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Getting on the late flight that night Angel’s mind was drifting on other things as she peered out into the darkness. She just had a terrible breakup with her boyfriend a few weeks before and wanted her life back to some amount of normalness. Thoughts raced through her head as she felt the big jet engines start up and roar. The lights danced off the control tower and she seemed dazed as she cast her eyes in that direction. “I needed this break, just to get myself together,” she thought as she heard the plane’s captain over the intercom speakers saying to buckle your seatbelts. She could hear conversations around her, as people laughed and babies cried. She was too consumed in her thoughts to think about if the plane was ready to take off or not. Angel had gotten on a plane whose destination was England. She had some friends there that had asked her several months ago to come visit them. She hesitated at the time back then, because of her work, and her boyfriend at the time. “Brad’s such a fucking asshole,” she thought to herself as she continued looking into the darkness. Brad had been her boyfriend of a couple of years and things weren’t going as good as she had hoped they would of. Sure in the beginning everything was good, he loved her, she loved him and they both seemed right for each other. Until…. that is Mandie came into the picture and ruined her life and took away from her the most loved thing she had up until that time…Brad. Angel and Brad had known each other since high school and when he went into the Marines, they had only been really good friends until he got stationed back in her hometown and they met up with each other one night in a club and the rest is history. They made love that night, and soon the friendship they had in high school took on more of a serious one. The relationship had lasted for 2 years, 4 months, and 13 days. And now here she sat uncertain what her future held for her. She felt the plane shudder and lurch forward as it took off on the runway. The stewardess came by to make sure everyone was fine and to offer the usual coffee, soda, or tea. “God, why” Angel said as tears welled up in her eyes. Good thing no one was sitting next to her on this flight. The plane was 2/3 full of people going to different destinations. She had several stops before reaching her final destination. The tears began to drop down her cheeks as she felt the warmth of tears on her face. “If I had only known it was going to end up this way” her thoughts consuming her. “I would have never gotten involved with him ever,” she thought as tears washed down her face. You see she had caught her boyfriend Brad and this girl Mandie, a girl from one of the clubs she went to fucking in her own bed. “My own bed” she thought as she wipes a tear away with a tissue. “What a fucking asshole, he was” she said but she still felt the sting of seeing him pounding away inside of her as she walked in on them in her darken bedroom. Angel’s mind drifted back to seeing the sight of the two of them making love. Brad had thought Angel was away for the weekend and didn’t plan on her returning until Monday. And Angel had plans to surprise Brad that night by coming home early Saturday night. Brad and Angel lived together, they had since that first night they shared their bodies with each other in passion and neither one of them thought they could live without each other, and wanted to spend as much time together as two people possibly could. But on this weekend night when Brad thought Angel was out of town, he was in for the surprise of his life and so was Angel. As Angel open the front door to their apartment she could see that the CD player was playing a Jazz number, it was a love making song that Brad and her had made love to many times, and now she’s hearing it being played. “He must be thinking of me” Angel mused to herself as she came through the door that night. She had a sly smile on her face, thinking that maybe she should undress in the living room and slip into the bedroom quietly and sneak up on him and surprise him by crawling into bed and making love to him. “Wouldn’t he be surprised?” she thought to herself as she unbutton her top and slid her shirt off onto the floor and unhooking her bra and letting it drop on the floor also. Angel smiles as the thought of going down on his hard dick and making love to him as she slipped off her shoes, unbuttoned her pants and slid her jeans and her lace panties down over her hips and she stood there completely naked. She gushed with warmth of the thought of making love to him tonight. She reached down between her legs and touched her pussy and felt it was wet. She was wanting her man tonight, all of him. Angel tiptoed quietly in the darkened living room towards the bedroom. She could see from beneath the doorframe that there was candles lit and the glow appeared beneath the crack of the door. Angel stopped a minute and her heart pounded, as she was ready for a night of wild passionate sex. Kenny G the Jazz saxophone player on the CD was putting her into the lovemaking mood. Her breath began to get a little heavier at the thought of him inside of her. She licked her lips and tossed her hair back and ran her fingers through her hair. Reaching for the bedroom door, she ever so slightly turned the knob, not wanting to wake Brad up yet until she slid into bed next to him. She slowly turned the knob as the door opens. Angel wasn’t ready for the next thing she expected to see. As she slowly and quietly open the bedroom door about a quarter of the way, her eyes were adjusted to the darkness in the apartment, and as she opened the bedroom door she got more than she had ever expected. What a surprise that was waiting for her. Her eyes immediately went to her bed and she nearly collapsed against the door as her eyes