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Toni closed her eyes as she reclined into the soft backed chair. She let the rocking of the train lull her into a dreamy half sleep. She was tired, a little hung over, but feeling very good about the world.

As a Brit abroad in the States, she was supposed to party; and party hard. Toni had certainly done that last night! As she dozed, she recalled the events of the night before, the bars she had trawled round, the people she had met, the dancing she had done. One thing, or one person in particular stood out; Will.

She cast her mind back to checking in to the Hostel early in the morning two days ago. He had caught her eye as she made her way to the girls dorm. Lindsay only had 48 hours in Orlando for 48 hours, but she was going to make the most of it. As soon as she dumped her bag and got a shower; she headed off to Disney with Katrin, the Norwegian girl she had met on the train in. Katrin was good company, she spoke good English, loved to laugh and like Toni, was up for a good time. They knew they wouldn’t ever see these people around them again, so had no hang ups about doing whatever took their fancy.

Disney was great. Toni had a blast pretending she was a kid again. They fitted so much into the day, once they got back to the hostel, they both just crashed out and slept soundly.

Toni woke up refreshed early the next morning and got Katrin up. They were off to Universal and Toni was keen for another day of messing around and acting like a big kid on the rides. As they were leaving Toni saw Will.

“Hi – I’m Toni” she said.

“G’day – Will” he replied with a thick Australian accent.

“Do you fancy coming to Universal with us today?’ Toni asked, nodding over at Katrin

“I’d love to; but I’ve got a prior commitment today.” He replied. “Maybe we could meet up tonight” he added. “I’m off to town with a couple of others. Its my mate Tommo’s last night here before he goes back to Oz. It should be a good night.”

“‘Sounds great; how about we meet up around 7 here?”

“Sure, I’m looking forward to it!” He said flirtatiously.

So off Toni went with Katrin in tow, teasing her about flirting so brazenly. They had another wonderful day in the sun at Universal, doing all the rides, having a couple of drinks and feeling glad they were able to enjoy such a wonderful few days together, despite only meeting 3 days ago. Toni had almost forgotten about her ‘date’ until they got back to the Hostel.

As they walked in, they could hear the unmistakable sound of lads drinking and ‘lording it up’. She saw Will who waved her over.

“We’re going to be here having a few drinks for an hour, then we’re off to the bar up the road. Why don’t you meet us there?”

“OK – it sounds good”. Toni went off for a shower, wondering what the night lay in store for them all. The shower woke her up again, made her skin feel alive, and she had a feeling that tonight was going to be ‘interesting’.

She dressed in her most tight fitting singlet top, which showed off her taut tummy and perky breasts. The wardrobe of a traveller isn’t particularly classy, but Toni knew she looked good as she slipped her hipster jeans on, tight around her ass, and showing off her pierced navel and beaming sun tattoo.

She stopped to admire herself in the mirror as she left the dorm. She hadn’t been with a man for the last 3 weeks, something of a barren spell by the standards of most backpackers. It wasn’t for a lack of offers, she was just a little picky about those she took to bed. The image looking back at her from the mirror was attractive, she knew that. Days on the road, or on the beach had given her skin a deep tan, and had bleached her shoulder length hair a natural looking blond. Her face was glowing, as befits a woman without a care in the world.

Her high cheek bones gave her an elfish look, that was furthered by her striking green eyes. Her white singlet showed off her tanned, toned shoulders, and the natural curve of her breasts. She needed no bra, preferring the feel of the material on her nipples. The golden brown skin of her smooth tummy was largely thanks to several weeks of activity and meagre food grabbed on the run. She had long legs, that tonight were highlighted by a pair of platform heels, the one luxury in her backpacker lifestyle. All in all, she knew she looked good, and that as on most nights out, she would probably have a couple of guys make moves on her, even when she was with Katrin, who was a strikingly beautiful brunette.

So they hooked up with the boys, two Aussies and a mixed group of 6 brits and Europeans who were polishing off their beers and made their way to the bar, chatting away. As with most travellers, there was no formality, just a relaxed group who were all out for a good time even though they hardly knew each other.

