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Jazz Club

It’s dimly lit place, quiet jazz played by the band. I sit in a back booth awaiting your arrival. After all the playing, teaseing and challenging this night you will be all mine. The anticipation is like our first time all over again. I wait, watching the door slowly sipping a glass of wine till I see your silhouette open the door. We catch eyes and you start walking over. You sit at the table with me and slide close. I kiss you deeply letting my hand slide between your legs just below your short skirt. My hand slides up pushing your skirt up at the same time. I kiss you more intensely as my hand goes farther up you leg. I feel the top of your thigh highs and for just a moment I open my eyes to see the garter belt they are connected to. My had slides jut a little farther and you push it away pushing me back. “Not yet,” you whisper. I ask you if you want to leave you pat me on my already hard cock and say, “I think you can wait a few minutes, I want a drink.” You leave you hand right where it is as the waitress comes around to ask for our drink orders. We both order our drinks and the waitress brings them back quickly. As you sip your wine you look at me and say, “you know what would taste great with this wine, you.” I don’t know exactly what you mean I am just enjoying that the hand that is still between my legs you are now moving. You come close and whisper in my ear, “keep an eye out for the waitress. If you make a sound I stop.” Before I know it you start unzipping my pants and take me in to your mouth. Slowly you lick and tease me harder than I ever thought possible. Your tongue circles the head of my cock as it slips between your lips. You take me deep in your mouth then out again. You lick it up and down and kiss every inch before taking it in your mouth again. You swallow me to the base before your lips start moving up and own in your desired to make me cum. You have a hand caressing my balls teasing them filling me more with more pleasure bringing me closer to your goal. You are determined to make me cum quickly. Your lips close tighter around my cock, you suck harder, you tongue teases more and you move you hand up griping tightly around my hard on. You are soaking me with you hand and lips and in no time I relax in an explosion. You swallow every drop never slowing your pace. When you are finished I you lick me a few more times as my dick almost begins to harden again you stop and gently put my pants back on. “That was wonderful don’t you think,” you coyly ask. I am looking into your eyes with lust in mine as I agree with you. You take a sip of your wine and slide back close to me in the booth. My hand is caressing you leg as we listen to the music. I whisper in you ear, “I want to get you out of her and of this skirt.” “Let me finish this drink and maybe one more.” I decided it is time to convince you to want to leave. I kiss your lips then that sensitive spot on you neck just below your ear. The spot that just me kissing can make you moan and wet. As I continue kissing your neck, you ear and you lips my hand continues up your leg. Again as I come close you stop me. I whisper in your ear how much I want just one taste. “I want to taste you the way you did me. Please let me touch it, it is driving me nuts how much I want you. I want to feel how wet you are getting and make you wetter.” As I continue whispering ever thought about how bad I want to feel the inside of you, slowly you hand retreats farther and farther till finally the tip of my finger brushes you clit. I can already feel the wetness on it and you gasp from the slight touch with the sensitivity created by the moment. Suddenly you hand is not pushing mine away but pulling it tighter showing me just the right spots to touch. I slowly slide a finger in side you. I move it in and out, slowly ate first but building the pace as I also massage your clit. When I have you more turned on than I have ever seen you and wetter than I have ever felt you, I take my hand away. As I bring it close to my face I can smell the intoxicating perfume of your sex. Slowly I lick your taste off my fingers. How erotic and romantic your sweet taste is. I remember just how it tasted but the memory never did this moment justice. Once I have taken every drop of your passion off my finger I slowly guide my hand back. Slowly down you breasts, lightly teasing your nipples. Then down past you stomach over you skirt then slowly up you silky legs to your smooth wet pussy. I again start sliding my finger in and out slowly. You try to continue to sip your wine and behave as if you are unaffected but your juices dripping out of you tell a different story. Suddenly you push my hand away, take hold of my tie, pull me close and kiss me deeply. We share a long deep kiss and when we break you look me in the eye and say, “OK you when we are leaving right now or I will fuck you brains out in this booth. You quickly stand and wait for me to fallow you out. You walk with a quickened pace to my car. I place my arm around you as I reach to unlock and open your door. Once I have unlocked your door I put my hand to your waist and pull you close. You can feel me rock hard pressed against you as one had touches you breasts and the other is again starting up your skirt. “I can’t wait I need you now,” I whisper. I am kissing you neck as you begin unzipping my pants with you back still against me. “I want to fuck you from behind just like this and cum in side you.” Your hand reaches in to my pants as I lift you skirt high enough to allow me to enter the awesome wet pussy of yours. I am massaging you clit as I slowly slide in you. Once I am in you down do the base of my hard on I thrust deeply in you. You moan and grind you pussy in to my hips as I am making love to you harder and deeper than I ever have. You feel so good just entering you I know I can’t last long but I continue going deeper and harder just to hear you sounds as you enjoy the feeling of me. I start to cum and I just go deeper filling you with my hot sticky cum. When I am done cumming I am still hard as ever because of how good you feel. “I want to lay you in bed and strip you naked before I eat you till you make me stop,” As I slide out of you and confess in your ear. “So what are you waiting for take me to you place.” You eagerly respond. I dive quickly to my place as you sit next to me and we continue to tease each other. No sooner are we though the door upon arriving than do I have you pressed against the wall. I begin striping off you clothes kissing every inch of you flesh. Once I have you top off I am kissing and biting you nipple to make you moan. It is turning you on and me at the same time. I take you to the bedroom and lay you on the bed removing ever bit of clothing you had on. You help off my clothes as I lay on top of you and kiss you intensely. Our naked bodies are now pressed tightly together as I begin to move my lip and tongue down you body. I lick every inch of you till I reach my prize. You are so wet I can’t believe it and I immediately start licking every part of you pussy. I start with the soft smooth skin around it feel so hot on my tongue. I then move to the lips glistening and swallowed from you excitement. Then I lip inside running my tongue up and down, in and out, as if I was fucking you with it. Then finally I lick the spot you have been dieing for me to. I let a finger slide in and out of you and my tongue concentrates on that spot that drives you wild. I can feel you please in the way you caress my hair and pull me tight in to you. I continue to please you till you grab hold of me and pull me back up to you. “May god that feel so good,” you say as you kiss me. “Do you want more?” you pause for a moment so I begin kissing my way down again. After only a few short minutes you pull me back up to you. “I want you in me.” You say nothing else as you start guiding my dick in side you. I make love to you slowly going deep with every stroke. I am enjoying the feeling of being in side you and trying to make it last as long as possible. You feel so tight and wet as you raise your hips to mine every time I s
de deep in you. Finally I can hold back no more and explode inside you with the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

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