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I was the office geek; if you had software or hardware problems with a single phone call I was there in a flash. I would start at ten in the morning and work till seven, so network fixes could be done after hours. The nice perk to the job was I could wear a t-shirt, nice jeans and tennis shoes. I live for casual dress! Well it was a Friday afternoon; the building was deserted except for the security guard and me. He had gone out as usual for dinner, we took turns going for food, and so he had locked the building until he returned. I was working in Human Resources one of the PC’s was acting up it looked like the motherboard had given up the ghost. I was heading down to the ‘dungeon’ to get a replacement when I noticed one shoelace was untied. So there I was on one knee to tie it when the door opened suddenly and the rushing figure of a woman with her arms loaded with papers plowed into me. We fell over in a heap and what to my amazed eyes was practically stuck in my face a bare smoothly shaved pussy, no underwear to cover its delightful perfection and only the faintest hint of her musky scent. I was torn between staring and licking, I could always claim a head wound. So as she tried to disentangle us my tongue flickered out and traced her pouty lips. She paused and moaned and her movement stopped, so I continued, my long tongue snaking out again to taste her moistening flesh.

“Mmmmm, do it again.” I heard it muffled from under our bodies. When my tongue found her clit it was a whole new ballpark. “Oh yeah, fuck me with your tongue, but hey what have we here?” I felt gentle fingers tracing my hardon in my jeans. She carefully shifted her position twisting around, her pussy never leaving my face. Then there came the distant sound of a zipper and air touching my dick, and then her hand and lips. “Mmmm what a lovely cock you have.” Then I felt her put me in her mouth, she had a very talented tongue. We shifted into a more comfortable position, he skirt settling over my head and in the darkness my hands and tongue searched out her sensitive areas. Her attention was focused on my dick and her tongue was swirling around the head I shuddered and sucked on her clit. My fingers entered her slowly and she snared me in her mouth and as my digits moved in and out of her, her head bobbed up and down, perfectly in sync.

“I need a dick in me, come on stud!” Without my seeing her face she moved down my body and still facing away she straddled me easing my wet dick in her fiery depths. “Oh yeah, nice big dick!” She rode up and down on it; it had been a very long time since I had been even close to intimate, the price of being a geek. So I lay there while she did all the work moving up and down with abandon. She was so tight, squeezing on the down stroke and she continued her pony ride. I wondered who this wonderful woman was but could wait to find out once she was done with me. She was in charge and a part of me really liked that. She had slowed her pace easing up and down on me her groans were intoxicating. Besides her small outbursts I hadn’t spoken a single word. Suddenly she stiffened and I felt her quiver around me, her cries of passion echoed through the empty building. “You haven’t come yet, I am amazed, and you deserve to cum, here let me help.” She continued to ride me with her back to me but now she was squeezing on the up and down stroke. Nice long strokes and her grunts of effort as she brought me closer and closer to climaxing. My breathing started to become labored and I started to push up against her. I heard my own voice as I cried out spurting inside of her and her motherly, “Oh such a good boy!” She rose and cleaned herself up. As she turned I stopped rising I knew her shock mirrored my own.

“Karen?” The vice president’s secretary looked stunning in her afterglow.

“Mike, if I had known you had such a big dick..?” She left it unsaid.

“Hey Mike, I’m back you owe me seven bucks!” Carl the guards voice drifted up to spoil the ‘magic’ of the moment.

“Uhh, I gotta go…” I shifted back to dork in no time at all. She smiled and nodded.

“Mike, this is our little secret, and if you want some more call me.” She dug a business card out of her breast pocket and handed it to me. I helped her collect the fallen folders and then headed down towards the lobby is a daze.

“Uh, Mike?” I turned towards her and she pointed down and yes my dick was still hanging out. I put him away and zipped up and without another word left.

I must have made quite a sight sliding down the banister from the second floor down to the lobby all aglow with the post sex euphoria.

“Hey Carl, what’s up?” The look of puzzled curiosity on his face was just too funny. I busted up and was crying before he could even ask.

“What have you been smoking?” His voice was full of concern and he whispered it so no one could here.