It turned out that Will was farewelling his best mate from back home. Tommo was heading back to Oz after travelling for 2 months. Will was staying on in the States for another few weeks, but hadn’t made up his mind what he was doing yet. He was 25, a couple of years older than Toni, and his confident manner really appealed to her. He too was tanned, with typical Aussie beach bum good looks; a shock of blond hair, sun blessed skin and a tall statuesque physique.

Sure enough, after a few more beers, the boys started taking more and more interest in Katrin and Toni. The others seemed more besotted with Katrin, her unusual accent making her seem a little vulnerable and certainly more attractive to them. Toni spent more time with Will and Tommo. Will was cute, there was no doubt about that. Tommo was nice too, but Will seemed a little older, a little more worldly wise and so much more attractive. He entertained her with stories about Australia and things he had seen travelling.

They drank a couple of quick beers, had a quick go on the karaoke and a bit of a dance in the corner. The beer tasted good, and the group was getting revved up for a big night.

Toni saw in Will someone she could really get to like, and although she never counted her chickens before they hatched, she felt like he had real potential. She chatted closer to him, and pulled out all her flirting tricks, laughing at his jokes, catching his eye even when other people were talking, touching her hair, subtlety brushing her hands and legs against him. As the night wore on, her flirting became a little more obvious, as she knew she had him where she wanted him. She put her hand on his thigh as they sat; and when they moved bars, and the chilly night air caught her unawares, she made sure he saw her hard nipples, pushing out her top. In fact she put her arms round him and pulled him to her, saying she needed warming up.

Will knew what was going through her mind, and couldn’t believe his luck, this gorgeous English girl was giving him all the signals, and he wasn’t about to disappoint her.

As they moved to the third bar, Tommo was getting very drunk. The boys had been plying him with beer, shooters and those awful test tube drinks. It was really taking its toll. Tommo stumbled along, supported by the boys. He was making a play for Katrin, but was far too gone to get anywhere. She looked annoyed he was slobbering over her at every possible opportunity, as none of the other boys had a chance to get too close.

Toni and Will led them into a crowded bar; with Katrin just behind and Tommo being carried by the lads.

As Will was at the bar, getting his round of drinks in, he heard a commotion in the background, and turned to see Tommo throw himself at a Mexican looking guy. It looked like Tommo had knocked some drinks over as he stumbled around, and some of the locals hadn’t taken too kindly to it. Ever one to defend his mates, Will dived in himself, as girls screamed and tables were knocked over. He pulled one of the rabble off Tommo’s back, and tried to drag his mate out of there. However, as he pulled him up and back, a bottle came flying out of no-where and smashed into Tommo’s head. Blood splashed everywhere as Tommo’s cheeks were cut by the glass.

This had gotten too crazy, so Will pulled Tommo outside and layed him on the footpath as he mopped at the blood with his sleeve. Toni, who had managed to escape from the trouble, borrowed an onlookers cell phone and called 911 for an ambulance. However it seemed the bar staff had already beaten her to it, as an ambulance and a police wagon pulled in together. The ambulance crew mopped up Tommo’s face and put him in the back. He was fine, a little shocked and suddenly sobered up, but he was going to need stitches. Unfortunately the police were keen to have him too. They had had enough of foreigners causing trouble (as they saw it) and after speaking to a few of the locals, followed the boys to the hospital, where after Tommo got his face stitched, they took them back to the cells for a caution and a night to cool off.

Back at the bar, Toni, Katrin and the boys had had enough, and made their way back to the hostel. Toni felt cheated; as she knew that she and Will had hit it off. But his stupid friend had ruined things, and another chance to get together with a great guy went begging. She curled up in bed, feeling more than a little drunk, and very frustrated at missed opportunities. She was leaving on the 10.30am train so settled down for a good night’s sleep.

After saying her goodbyes to Katrina in the morning over a ‘hearty’ MacDonalds breakfast, Toni made her way to the station and found herself a window seat in the train’s almost deserted carriage. It was a 10 hour ride to Miami, and Toni was almost looking forward to a chance to relax and doze as she watched the world go by.

