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Quy Pulled A Train!

After a few months, I got a little tired of hearing the truth distorted beyond all recognition. “Quy pulled a train”…”Yeah,-I heard the shit- she did it with like 15 or 20 guys!” “What a Slut!”

The fact of the matter is that if a young girl wants to party, she’s gonna party and SHE is the one who decides if it’s right or wrong for HER! I wanted to write this “for the record”-telling EXACTLY what happened from my perspective.

First of all,-If you went to J-Stuart H.S. or Mason,then you know the “Quy” we’re talking about here. 5’1″or2″,long,straight,jet-black hair,Funky-High Hips and incredible tits! I guess the only thing you don’t know is that in Quy’s case-her having small pinkies really DOES mean small…well you know!-INCREDIBLY small!!!

I am going to tell the truth as I saw it despite the rumors and the pics recently and unscrupulously posted around! The following is my take on what went down.

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