“Nothing Carl, here’s your money.” I said handing over seven dollars and taking the brown paper bag containing my evening meal. I smiled as I headed to the dungeon. “I’ll be downstairs in case of an emergency.” He nodded in mute confusion and turned his attention to his own food.

I settled myself down to a quiet meal replaying the short but intense encounter. I had always drooled over this woman and now she gave me her business card. I wiped my hands of the chicken batter and oil and removed it from my breast pocket. The plain white card carried the company logo, her name, title and lots of numbers to reach her. There was a pager number, her phone number upstairs but also her cell phone and home phone. Hell I was getting hard just thinking about calling her before I went home and getting together again tonight. I mean a quickie is all good and fun, but a long drawn out grudge fuck would be one of those moments I could look back on when I was old and gray. I ate in quiet contemplation and smiled all the while.

After my meal with a semi hard cock I walked around to the back to the corpses I kept there. I looked at the shells of the derelict PC’s looking for something compatible with the machine from HR. In the back was a promising candidate, I knelt and shifted a few boxes out of my way to get at my prize. I picked it up and turned to carry it my workstation when I almost ran into Jessica, one of the assistant techies.

“Shit Jesse you about gave me a heart attack!” I was startled not angry. “I’m sorry you just caught me off guard. You ok?” She nodded and stepped back and let me brush past her, my elbow rubbing her left breast as I went by. I didn’t see her eyes flicker with lust. She followed me back to my cubby and stood there in all her virginal beauty. Jesse was shy, reserved and dressed about as non-sexual as she could. Her long auburn hair was up and bobby pinned into place, her glasses only heightened her unreachable standing. Her overlarge sweatshirt hid whatever breasts god had given her and even her baggy jeans disguised what many suspected was a stunning figure. I looked up at her scanning her angelic features hidden behind the glass and frames of her personal shield.

“You’re early,” I said as I opened the case before me, “no hot date today.” I always kidded her about her sex life and she took it good-naturedly. I was looking at the guts of the corpse when she licked her lips gathering her courage.

“I saw you upstairs.” Those four words hung in the air and chilled me to the bone. I looked up and saw her face was flushed with color and some deeply contained emotion.

“I can explain…” I tried to beg off and not lose my job over having sex on company property.

“I want you.” These three words set my brain on fire. She wanted me; I was too stunned to do anything. She walked around to stand behind me; I turned in my chair to stare eye level with her breasts hidden under the sweatshirt. She reached up and lifted her shirt to expose her gravity defying D-Cup breasts. The areoles were snow colored and big as half dollars, her nipples were hard and erect much like my cock right about then. She pulled my head under her shirt and I blindly found a nipple and began to suckle. I heard her hiss of pleasure my hand snaked under and found the other breast and began to tease that nipple between thumb and forefinger. I suddenly remembered the security camera that was at this moment monitoring us. I pulled my head from out of her shirt and looked over her shoulder. Good at that angle no one could see what had gone on. She looked over and saw the red light and turned back to me nodding her understanding.

“I need to finish this tonight, can you help me? And then we can find someplace more private.” Her smile answered my question; she pulled up a chair and sat next to me. I explained the problem with the other PC when I felt her hand on my erection through my jeans.

“I did this to you?” I nodded and she began to rub me through the heavy material. My focus shattered and I tried to compose myself. “Keep working and I will ‘help’ you with this problem.” I couldn’t speak so I nodded and grabbed my tools as she stroked mine. With much difficulty I looked over the motherboard as I ran a diagnostic. Her deft fingers unzipped my jeans and freed my dick and she began to caress my flesh with cool fingers. She ran her fingers up and down tentatively as if she had never done this before. Was she a virgin? “Do you like this?” Her voice was husky and yet held some innocence that was refreshing. I nodded and tried to continue my work. She squeezed the shaft and I groaned in response, then she started her stroking once more. I was iron hard at this point and getting ready to blow. She grabbed some paper towels from a desk drawer and was prepared for my orgasm. I looked over my face was flushed I am sure and she looked radiant and smiled as she picked up the pace of her stimulating me. “I want you to cum for me, please.” The last word hung in the air as I felt my climax beginning. I had to close my eyes and lower my head as she caught my fluids in the paper towels. I shuddered as she continued to stroke even after I was done. I had to grab her wrist; the sensation was just too intense. She wiped the head and tucked me back in and zipped me back up. “Did I do ok?” Genuine concern in her voice and etched there on her face.