As the train moved through the Florida countryside, she chuckled about the night before. Will had swept her off her feet with his confident and funny manner; and it was easy to laugh about Tommo’s drunken antics now they all knew he was not seriously hurt (a message had been sent back to the Hostel). The few days she had spent with Katrina had been a real hoot too, but it was Will that occupied her thoughts. In the excitement of the night she hadn’t gotten a chance to say goodbye or to get his email address; which was a real shame. Toni knew that he was worth pursuing if she got the chance.

The swaying of the train lulled her to sleep as the train made it sway down to Miami.

She woke up with the feeling of someone kissing her, softy on her cheek. Startled for a moment’ she opened her eyes to find Will leaning over her!

“Will…um, er, hi!” she mumbled

“G’day” he replied. “I’m sorry if I scared you, but I wanted to do that all night last night, and well; you know what happened!”

“No you didn’t scare me, and truth be known, I was hoping for a kiss from you too! Better late than never! So tell me, what happened?”

Will proceeded to take her through the previous night, from when the ambulance took them off, through the stitches, Tommo’s throwing up, and spending the night in the cells, talking to the police and getting them off without a charge; then putting a very hungover Tommo into a cab to take him to the airport for his connection back home.

“I didn’t know you were coming to Miami” Toni said.

“I wasn’t, but I remembered you saying something about it, and I felt like we had some unfinished business from last night.” He was cheeky and forward, but his brash manner turned her on, and confirmed that he was as keen on her as she was on him.

Without replying, Toni leaned over to Will, who was now sitting next to her, and kissed him passionately. It felt so good to be held as he put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. His other hand ran through her hair, bringing up goosebumps on her skin.

Toni’s lips opened to give his tongue access and he explored her teeth and licked inside her mouth. Toni felt her passion rise as his strong hands roamed over her body, holding her waist, and pulling her closer. His left hand slid onto the bare skin of her tummy, revealed by her crop top. Will thought how warm and soft her skin felt. She was a little younger than him, and her body was that of a catalogue model, thin, but not skinny.

As his tough hands caressed her tummy, Toni rose up to meet his kiss, pushing out her ribs and making her breasts press against his chest. Will’s fingers lightly traced lines across her skin until they met her belly button ring, which he flicked a little. Toni didn’t seem to mind, in fact she enjoyed the feeling as she kissed him deeper and let off a little moan into his mouth.

Will knew then that she was as into this as he was. The nearest other passenger were right down the other end of the carriage, so Will felt comfortable in pushing things a little further.

He slid his hand up her tummy, under her top. As per usual, Toni wasn’t wearing her bra and soon his left hand found her right breast, heaving in arousal. His fingers played lightly over the soft skin, making Toni draw in her breath, her chest rising up even further.

He circled her nipple with his finger tip, and traced a spiral over her breast. She wasn’t big-chested, but her young breasts were very firm and perfectly formed. They sat up on her ribcage, the nipples pointing straight ahead. He placed his thumb and forefinger on either side and caressed. Her nipples were obviously very sensitive as Will felt her mouth open further and a big sigh come out.


Toni could feel the heat rise in her body under Will’s touch. Her hands reached round and felt under his T-shirt, up his muscled back, pulling him in towards her, happily succumbing to his advances.

“Will, oh God” She said as she pulled her face away for a moment and looked into his eyes; only to dive back in, her lips meeting his in hot abandon whilst his hands continued to explore her sensitive body.

With her left hand she ran her fingers under his T-shirt up his chest, his rippled muscles and firm pectorals; keeping him close to her all the time, their proximity adding to her passion. They felt like teenagers ‘feeling each other up’, but both was totally enrapt in the other.

Toni ran her hand down his body, into his lap, as she felt for his shaft through his shorts. It was straining against the material, begging to be released. Toni slipped her hand inside his elastic waistband and closed it on the head of his cock, marvelling at its heat, and the thickness. She knew how good it would feel to get it in her and to have Will pushing it deep into her depths. It was his turn to moan now, catching his breath as her fingers rotated around the ultra-sensitive head of his cock. He was uncut, but Toni had made him so hot he was fully flushed with blood, and his foreskin had retracted back from the helmet.