fell on Brad humping and thumping someone in her bed. She could hear this girl moaning and groaning along with Brad’s as she could tell that they both were near their orgasms. Angel stood like cement and willed her feet to move, but they were not moving. She wanted to scream but no words were coming out. Hot tears began to stream down her face as what seemed like eternity to her as she watched as Brad pumped harder into this stranger in her bed until Brad and this girl began cumming together. Angel bowed her head and wanted to cover her nakedness. “What a fool, I am,” she thought as hot tears continued down her face. She felt sick to her stomach and wanted to run and not confront Brad or this whore. Angel willed her feet to move out of the cement as she felt they were dead weights and she managed to turn and as she turned, she bumped into the wall. Brad who was in the throes of orgasm stopped and turned his head towards the door, only to see Angel buck-naked standing in the doorway. A look of shock and horror on his face as he seen the horrified look on Angel’s face as she turned and took off towards the living room to get her clothes. Tears streaming down her face now as she bent over to pick up her clothes and her shoes. Brad pulled out of the girl on the bed and went running into the living room to find Angel sobbing as she was putting on her clothes. “Oh my god girl, I didn’t know you were there” Brad tried to get the words out of his mouth but the words dropped; they had no meaning to them. Brad went to try to hug her and to get her to calm down so that they could talk, but Angel wanted nothing to do with him. He was disgusting, a disgusting pig who was fucking in her bed and she wanted to escape into the night as soon as she could, away from Brad and away from the apartment they shared. Brad grabbed her and tried to hold her, and she managed to break free of his grip. The tears kept coming and angel looked like she had lost a part of her that night. She managed to tell Brad that she would be back for her clothes and things later and with that she walked out the door.

“Mind if I sit down in this seat” a nicely dressed brown haired man said as he jolted Angel out of her deep trance state of mind. “Ohhh, no problem ” she said as she wiped some tears away from her eyes and picked up the magazines, which were in the airplane seat. The guy looked at her and then took his seat next to her. “I can find another seat if this is going to be a problem,” the brown haired stranger said to her but with compassion in his eyes towards her. He had noticed her wet cheeks and red eyes and didn’t want to intrude. Angel wiping her eyes with the tissue and her nose. “I’m fine, no problem, its just allergies” Angel lied to him. She glanced out into the darkness and her thoughts of Brad and what happened had overwhelmed her on the airplane and she needed to get it under control. “Excuse me, I need to find the ladies room” she stood up and made her way to the bathroom. The cool water felt good on her face as she splashed her eyes and face. She looked in the mirror and seen her reflection and it surprised her what she was staring at. Her own reflection in the mirror and how the past two years had taken its toll on her short 24 years of life. “God, I’m not suppose to look this messed up,” she thought to herself as she ran a comb through her hair and applied some lipstick. “Going to England is going to be good for me” she mused to herself. “I need this,” she thought as she took a deep breath of air and wanted to erase all thoughts of Brad.

Sitting back down in her seat next to the window, she grabbed one of the women’s magazines and started thumbing through it. The stewardess came around to see if everyone was comfortable and needed anything. “Yeah” Angel thought “A new life”.

The brown haired guy next to her kept looking at her and she felt his stares. Catching him several times she would turn and look his way, only to see him smile at her. “He has a nice smile, and gorgeous brown eyes” she caught herself thinking. “I didn’t introduce myself, but my name is Joe” the friendly brown haired man said to her. He held his hand out waiting for her to shake it and Angel hesitated. She didn’t want to get close to anyone with conversation on this flight and here was this guy being extra nice to her. Angel shook hands with him and introduced herself to him. “I noticed that you are a very beautiful girl and you are by yourself, are you not traveling with anyone” he said. “No, I’m traveling to England to meet some friends and I’m a big girl now, I don’t need to be chaperoned” Angel said a little bitchy to him. “Oh, I don’t mean to pry into your life, I just wondered” he said looking at her trying to be nice in every possible way to her. Angel sat back in her seat and knew she had been bitchy to him and it wasn’t his fault, he was just trying to be nice to her. He caught her at a bad time on the flight. “I apologize for coming off as a real bitch, but I’m upset about a few recent things that have happened in my life, but its no big deal, I’m sorry you just caught the end of it” she said as she laid the magazine down in front of her. “I could see that when I walked up and asked if the seat was taken, was that why you were crying” Joe asks softly to her. There was something soothing about his voice and his mannerisms that Angel liked immediately as they talked. She began to tell him about what had happen to her, and he in turn listened and showed great compassion towards her. As she spoke to him, she felt at ease talking to him. There was something there that just seemed to click. Of course she was afraid to let anyone into her space and life, but she told him about her life, her love, and her loss and she figured she would never see him again after they reached their final destination of England, so what did it matter.

