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When you go down to the woods

Pats and I sat there all warm and snuggly on the settee watching telly. “Do you fancy a walk” he said “it’s a bit late” I replied, it was about 12am “no its just right”. As he sat there grinning at me, “ok” I said I got up to get dressed “just put your white bra and white panties on under your long black leather”, “ok” I said smiling back at him knowing exactly what he was after. I went and did as he said coming out of the bedroom he took of my coat and examined me “mmm nice and new looking” grabbing a breast has he looked, kissed my nipple and said come on lets go.
It was a nice night the sky was very black but the stars kept it bright enough to see, we walked round the winding roads heading toward the woods, tall dark trees every where you looked. Hand in hand we walked the trees no paths you just followed the trees, his other hand was placed on my arse with a firm grip, he stopped at a flat bit of grass told me to take my coat of has I stood there in my white bra and panties he started kissing my neck biting has he made is way down to my nipples cupping each breast in is hand. Biting my nipples hard I had goose pimples where I was getting cold but the lovely the feel of his mouth was taking over my nipples he pushed me down on to the damp grass and pulling my panties down not taking them off just moved them down to my knees he started to rub my clit still working my nipples with is tongue. He inserted a finger in to me it was tight with still having my panties on it felt nice I was dripping with cum before he even touched my clit he had this effect on me has he was fucking me with is finger.
We heard a noise, we lied still waiting to see what it was but it was very quiet now, he carried on biting and sucking my nipples I was wriggling and moaning with the orgasms I was getting when I looked up and saw four girls all in white gowns stood over us they had weird smiles on there faces, Pats got up and helping me off the ground they started chanting words I didn’t recognize, we stood there trying to work out the words they were saying when one of the girls said we need a teacher to show us the love of the gods, Pats stood there beaming, the girls took hold of my hand and lied me back on the ground. Then they took Pats hand and lied him next to me it was as if we were being offered for some sacrifice but we just lied there not objecting, it was too weird to object to.
Two of the girls young girls pretty and all in white came over two me and started to kiss me and I kissed them back has one was moving down my tits and one was sucking on my neck I was getting very turned on the one on my neck moved down to my tits with the other one two girls one on each nipple wow I was cumming in minutes they were licking and rubbing each nipple, Pats lied there looking you could see he was enjoying the view he had the biggest hard on. Just then the other two girls went for him, there was a biggish girl on his nipples and the other a skinny looking wench on his cock, she took it in her mouth licking and sucking it, fucking it, with her mouth the big girl was sucking at is nipples and she was scratching is chest with her nails. He was bleeding but he didn’t seem to mind.
I was getting really worked up the girls seem to be moving together both was licking and eating my clit while one was fucking me with her fingers the other was fucking my arse.
I was screaming with pleasure, Pats kept glancing over I could really do with his cock in me right now I thought the skinny wench was sucking him really fast now and the big girl had also moved down to his cock trying to get her mouth round it as well she put a finger up his arse and was fucking him very hard he was moaning with pleasure also he screamed. He was ready for cumming and as he said it all the four girls flew to his cock, “let us taste you” they all said this really set pats off four opened mouths just waiting for his cum in their mouths “oh god” he scream as he shot is load in their mouths and they were there licking every last drop up as he got up to fuck one of them they stopped him and got is hand and lead him to me “this is your wench you fuck her only” as they smiled and sat there as Pats took hold of me and fucked me like he had never done before pulling me harder on to him
we both come at the same time and when we turned round the girls had gone.
“Wow”, we looked at each other and smiled.

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