He followed her lead and moved his hands down from her breasts to her denim shorts, popping open the button and pulling down her zipper. Will was in no mood to tease her anymore, just give her sexual pleasure. His fingers worked under the elastic of her panties, and down, through her hair until her felt her wet heat.

Toni was so hot it was like a furnace down there. His fingers found her engorged lips flowing like a river, making a lubricated line for his finger tips to continue down, between her labia until they rested at the entrance to her tunnel. With his first 2 fingers he traced up again, over her hardening clit, then back down to her pussy entrance again. Her hips pushed forward to meet him as she broke their kiss, trying to pull his fingers into her slick hole.

This stimulation was sending Toni crazy. She was beside herself with lust, as her hand started to roughly wank him off, repaying Will for the amazing feelings he was giving her. They were both breathing hard and fast, eyes closed as they focused on the tension building up in their genitals, whilst also working so hard on bringing the other closer to orgasm.

Toni could feel her passion build in her stomach as Will rubbed his fingers over her clit, and then dived them into her tunnel. First one, then two fingers were pistoning in and out, squelching with her juices. She could feel her cream running down his fingers and soaking her panties and she knew that another couple of minutes of this would bring her over the edge. “Mmmm” Toni moaned. She was no longer thinking straight, focusing only on the amazing pleasure coming from his fingers and trying to bring him to the same heights of passion.

Will was also feeling suitably lost in their manual pleasuring. He knew that if this beautiful English Rose kept on masturbating his cock so hard he wasn’t going to last much longer; and he wanted to come inside her if he could. He broke the rhythm of his hand and pulled away a little.

“Lets go somewhere a bit more private” he insisted, his breath coming in short bursts.

Toni just nodded mutely as Will stood up and pulled her by the hand. They made quite a sight as he stuffed his cock back in his shorts, only to have it pitch a tent, and Toni with her top pushed up almost to her breasts stood up, holding up her shorts and soaking panties with her free hand, her face flushed and her nipples sticking out like thimbles.

They giggled sheepishly as they ran past an elderly couple who knew just what was going; and swung into the train toilets. Panting, Will turned and locked the door behind them. The toilets were large and clean, and they were passed caring this wasn’t the most romantic setting.

Will grabbed Toni by the head and pulled her towards his, his tongue exploring inside her mouth. She returned the kiss, but with her hands reached down and loosened his shorts and pants, pushing them over his butt, letting them fall to the floor. He stood there naked from the waist down, his cock pointing straight ahead, glistening in the fluoro light of the bathroom.

He released her head and lifted up her top, exposing her ripe tits. He stepped back for a moment to admire her body. Her breasts were smallish but perfectly shaped, standing high on her rib cage, as firm as they could be. Her nipples stood proudly forward, and he leant down to lick around the areola of her left breast, then wetly rubbed the bullet hard nipple backward and forward.

She pulled him up, leaving a trail of saliva between her chest and his mouth. Toni took his arms in her hands and lifted them skyward, allowing her to slide his T-shirt up and over his head. He kicked off his sandals, leaving himself totally naked in front of her. She glanced down at his tanned torso, it looked as good as it had felt. His rigid pole stood out in front, impressive in both its length and girth. Toni couldn’t wait to see how it felt inside her.

Will thought it was only fair for Toni to be in the same state as him, so helped her shorts, already undone, down over her thighs, falling in a heap on the floor. He looked down to see her pale blue panties covering her pussy. He could see how much moisture she had leaked as the material had gone see-through, revealing both her dark brown bush and her full pouting lips. He lowered his hands and rubbed her pussy lips through the material, loving the feel of her juices coming through onto his fingers. Toni held his arms tighter as he stimulated her with his fingers, loving the feel of the material on her lips, but aching for something up into her pussy.

She helped him with her panties, sticking ever so slightly to her labia as they too joined the other clothes on the floor.