The plane touched down in Miami, Florida for refueling and a short layover. It was long enough to get off the plane and go into the airports lounge and get a drink or eat. “Can I buy you a drink?” Joe asked her, not sure if she was going to reject him or not. Angel had felt better after talking his ear off for the last 3 hours on the plane. She hadn’t really let anyone know the heartache she had felt until now this stranger was being so kind and comforting towards her. “Hell, I’ll never see him again” she thought. “Sure, I would like a drink” she replied and with that the two departed the plane to the lounge where they sat and talked for the next hour. She felt more relaxed after having a couple of drinks in her. It’s true what they say about alcohol and your inhibitions coming down. They were having a fun time, as she felt giddy. Not drunk but feeling fine. “I feel like I have known you for my whole life” Joe said as he looked across the table at her. “What just because I told you my whole life history, you think you know me” Angel smiles at him and they laugh. “It’s just that you are very easy to talk to and there is no pretence about you,” he said and with that “I like that about you” he said. “Your nice to say that, and that is true” Angel laughs. “Well, Miss Angel I think from here on out you need to let loose and have some good times in your life and no regrets and don’t look back at things gone wrong” he said softly to her as he reached across and took Angel’s soft hand into his. “Uh huh, and does that good time have anything to do with you, by any chance” she winked at him. They laughed and heard the lady over the airplane intercom calling for all passengers’ flight 2748 to board their plane, for its ready for takeoff. “I am ready for some fun and good times,” she said as they made their way to their seats on the plane. Angel couldn’t get her seal belt to close in the buckle so Joe leaned over her lap and slid his hands on the belt buckle until it snapped into place. “Thanks” Angel smiled, as his face is inches away from hers. Looking longly into her eyes, he reached up and touched her face and leaned down and touched his soft lips with his. She let him kiss her. She felt his tongue probe softly inside her mouth. She reached up behind his head and rested her hands on the back of his head and wanted more. His lips were perfect on hers and she felt the warmth of his mouth and kissed him harder, letting her tongue meet his and a shiver went down her back. “Wow” she said as he took his lips off her mouth and leaned back in his seat as the plane took off and soared up into the night’s sky. “Your a good kisser” she laughed nervously but wanted more by the look on her face. “Your a good kisser too” he said as they unbuckled their seat belts for the rest of the flight that night. England was several hours away and across the ocean and it was late at night. Many people had stayed on the plane and slept when they had the layover in Miami. You could hear a few snores from people a few seats away, and yet others softly talking to one another. Most of the overhead lights were off and people were sleeping. A few were reading or whatever.

