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A hot afternnon

It is a hot, sunny day, and I’m out walking my German Sheppard, Champ. Champ is about 4 years old, and we have spent a lot of times together. We are very close!
We like to walk the trails in these woods, as they shelter us from the heat of the noon day sun. Champ likes to run ahead of me, and sometimes gets out of my sight, but he always runs back….until this time.
I keep walking along the trail, but Champ hasn’t come back. I start to call him, but still he doesn’t come. I’m starting to get a little annoyed, until I hear him whimpering. He does this when he gets excited, and something must have his attention. As I round the next corner in the path, I notice a clearing with a small, clear pond. Champ’s ears are perked up as he watches something going on there. As I come to the opening in the trees, I see two beautiful girls by the edge of the pond. The two of them are wearing cutoff shorts, and are engaged in a deep, slow kiss. The dark haired one has the fingers of her left hand entwined in the golden tresses of the blonde girl, while her right hand is inside the blonde’s opened shorts.
The blonde’s hands are busy unbuttoning the checkered blouse of the brunette, pulling the shirt away, setting the brunettes breasts free. They are absolutely beautiful! It is the longest, wettest kiss I’ve been blessed to witness. Their tongues fighting each others, as their breathing becomes heavier, and there is more urgency in their movements. They are soon tearing at each other’s clothes, almost frantic in their desire for each other. The brunette pulls the shorts off of the blonde, and pushes her back. The blonde rests back on her elbows as she spreads her knees wide. I have a perfect view, as the blonde says, “Oh, god, Kitty….lick me, lick my pussy deep!”
Thank god that Champ is keeping quiet as we watch. My cock is rock hard, and I undo my own shorts, letting my penis spring free, stoking it slowly while I watch these two beauties pleasure each other.
Kitty is licking the blonde’s pussy, running her tongue along the length of her slit, gently nibbling at her clit, and then licking again, from the blonde’s asshole, back up to her clit. Over and over she does this. The blonde has her knees pulled up as far as she can, while she pulls Kitty’s face against her wet sex. The blonde is moaning deeply now, and suddenly I can see her shuddering under the frantic tongue that Kitty is using so skillfully on her friend.
Kitty raises her face as the blonde settles down from her come, and whispers, “Did you like that, Donna?” The blonde, Donna, sighs with satisfaction as she pulls Kitty up to kiss her deeply again, then tells Kitty, “Let me taste your pussy now, Kitty.”
Kitty leans back as Donna did, and Donna kisses her way slowly up the Donna’s inner thighs. Kitty moans deeply when Donna reaches her pussy, kissing it gently. Donna begins to lick Kitty’s pussy, much in the same matter as Kitty did.
It is then the spell gets broken. Champ runs to the edge of the pond, surprising the girls. Right off the girls know he is friendly, and begin to pat Champ, rubbing his ears and playing with him.
Not knowing quite what to do, I stay where I am, cock in hand, masturbating as the scene unfolds.
For the first time, I notice that Champ’s cock is sticking out from under his belly. It’s huge! It’s about seven inches long and about two inches wide! Kitty and Donna notice it also, and giggle when they see it. Donna pushes Kitty back again, diving her tongue back into Kitty’s pussy. Champ lays on his side next to the two of them, and starts to lick his own penis. I privately wish that I could do that!
Soon, Kitty, panting from Donna’s tongue on her pussy, and finger in her ass, reaches over to touch Champ’s cock. Kitty seems fascinated with it, and starts to stroke it. Kitty, her eyes glazed with lust, suddenly is coming, her hips thrashing as Donna holds on, refusing to let Kitty’s pussy get away from her lips.
Kitty pulls away, panting, “Oh, god, Donna, I want to get fucked!” Donna is bewildered, until Kitty gets on her hands and knees. Suddenly Donna and Champ both know what Kitty wants. Champ starts nuzzling Kitty’s pussy with his nose, licking her with his long rough tongue, as Kitty moans her pleasure. Donna moves around to watch.
Champ then jumps up with his for paws on Kitty’s hips, inching his rear haunches forward, until his fiery red penis is touching Kitty’s pussy lips. Champ thrusts hard, and Kitty shouts out in pain. Champ missed. Donna reaches to guide Champ’s cock, and puts the tip at the entrance to Kitty’s pussy. Champ then thrusts deep, burying three inches into Kitty. Champ with draws slightly, moves his haunches forward a little more, and then buries the entire seven inches deep inside Kitty’s pussy.
I am ready to explode in my hand, as I watch Kitty getting fucked by my dog. Thrust after thrust, Champ buries his cock deep inside Kitty’s pussy.
Donna, who has been furiously rubbing her own pussy, scoots back in front of Kitty, offering her pussy to Kitty. Kitty buries her face in Donna’s cunt, licking furiously as she gets fucked by Champ.
I can’t take it any more. Having ripped my own shorts off, I run into the clearing and present my own cock to Donna’s lips. Donna turns her head to take my own rock hard penis into her mouth. I can’t hold out for long.
It is a matter of thirty seconds or so before the foursome we have begins to moan in a chorus of rapture. I explode into Donna’s mouth. I have never come so hard before, shooting what seems an endless stream of come into Donna’s mouth.
Donna, feeding on each other’s pleasure, both come simultaneously, their screams of ecstasy muffled by their fulls mouths of pussy and penis.
Champ thrusts several more times into Kitty before he withdraws, again resting on his side to lick himself.
There are no words among us as we all settle back to earth.

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