“You’ve never done that before?” I asked after I caught my breath.

“Nope, I used to watch my brother do it in his room.” She looked into my eyes for shock or disgust and continued when I didn’t react. “My parents are very religious and never talk about sex except to say not to do it till marriage. But I want to be good at it for my husband.”

“Er, how old are you Jesse?” She actually blushed.

“Eighteen, last week was my birthday.” She looked so beautiful and yet so innocent, now I knew why. “Will you teach me, I know you are a nice guy and well have a big ‘dick’?” The way she said dick was just too cute. No way this was happening, an accidental run in with a secretary had caused all this. Must be good karma or something, would I teach her, oh hell yeah!

“I would be honored to teach you anything and everything you want to know about sex.” She actually hugged me and kissed my cheek. “I would like to see the rest of you, I have been lusting after you for months now.”

She rose to her feet and walked towards the back, she summoned me with a finger motion. I followed her back to the storage room, there she unlocked it and ushered me in. There was barely enough room for the two of us, but she sat me down on a box and proceeded to close the door. When that was done she grinned and facing away from me slowly took off her sweatshirt and with arms crossed over her tits she faced me once more. Jesse lowered her arms slowly revealing her gorgeous breasts to my gaze once more. They just hung there in space firm round and flawless. My jaw dropping must have encouraged her. She turned again and wiggled her butt at me. Then I could hear her fumbling with her belt over my ragged breathing. Then the sound of the top button and now the delicious sound of the zipper and voila her pants fell to her feet. Her ass was so compact and the twin globes formed a perfect bubble butt. And her long legs were toned and muscular from regular exercise. She turned around to show me her neatly trimmed pubic hairs cropped close forming a narrow rectangle above her sex. Her expression was one of genuine coy girl who doesn’t realize how absolutely stunning she is. My erection returned with a vengeance and god how I wanted to impale her right then and there. She began to shiver as she stood there, her nipples hardened even more and I walked over and held her against me.

“Do you like what you see?” Her whispered question shocked me.

“You are the most lovely thing I have set eyes upon.” She smiled.

“My brother says I’m ugly, my boobs are too big.” I blinked at this statement.

“Your brother has seen you naked?” She nodded and blushed and then snuggled up closer to me.

“I’m so cold, can you warm me up?” I thought long and hard about this. I didn’t want some quickie with this young woman.

“Get dressed, I want the first time to unforgettable for both of us.” Her smile was radiant. “I want to eat you alive, but I want to take my time so both of us are fulfilled.” She threw her arms around my neck and kissed my passionately.

“I knew you were a nice guy. I get off at eleven tonight, can we start tonight, oh please!” She turned and bent over to recover her pants, her pussy was inches from my restrained cock. It took several deep breaths to keep from unzipping and fucking her silly right then and there. I blew out one deep breath and turned away as she dressed. “You want me right now don’t you?” Her lips right by my ear teasing me even more. I could only nod as I heard her shifting around behind me. “All done!” I turned and she was beaming like a schoolgirl. “I can’t wait to feel you inside of me. Well we better get that PC fixed huh?” Na├»ve to the Nth degree, she was so oblivious, had to be to find me attractive.

“Let’s go and get this over with, I am going to need a cold shower before this night is over with.” We exited the closet and went back to fixing the HR PC.


“Here’s my phone number at home and my address. Call when you are on your way, I’ll pick up some beer on the way home to help relax until you get there ok?” She held the paper in her hands like it was the Holy Grail or something. Jesse looked back up at me with utter adoration in her eyes.

“Should I stop by my house and get some things?”

“What kind of things?” I asked.

“Condoms or my bikini or a change for tomorrow?” Her reply was honest and made sense, she was staying the night after all.

“Sure pick up whatever you’ll need to stay over.” I swallowed hard. “I have condoms and anything else we might need.” She clapped her hands together.

“Okay, I’ll see you later tonight then.” I walked up the stairs towards the lobby and the most interesting night of my life.

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