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Parking lot hookup

I wake up to a text from you saying good morning and to talk to you after Mrs. Moss’s class. I think about it all day and when I get to the class you aren’t there. A few minutes after the bell you walk in and before handing your note to Mrs. Musty you wink at me. I feel my face go hot and I burry my face in my hands until the blush goes away. I get an urge to look behind me and you’re zoned out looking at me while biting your lip. I don’t really think anything of it and continue ignoring the teacher. When the bell rings you’re the first one out the door due to the fact that your nerves are starting to waiver and I walk after you. I catch up in the biology stairwell and for some reason there’s nobody else around. Wanting to stop you from running away I turn you around and push you against the wall blocking off both ways with my arms. Your face goes hot and you bite your lip as I start to ask what you wanted to talk about. Suddenly you grab my face in both hands and pull me into a long kiss that I wasn’t expecting but didn’t want to end. As you begin to pull away I put my hands on your hips and pull you close to me as I feel a shudder run down your body. I finally let go and we both let go the breaths we had both been holding. You smile at me and lean in and ask if I want to skip skinny with you. Feeling my heart racing I say yes and we sneak out of the door at the bottom of the stairs and go to your car. You pull out of the parking lot and drive to the back of the old Kroger and park in the shadow of the building. As soon as we leave the sight of most of the people I can’t help myself and begin kissing your neck softly and slowly. You turn off the car and rub your hands up and down my back inside my shirt. I ask if you want to take this to the backseat and can barely hear your reply past the moan escaping your lips. You go to open the door and I tell you to crawl between the seats. You joke about me staring at your ass and as you start to move through the seats I grab your hips and massage your beautiful ass as it’s right in my face. You laugh really sexually and I give it a little smack as I let go. I crawl back with you and once again give into the impulse to map out all of your curves. This time I pull you up into my lap and we sit there lips locked for what seems like hours until you pull away to let loose the moan you’ve been holding in. You start to rock your hips and start to take off my shirt. I help you pull it over my head and lift up the front of your shirt. And run my hands up your stomach and around your bra. I gently squeeze your breasts and feel your body shake in anticipation of what’s next. I kiss your neck and move down to your collar bone. I feel your heart rate quicken in my hands and know that I just hit the right spot. I take one hand and grab your thigh pulling you so close that the remaining space between us is removed. Feeling your exposed skin against mine sends waves of ecstasy running through both our bodies. I finish taking off your top and we’re both left shirtless pressed together by a sensual drive that’s been held in check for far too long. You take my hands in yours and guide them to the clasp at your back and have me undo it. I put my hands back on your hips as you hold your bra over the tits barely contained there. You pull it down and the only thing I can think is how beautiful they are. I tentatively grab one and enjoy the shivers of pleasure that you got from it. I kiss you again and this time am surprised to feel your tongue against mine. We kiss like that for a few minutes as I softly tickle your nipple with my finger. I experiment a little and pull your breast to my mouth and kiss the already hardened nipple. This sends more tremors through your body and I bite very softly. You sit there in bliss for a few minutes before I lay you down on the seat beside me and run my hands down your sides. I stop at the edge of your leggings and kiss your inner thighs before going any further. You give a little nod and I take that as a signal to keep going. I hook my fingers under the waistband and give a little tug. You lift your but a little and I pull them down over your ass and you set it back down. You bend your knees to help me get them all the way off and I throw them somewhere into the front seat. You’re wearing a lace thong and I just sit there dumbfounded. I kiss your thighs again and this time feel your hands on my head as I move closer to your wet pussy. It starts to leak through the thong and I rub my hand down the seam there. You shake with pleasure and I begin kissing the wetness there. The shaking intensifies and I begin to sit up. You pull me on top of you and we kiss again and you won’t let me go for a long time. I realize that you have your hands on your panties and I smile at you. You look at me again and I kiss your neck and put my hands beneath you. We sit like that for what feels like hours until you get a text. Scrambling up we realize that the sky has begun to change colors and it’s almost five thirty. I nervously say sorry and you ask for what. I tell you for keeping you there and you pull my face into your chest. We sit like that for a few minutes before you laugh and say that you have to get ready to go to dance. I pull you close again and kiss you deeply before reaching for the pants I threw in the the front. You put them back on and look at me again before kissing my neck. We agree to do this again real soon and you drop me off at home.

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