Looking at Angel, Joe reached up above her head and shut off the overhead light that shone down upon them. She could feel his hand slid down her thigh and he touched her lightly, not wanting to frighten her. Joe wanted more stolen kisses from Angel and pressed in by turning in his seat towards her and reached up and touched her hair. She wanted him to kiss her. She wanted to feel like someone needed her, wanted her and not to feel the sting of rejection again. He found her mouth and lips in the darkness and pressed his lips on hers and began making out with her. Their breathing was fast and hard as they were trying to be quiet of the slurping and kissing sounds they were making, not wanting to wake anyone up on the plane and get caught at what they were doing. He kissed her all over her face and bite softly her bottom lip and sucked gently on it. “Mmmmm” she moaned as she felt heat rise from her body to meet his. Angel had wore a skirt on the plane and he slid his hands down her thigh again and pushed her skirt up as he reached up under her skirt and felt the outside of her panties. He traced her wet mound with his fingers and he could feel Angel shudder with his gently touch. He continued touching her and kissing her as they tried to press their bodies as close as they could on the airplane seats. Instinctually she began to run down his chest with her hands and she rubbed his chest outside his clothes as best as she could. She knew she wanted to touch his cock and she made her way down his pants and rubbed the hard outline of his penis, which is now pressing on the inside of his pants, wanting to be released from his prison. She could feel by his outline of his hardened cock that he was large. “He has a huge cock,” she thought to herself as she continues to rub him. “A good 9 inches, wow” she’s thinking. Unbuttoning the top of his pants and his belt she slides her hand down inside his pants and grabs a hold of it. “MMMM” she moaned softly and Joe lets out a small laugh as he kissed her. She starts to stroke his gigantic cock and could feel his hardness in her hand. “Oh baby” he whispered in her ear as he makes a gesture of thrusting his hips and his cock as if fucking her hand. She felt a slight lubrication and wetness on top of the cock head and she slid her fingers across it. He was doing his own playing as he slide up her skirt higher and pushed her panties to one side and slide in his fingers into her wet pussy as he pushed his finger all the way in and then back out again. Juice began to run down his finger and she was very wet and made it all the more easier for him. He found his way up to her harden clit and began to flick it and she felt herself tighten up and then release as she began to buck against his fingers. Their kissing and fingering each other began to get heavier as they wanted each other and things were heating up. She’s stroking him harder and harder and faster as his breathing takes on heavy pants. He inserts two fingers up inside her pussy and begins to finger fuck her harder. “I want you, I can’t take just wanting my fingers inside you, I want inside you” he whispered to her in the darkness. “I want you too” she answered him softly. “Meet me in the restroom” Joe pulls out his fingers and buttons up his pants and his belt. Angel slides her skirt down and fixes her hair a little. She was afraid that this was going to get out of hand and already the people in back of them were coughing a time or two and a couple of aisles away, you could hear a couple of guys snicker. “They wouldn’t know,” she thought to herself. Joe gets up and leaves his seat, leaving her sitting there wondering how much time should she wait until she joins him in the bathroom. She sits there a few minutes, because in case someone was awake and heard the both of them, she didn’t want to make any kind of scene. She quietly gets up and walks towards the back of the plane where the bathrooms were located. It wasn’t far from the stewardess’s station where they sat, but far enough. Angel turns the knob on the door gently and quietly and it’s dark in the bathroom. It’s not a big bathroom, but enough room for two people to fuck. He reached out in the darkness and a hand goes over her mouth as she lets out a gasp as she entered the bathroom and he closed the door quickly behind her and locked it. “Ohhhh baby yesss” he whispered as he ran his hands roughly over her body and touched her breasts and slid his hands down to her ass and rubbed it, pulling her skirt up over her hips and immediately pulling on her panties and ripping them in the process trying to get them down. Her hands unbuttoned and unbelted his pants and out popped his hardened 9 inch cock. He pressed his body up against hers and she could feel his hard cock grind against her mound wanting in it. Their kissing took on a more fervent and passionate kiss as it got hot and heavy in the bathroom. They locked out the outside world and inside this 4×6 room all that mattered to them was each other for these few stolen moments of time. He leaned up against the sink and she slides his pants down around his ankles and got down on her knees. It was a tight fit in that small room, but she wanted him in her mouth. Her mouth slid down and began to take him in her mouth and she sucked hard on him and began to lick him. He tried to muffle a few of his moans and groans but you know he was feeling it. He held the back of her head and rocked his hardened cock into her mouth. This went on for several minutes when he wanted his turn at the sweet taste of her pussy in his mouth. Turning around and placing her against the sink he spread open her legs and began to thrust his tongue deep inside her, pushing it deeper and deeper in and out, until he felt her legs shaking violently against his tongue. He could taste the pussy on his lips and tongue