hard and she loves being admired — even to the point of being a bit of an exhibitionist. I have always been proud of Karen, supporting the change, and even encouraging her to dress sexy and act sexy.

One night in bed, we were talking about the way she looked and how much I liked it, when Karen said she knew from the way I reacted that I loved it when she flirted with other guys. I admitted to her that I had gone even farther than that by fantasizing about watching her make love to another guy. Karen blushed and admitted her favorite fantasy since she was a teenager was about making love to several men at the same time. We joked about both of us living out our fantasies at the same time, by letting me watch as she fucked a bunch of guys! Karen laughed but she said she could never go any farther than flirting with me around. I teased her and told her to just tell me all about her escapades when they were over.

Karen took me at my word. Here’s what happened soon after that night.

Karen works for a large builders’ supply discount business that’s in a huge warehouse with a small sales area in the front. She’s the only woman worker, working at the service counter and also taking inventory in the warehouse. One of her co-workers, Brad, was always grabbing at her, feeling her ass, brushing the sides of her tits, etc., and telling her how he wanted to “fuck her big titties.” He’s the owner’s young nephew, so there was no point in Karen making a big deal out of it to the boss.

One summer morning, they were predicting temperatures and humidity in the high nineties, and since the place isn’t air-conditioned, Karen dressed for work in a bra, summer top and short skirt.

Brad always opened the place up and Karen always arrived early to get the counter ready. Karen said she was making the coffee when, like a homing pigeon, Brad came up behind her in the warehouse and grabbed her hips and pressed his groin into her ass.

This time, however, instead of pulling away as in the past, Karen pressed herself back into him. Brad, not one to miss a cue, immediately brought both hands up around Karen to cup her breasts. As he massaged her large tits, Karen continued to grind against his crotch. Brad spun her around and started to French kiss her as his hand made its way under her skirt and down into her panties. His eager finger found her honey pot and he started finger-fucking my wife as he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Karen told me she was beside herself with lust and losing all control as she tried to catch her breath and could feel her heart beating wildly.

Brad lifted her summer shirt completely off, unsnapped her bra, and then stepped back for a moment to enjoy the sight of my wife’s round, naked tits. Quickly, Brad began to suck and lick Karen’s hard nipples as he continued to finger her cunt.

When he pulled his head away and pushed down on her shoulders, Karen said she knew what he wanted her to do, and she didn’t resist. She fell to her knees, opened his zipper and let Brad guide his hard cock into her mouth. He started to move back and forth, fucking her mouth and running his cock over her tongue. Karen was so excited, she started cupping her own breasts and pinching her nipples. As Brad got ready to shoot his load, he pulled his cock from her mouth and told my wife to hold her tits together and he shot his cum onto her tits and watched it collect in her cleavage. Karen said she had an orgasm as Brad’s warm, sticky jism hit her tits.

Without waiting, Brad grabbed an old paint drop cloth, threw it on the floor and motioned for Karen to lie back as he straddled her. He pushed Karen’s breasts together, around his semi-rigid cock, and for the next few minutes, he fucked her tits until he shot another load all over her neck and chest.

Brad collapsed on top of my wife with a smile. “I can’t believe that this has really happened!”

“Well, it did, and that may not be the last time it does, if your cock has anything to do with it!” They both looked at his penis jerking back to life again and laughed.

Brad got up and said they were lucky not to get caught and that they better get to work. As he ran off into the warehouse, he grabbed Karen’s bra and laughed again. Karen sat up; looking for something to clean off Brad’s cum with when she heard the back door open. So, knowing it was the rest of the workers, she quickly rubbed the cum-juice into her tits (which she said made her even hotter!) and pulled her thin top on.

Embarrassed to be wearing such a thin top without a bra, Karen’s plight almost immediately became worse when the material stuck to her sticky chest like a second skin. Blatantly stared at by the rest of the guys she works with and her boss, Karen said she had to take some pretty intense ribbing about her boobs. Then, when the store opened, Karen had to work at the counter and she said she could hardly keep her mind on her work, as she was so aware of all the male customers looking at her chest. It was so obvious to everyone that she was braless, and with the heat and humidity and cum, Karen’s top became virtually transparent, and she couldn’t believe how hot her exhibition was making her.

She said she got so many offers to take her to lunch, or dinner, or “whatever,” she knew she looked like she was a slut who was advertising. She said that by the afternoon, she was even feeling brave enough to bend over the counter and watch the men almost die at her performance. Finally, by closing time Karen was so horny that when she saw Brad she begged him to screw her again. He told her to meet him in a certain corner in the back, five minutes after closing.

When Karen got back there, Brad had already arranged some folding pads into a wide bed on the concrete floor. Karen and Brad embraced, and then started stripping each other. Karen said they were both so horny they couldn’t see straight! They positioned themselves in the sixty-nine position, and just took off from there. Brad fucked my wife twice in the next half hour and Karen said she had at least 3 orgasms. Finally, they were both exhausted and Brad said he had to leave to get to a supplier before it closed. He dressed and left.

Karen laid there, naked, on her back with her legs spread and Brad’s cum leaking out of her pussy. After resting a few minutes to get her strength back, she reached for her skirt.

Out of what she thought was an empty warehouse came a voice — “Not, yet, Karen. It’s my turn.” It was her boss, Dave. He had apparently seen or heard her and Brad and watched them fuck.

Karen said she smiled at Dave and told him, “Okay, but I’m beat. You’ll have to do all the work.”

Dave began to drop his pants and said, “No problem.”

Karen told me that Dave fucked her for a long time before he came and she had two more orgasms. Then they both dressed and locked up. On the way out, Dave patted Karen’s ass and told her he was looking forward to seeing her outfit the next day at work.

When Karen got home, she was so excited, she could barely talk. She said it wasn’t exactly her dream of a bunch of guys all at once, but who knew what would happen when word about what happened with her and Brad and Dave got around at the warehouse. She said she hoped I didn’t mind, but she could hardly wait for the next encounter.

After dinner, Karen said she wanted me to fuck her before she showered, and then I could help her pick out what she was going to wear to work, the next day.

I could see how excited and happy she was.

The next morning, Karen took great care in doing her hair and make-up. After powdering her beautiful body, she put on a pair of tiny, almost-transparent white bikini panties. Then she put on one of my favorite dresses — a mini-length, strapless, white, under wired sundress. She finished the outfit with a pair of high-heeled slip-ons that always gave me a hard-on when she wore them. She was absolutely beautiful.

I kissed her good-bye and we both left for work, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her and what she might be doing all day long.

Karen wasn’t home when I got home from work, and she didn’t get home until almost 4 a.m.! In the moonlight, I watched her as she dropped her sundress. She wasn’t wearing panties and her body was covered with dark finger and teeth marks.

She said she was exhausted, but when she saw my erection, she laughed, “Come on, Dear. One more cock won’t matter, now.”

I rolled over between her legs and buried my cock in her, wondering how many other cocks had been there before me that day. Just thinking those thoughts, I didn’t last long, and Karen was asleep before I pulled out of her.

The next morning, Karen told me that they closed the warehouse at noon and she went with all the guys for lunch and then back to one of their apartments for an all-day-all-night suck and fuck marathon.

Karen has become a sex-toy at work for all of the employees and some of their good customers and loves all the sex — and I love hearing all about it! Of course, I love her and that hasn’t changed since hearing about her adventures. The one thought I did have was maybe she could set it up so I could watch!

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