They stood in front of each other now, totally naked, their hands running all over each other’s back, chests and buttocks.

Will dragged his fingers down over her breasts lightly, pushing the wonderful sensations in her skin down towards the meeting of her legs. Then his fingers ran further south, over her tummy and along the inside of her thighs. It was like he was steering a herd of cattle as the sensations burning in Toni’s skin moved with his touch, inevitably working towards her pussy.

Then his fingers zeroed in, and two fingers slicked straight up her waiting hole and Toni collapsed forward into Wills’ arms. “Oohhhh” she sighed.

As Toni regained her composure and her balance she grabbed Will’s ass and pulled him to her. She could feel his manhood sticking up on her belly, the difference in height meaning his cock passed above her navel; and Toni could feel how good it would be to get him inside her.

They were both beside themselves with passion. Toni could feel her juices running down Will’s hand and down the insides of her thighs as his fingers continued to pump in and out of her soaking pussy, bringing her closer and closer to cumming. At the same time, she knew she didn’t have to suck his cock to get him ready, she could feel the blood pulsing through his meat, as hard as a stone.

She wanted him now, needed his cock up inside her. She wanted to come onto his thick shaft, and feel him pump his spunk into her pussy.

“Come and fuck me Will” she panted, barely able to get the words out as his fingers worked overtime.

There wasn’t much room to move in the toilets, so she turned her back to him, forcing his fingers to withdraw. She bent over forward, keeping her legs straight and leant over the bathroom sink. With her back arched, Will moved behind her, the sight of her tight butt, pouting lips and puckered arsehole inviting him in.

He could see the moisture glistening on her pussy, so again rammed his fingers into her; hard. Toni’s face was pressed up against the mirror, her breath coming hard and fast, steaming up the glass. “Put it in, put it in!” She commanded.

Will smeared some of her pussy juice onto his cock to ensure an easy entrance and lined up the head to her lips. He pushed the purple helmet up and down her hot folds once or twice, tickling her clit and driving her crazy. “Fuck me Will, get it in!”

Then suddenly the train lurched and Will fell forward; his cock slipping in to the hilt in one swoop. “aaaahhhh” Toni cried, not expecting it to be so rough.

It hurt for a second, but Fuck it felt good. They stayed there for a moment, with Will’s balls resting at the entrance to her pussy, getting used the feel of each others’ throbbing genitals.

Will could feel Toni pussy burning around his cock, her juices running down to his balls; whilst Toni kept her eyes closed, savouring the feeling of being so stuffed full of cock. She could feel his head nudging against her cervix, and the thick root of his cock spreading her pussy lips wide as his pubes tickled her clit.

Will moved back a little, placing one hand in the small of her back, forcing her stomach down, and her arse further up in the air. Toni was still pushed onto the glass, her face turned to the right, so she could see Will as he stood behind. Her hair was all over the place, thrown around her face, sticking to the sweaty mirror; and she braced herself with her hands against the mirror and sink.

Will pulled his cock out slowly, savouring the sight of Toni’s pussy lips coming with them, being stretched as they slid down his cock. He withdrew his cock until just her pussy lips enveloped his swollen red helmet.

The heat coming from her pussy was amazing, and he knew that he wouldn’t last too long, fucking such a hot girl, who was making such a lot of noise. Toni was moaning now, and talking dirty, begging him for his cock.

“Oh God Will, that feels so good, your cock is filling me up. Fuck me Will, Fuck me, Fuck me with that big cock. Make me Cum, oh yeah!!!!!!”

Will didn’t disappoint, slamming his cock back into Toni, knocking the air out of her lungs. She howled in appreciation. “Oh fuck, Fuck, Yes Will”.

Will didn’t let up, her slammed into her again and again, building up a rhythm with the train’s rocking as he could hear Toni’s dirty talk becoming more and more ragged. “Oh fuck, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

With one hand in her back, her brought the other round underneath her, gathering some of the moisture dripping from her lips, and moving his finger ends to her clit. With his index finger he worked it back and forth over the sides of her clit, then rubbing it in circles.