and her wetness inside his mouth and wanted inside of her. What seemed like a eternity of heavy petting in the bathroom, turned into a major fuck fest as he stood up and took her in his arms, her pussy was drenched with his saliva as he parted her thighs and stuck it inside her and started making some major thrusting. He was fucking her hard and she was responding. She grabbed the back of his ass and pulled him tighter inside her. He was so fucking huge that it hardly fit all the way inside her, but his thrusting loosened her up and it glided in after that first thrust. Their lips locked in dead passion as they kissed harder and their bodies fucked harder in the night 35,000 miles above the earth and over the ocean. “I’m cumming” he said as his thrusts took a harder fuck. She could feel his cock throb inside her as he wants to shoot his cum deep inside her. “I’m just about there” she whispered and with that she rocked harder against his cock and moved a certain way that his thrusts were grinding up also along her clit. They both were moaning, but trying to control their groans, but at this stage of the game, they both didn’t care who heard their orgasms. He began to shoot his cum inside her and with every thrust he has never felt a pussy feel so good to him as it did right then. His thrusts got hard as he pumps load after load inside her. “Ahhh, I want to yell….omg it feels so good” he whispered into her ear as he pants hard. Angel explodes into a orgasmic orgasm that began to rock her body violently. Her whole body shakes as she feels herself go over the edge of no return and lets out a loud moan. They are thrusting and thrusting as they ride the orgasm together. “Whaaa, What was that” Angel whispers as the orgasm comes to the end. A soft knock on the bathroom door and both of their hearts stop for a second. “OMG” she giggles. Another knock and this one is a little louder. He pulls up his pants and wipes off his cock and buttons his pants. She smoothed down her skirt, minus her panties because he ripped them when taking them off her. She smoothes her hair back, but sweat had taken over and her hair looked a mess. “What do we do” he whispered. “I dunno, but we better open the door before they wake the whole airplane” Angel giggles. Joe gently reaches over and opens the d

oor. Standing in front of them is one of the stewardess shining a small penlight in their faces. “Uh oh, busted” Angel thought with a very dumbfounded look on her face. The stewardess looks around the bathroom and shines her small light. We move over to one side. “Come with me sir, you” She pointed at me” you go back to your seat” she said. You could note a certain unfriendly tone in her voice. Angel walked quietly back down the plane aisle to her seat. She listened to see if others around her were awake and talking and it was dead silent on the plane, just the hum of the airplane engines. “I wonder what’s taking him so long” she wondered as she looks out into the dark night and sees stars twinkle and the moon’s glow bounce off the ocean beneath them. She started growing impatient not knowing what was going on. “Were we going to be arrested for having sex on a airplane 35,000 feet in the air” she thought. “I guess it is against the law” What seemed like a eternity passing and she felt Joe take his seat next to hers. He leaned over and kissed her mouth and whispered its gonna be alright. “Alright” she asked him “Where have you been and what happen” she asked. He let out a hearty laugh and Angel put her hand up to his mouth to hush him from laughing so loudly. He pulled down her hand and whispered in her ear. “What I told the stewardess, was that you were my girlfriend and you had to gave my assistance in the bathroom” Joe laughed out loud again. “What! you told her we were together” Angel giggled back at him. “Yeah, but when I told her why you needed my assistance in the bathroom, she believed me and let me go, saying that she wouldn’t tell the plane captain” he said. “Oh I see, but I want to know how you got us out of it, she looked pissed off when she found us in there and who knows how long she had been standing outside the bathroom door, I’m positive she heard us moaning” she laughed as she adjusts her pillow. “So what did you tell her” she continued pressing in on him. Leaning over to her ear he whispered something and Angel let out a hearty laugh and those around them began to tell them to be quiet. “Just met you and now I know you’re a perv Joe” she laughed. What took Joe so long to get back to his seat was he had to prove what a stud he was when the stewardess wanted to see what he had on under his pants. And then prove it to her by taking her back into the airplane bathroom and then proceeded to fuck her. Ahhhh Joe what a Superman of a stud you are….

After touching down in England he kissed her forehead and smiled at her for the wonderful time of play they had on the airplane. “You owe me now, I want you to know that” he grinned at her. “I’ll call you” he continued “Ha, I don’t owe you nothing” she said as she hugged him goodbye. As she walked away from him with her luggage she turned to see him staring at her. She waved and blew him a kiss. He smiled at the thought that anyone was brave enough to have sex with him on a airplane over the Atlantic Ocean in a bathroom 35,000 feet in the air, what a rush that was to him and her. He pushed his hand inside his jacket pocket as he picked up his bag and felt something in his pocket. Pulling it out he took a long look at it and he smiled. She had stuck her torn panties inside his jacket pocket as a reminder of the good time they had. “I’ll never forget this night…what a adventurous one she was” he smiled as he tucked her panties back into his pocket and walked away with a cheesy grin on his face.

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