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The Punishment

The Punishment
by AbbieNormal

We met in the office some years back. M. was an independent contractor and my boss’ company was the mainstay of his business at the time. He was tall (6’6″), very lean and well muscled, a young Mexican man, darkly handsome with flashing eyes and smile and a beautiful accent. We quickly developed a relationship based on teasing and playfulness. As we became more comfortable talking to each other, we began to share more intimate details of each other’s lives. He eventually began to question me about my sexual desires and fantasies, wanting explicit details, and I would blush and mentally remind myself that I was an adult and then I would TELL him. I told him how much I loved to give oral sex, how horny I was ALL the time, how frustrated by my husband’s refusal to touch me. He would tell me of his latest conquest and make fun of my American ways. He told me that a loving woman should serve her man in all ways, and I would laugh and tell him about love American style! When I eventually began to date and to have sexual experiences he would ask me to tell him about them and after much persuasive discussion I began to do so.

One day when we were at the office alone together he began to ask me if I had any fantasies regarding him and….wanting to know what about him I found the most attractive and desirable. I refused to answer, which of course only challenged him. After much persuasion I finally admitted that I would very much like to kiss him. His lips were SO appealing; they were full and so very sexy. Before I could even think of stopping him, he’d pulled me to the back warehouse and he began to kiss me very softly and very thoroughly. I found it difficult to think with his lips on mine, with his hard body up against me. His hand held the curve of my neck, preventing me from pulling back from him, and his kiss became penetrating and compelling. Somehow I broke away, breathless and dazed.

As I saw him over the next few weeks, he capitalized on his effect on me, being sure to wink at me when others couldn’t see and as if he knew quite well the effect he was having on my pulse and libido. One rainy day when I was alone at the office he sprawled his long frame out in the chair across from my desk and told me how my kisses made his cock hard…and ran his fingers over the significant bulge in his jeans. He could read me perfectly…. he could see that his touching himself like that was starting a fire in me to have my hands where his were…. touching his cock. M. stood, and came around the desk to stand right in front of me…his cock fully hard in his jeans and precisely at my eye level. He looked down into my eyes as I tried to look at ANYthing BUT his cock. M. reached down and took my hand and placed it on his cock, and my eyes followed my hand, and my hand (without my permission) began to stroke very gently through his jeans. I moaned aloud and instantly he knew he had me. I looked up and saw that he was smiling hugely.

I tilted my head and placed it on his cock, feeling its hardness with my cheek, through the roughness of his jeans. My eyes closed as I stroked him with my face, his hands in my hair. He reached down again and pulled me to my feet…pulling me around to the chair in front of the desk and pushing me down into it. The window that ran across the front of the office was only partially covered by the blind…. and I was very nervous. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, watching my reactions. When I caught my breath, I saw his cock twitch in reaction.

I felt uncomfortable sitting in the chair…I felt we were displayed like in some department store window, so I stood and pressed him down into the chair, going to my knees in front of him. I stroked his long lean legs and distractedly listened as he told me how much he wanted to feel my lips on his cock. His legs were spread widely and I was between his knees, lost in his compelling gaze as my hands moved to his cock of their own accord. I gasped with that first touch…and I felt my mouth begin to water, felt my cunt spasm. I moved in closer and devoured his cock with my eyes as my hands explored it. I could not reach his balls…. still imprisoned in his jeans as they were, but his cock rose impressively free and responded by twitching at my every touch.

He moaned his pleasure at my touch. I looked up again at him and knew I could not refuse him this; that there was no sense in PRETENDING I could, so I lowered my face and breathed deeply the scent of his sex and was intoxicated with it. Though I’d not touched my lips to him yet, I could feel the heat radiating off his cock. I rubbed my cheek very softly against it and heard him moan again as my lips finally touched his cock.

I parted my lips slightly and explored his length with my lips only, finally ending up at the head of his cock where a drop of pre-cum awaited me,
like some glistening pearl to tempt my tongue. Using the tip of my tongue, I availed myself of that treat and savored his sticky wetness before tasting of his skin. My lips parted and fitted themselves around his cock-head; gently holding it while my tongue darted out in tiny feathery caresses.

He moaned again and his hands were suddenly in my hair, gently encouraging
me to take more of his cock in my mouth, and I followed his suggestion…feeling his cock-head lodge in my throat. He began to thrust up to meet my mouth, not insistently but urgently none-the-less. I sucked stronger and wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock, knowing there was no way I could take it all in my mouth and needing the stopping point of my hands. His thrust became powerful and I could feel his cum rising in his cock as he fucked my mouth. My cunt was throbbing by now and a dampness spreading in my panties. He groaned as he came in my mouth, filling my mouth till I had to swallow or spill!!

When he recovered, he thanked me and kissed me and left. I was wrapped in a glow from his pleasure and my arousal. Over the next few months this scene was repeated in different locations of the office, sometimes with him standing in front of me, sometimes sitting in a chair…but always with me on my knees.

One day he called me at my afternoon job, needing to retrieve some materials from the warehouse at the other office. I arranged a time to meet him there…and then I failed to make the appointment. He came by where I was and saw me sitting deeply in conversation with a man I had formerly dated. He didn’t interrupt, but the next day he came to the office, finding me alone again. This time he had another man with him, one of his workers. While his co-worker got the materials that he’d needed the night before, M. pulled me into the middle office and asked me why I’d not kept my promise. I stammered out my explanation as M. pulled his zipper down and pulled my head to his already hard cock. As my face approached his cock, I realized that his cock smelled of sex! It smelled of another woman’s cunt!! I tried to pull back; I was disgusted and hurt and enraged (and though I’d never admit it to him, aroused as well)!! He held my head firmly to his cock, and ordered me to open my mouth and service him. I opened my mouth to protest and he instantly shoved his cock into it. I tasted another woman on his cock…. a woman he’d fucked and he wanted to make sure I KNEW it. He held my head firmly and began to fuck my mouth, looking into my eyes with a wordless but very stern glare. As he rammed my mouth with his cock he told me how his co-worker was going to fuck me too, after he’d finished with me. When he began to cum, he grabbed my hair and pulled my still sucking mouth off his cock and aimed his cock at my face and spurted his cum all over it.

——The end

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