Toni felt her head spin as Will rubbed her sensitive nubbin. She was so close to cumming as his cock banged away at her burning box. Will’s cock was bottoming out on her cervix, filling her entirely, and giving her the most amazing sensations she had ever felt. “That’s it, that’s it, oh, you’re gunna make me cum!” She howled.

Will could feel himself near the edge too. Toni looked so good like this, her pretty face covered in sweat, pressed up against the steamed up mirror, panting and screaming, her chest rising telling him her orgasm was only minutes away. She no longer looked like an English Rose, more like a porn star in heat.

Will took his finger, soaking with her juices, from her clit and brought it behind her butt. As he continued to hammer away at her pussy, he smeared her juices around her puckered ass, staring up at him. Toni didn’t say yes but didn’t say no as she felt what he was doing. She had never let anyone up there before, but Will’s fucking was driving her crazy, and wanted him to make her feel even better; to take her over the edge. She wanted to abandon herself to him.

He slowly pressed his finger into her tight hole, all the time maintaining his rhythm of fucking. His thick finger suddenly popped in and he worked it deeper, up to the knuckle.

Toni was worried for a moment, not sure what it would feel like, but even Will’s thick finger didn’t hurt. It felt a little unusual, but it added to the feeling of being filled that was driving her crazy.

Will saw she didn’t pull away, so continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy, sensing the pressure rising in his balls. He worked his finger in and out of her ass at the same time, creating even more friction in the area.

Toni quickly got used to the finger in her butt and didn’t object when Will brought in a second finger. The sensation of cock in her pussy and fingers invading her ass drove her insane; and her panting turned to continual moans and screams.

“God, oh my God, yeah, yeah yeah, I’m cumming! FUUUUCCKKKK!”

Suddenly Will felt her rosebud tighten on his fingers, nearly breaking them; as he felt her pussy contract too, squeezing his cock as her juices splashed out all over his cock and balls as Toni came hard.

This was enough to set Will off as he screamed for the first time.

“FUCK!!!!!!!” He yelled as he felt his spunk shooting up the length of his shaft, spurting out and hitting Toni’s cervix and drowning the walls of her pussy. His cock leapt inside her, pulsing bigger and bigger and he sent his full load up into her.

Feeling his burning hot spunk erupt into her guts and his cock pulsating set Toni off again as her pussy rippled with a second orgasm. Her eyes rolled back in her head as a low moan came out of her throat. She slumped over onto her elbows as Will wrapped his arms round her waist, holding himself to her, his cock, sending out the last shots of his spunk.

He leant on top of her, enjoying the heat between their two bodies as he kissed her shoulders, his cock deflating but remaining inside her hot tunnel.

“That was amazing” he sighed. Toni just opened her eyes and gazed at him as her face, still turned to the side, broke into a contented smile.

“You don’t know how good” she breathed. It had been a long time since anyone had made her cum, and she had never cum so hard or so long before.

Will eventually let her go and stood up. As he cock slipped out, Toni felt the juice slide down her leg a mixture of both their fluids. “I don’t want this to end here” Will said.

“I know” she replied.

Will pulled up his shorts as Toni splashed water onto her face and tried to brush her hair, her inner thighs dripping with his cum and her juices.

She cleaned herself up a little with the toilet paper and pulled her own clothes back on. Almost immediately she felt more of his sperm slide out of her, dampening the crutch of her jeans. “Lets sit down and see what happens”.

Walking back to their chair, they were oblivious to the shocked look of the elderly couple sharing their carriage who must have heard every moan and scream. They sat down next to eat other and Toni leant over, resting her head in his lap.

She felt so good, so warm inside from her terrific orgasms that she wanted to curl up and sleep, but the thought of what had happened only a few minutes before sent goose bumps down her back and got her blood racing again. She rolled over, looked Will in the eyes and reached inside his shorts for his hardening cock.

As she brought her mouth down to envelop his purple bulb, Will threw his head back, and Toni knew there would be a lot more fun to look forward to with this new friend from the other side of the world.

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