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Poolside Story

My name is Paul and I’m 19 years old. I wanna tell you what happened when I had my 1 ST pool party earlier on this year. It wasn’t my fault. I mean, what guy in his right mind would miss the chance for an orgy….

It was the middle of summer and it was the hottest week we all had ever seen. Me, trying to be cool, suggested that we have a pool-party at my place. All my mates and their girlfriends jumped at the chance, and soon I had a list of about 6 people I had to make arrangements for. I had the whole house alone. I had a large house, with a pool and garden. As the pool was the focus point of the day, I called Pool Penguins, a pool renovation company, and asked for them to sent round someone to look at the pool and top it off. Soon a tall brunette in blue overalls came to examine the pool. I had just finished looking thru the latest volume of Hustler, so my boxers were kinda bulging, as my cock was still erect. She looked at my pants, smiled and said her name was Jane. After about fifteen minutes of chatting about things, my dick had grown bigger as I was staring at her breasts, mane of hair and long legs. She leaned over, kissed me on my lips, softly, and said softly “You are a horny bastard.” I replied “Yes, I am. And you are a Stone Fox.” We flirted for a little while longer, until she had to go. “Look Paul, I like you, so I’m gonna make sure you have a real great pool party, ok?” I was confused, but agreed. She went into her van, then got out a five-litre bottle of clear liquid. She poured into the pool, but warned me not to go into the pool until everyone else had been in. “I will be back at 7pm, ok Paul?” I asked her what she put in the pool, but she just kissed me again and said, “Are your friends wild?” I said no. She grinned and answered “Well they will be today!” As the van pulled away, I shook my head, then started to get the refreshments ready.

My friends started to arrive at about one. I had on board shorts and a tight T-shirt. The first to arrive was my best friend, Steve, and his date, Amanda. Although I had never told anyone this, I had always liked guys as well as girls and both Steve and Amanda were looking real fine today. I didn’t say a word though. After initial hello’s, they went of to the drinks table. They only took the coke, although there was both beer and snaps. Soon all 3 couples were there, 3 girls and 4 guys (including me). It stared to get hot, so they all slipped off their clothes and jumped into the pool in their costumes. My cock jumped as I saw all the bulges, breasts for the chicks and cocks for the guys. John called me “Come on in Paul, the water’s great!” I busied myself refilling the ice, wondering what Jane put in the pool. I was sweating at this time, so I checked if everyone was in the pool. They were all in there, frolicking around. As I got closer to the pool, I saw everyone look at me. I checked to see if my fly was undone or anything like that, but nothing was wrong. I sat on the steps and flicked water at Mike with my toes. He had a strange look in his eyes. I moved onto the second step, and was immediately surrounded by my friends, all with that look in their eyes. I saw that I had left my towel behind, and I asked, Sarah, who was sitting near it, if she could fetch it. To my surprise, all of my friends rushed out of the pool to retrieve my towel. A red-faced Emma handed it to me. I told them all to hold on, then rushed into the house, followed by the “mob” until I shut the door. I quickly grabbed the phone, dialed Jane’s no., and heard her silky voice. “Jane! What did you put in the pool?” I hissed. “All my friends are…like…Fawning all over me.” Her purr replied ” Good. Paul, they will respond to your every word, every command. Think about it, you can tell them all to fuck each other, you, even finger the bloody pool-pump!” I started to look at this with a new perspective. “You mean they will do ANYTHING? Even the guys?” Jane said yes, and said that she would be here at 5 instead of 7. I hung up the phone, grabbed some stuff from around the house, shoved it into a bag, and grinning walked out to the pool….
I walked out and noticed Amanda in the corner of the pool, getting water flicked across her naked breasts by Steve. All action stopped when they saw me, even the ‘flickers’. I put the now bulging bag down and jumped in the pool. The white T-shirt clung to my abs and pecks. I saw every one about to follow me, but I told them all not to move. To my utter happiness, they stopped moving towards the pool. I swam over to Steve and Amanda and told them to get out of the pool. They scampered towards the steps. When we all were on dry land, I arranged the girls in a line and the guys in another. I looked at the wet bodies and said. “Ok, everyone. Put up your hand if you think I’m sexy.” Every single hand shot up, even the guys’. I grinned. “I want everyone to fuck when I tell them to.” All their faces beamed. “Ok, people, lets orgy.” I lay down on the grass, eagle spread on my back. I could see them almost drooling. “Come on, gimme pleasure guys.” Sure, it was corny, but they obeyed my every command, remember? Emma positioned herself behind my head and took of my hat. She started sucking my earlobes gently. Sarah pulled off my T-shirt and shorts, helping the others. Amanda lay in such a way I could finger fuck her without even moving. Jim spread my legs and put his tongue and hands near my ass, ready to fuck it. Mike put his cock in my other hand and started massaging my nipples. Steve stationed himself by my dick and the rest of my pubic region, next to Jim. “One, two…” I counted. On the count of three, they moved into action. Emma, finished with my ears, started kissing me, hard then soft. Sarah lay next to my dick, and by just watching, started to masturbate. Amanda moaned in pleasure as I finger-fucked her, she was moaning the same time as Emma, I noticed. Jim started darting his tongue in and out my tight asshole, squeezing my buns. Mike licked and breathed on my nipples as I rubbed his shaft. Steve lightly licked up and down my dick, making it moist. He was also pulling on my hairs, mixing the sensations of pain and pleasure. I was in my element for about 10 minutes, when I could see they all wanted to cum. I told them to stop and hold it. I got up, drained the shallow mini foot washing pool, and I told them all to cum in there. It was big enough for someone to sit in it. They all took positions by the side of the foot pool and their mixture of juicy cums and pre cums filled the trench. The musky animal odour filled the air. I also had a few squirts when everyone had finished. My chunks fell into the cum-filled pool. Then, to my surprise, I felt tired. I wanted to watch something. I wanted to do something else more interesting…
My eyes fell on the group, on the ground having a breather. I felt real sick, so I rummaged in the bag and brought out 6 knifes. I gave one to everyone and kept one for myself. I told everyone to dump their clothes in the bin, sense they wouldn’t need them any more. After they had done that, I told Sarah, Emma and Amanda to masturbate on the knives. The others crowded around and watched. They looked at the 7 inch sharp steel tools and started to lower them….”No, wait!” I said. “You need partners” I told Mike and Jim to help the girls out. I looked at Steve and he looked at me. “No, Steve stay here” I grinned. “I want you.” I watched the girls and Mike and Jim for a while, watching the girls eyes wide with fear and pleasure as the knifes started to plunge into them. Their pussy-juices wetting the knifes. I turned to Steve. “Right, now you and me are gonna fuck.” I could see his cock getting stiff. Soon we were at it, his 9-inch cock tearing into my sensitive ass. The girls and the other guys stopped and came over to watch, their faces red from the multiple orgasms all of them had received from watching the knifes. Over and over his snake pounded my butt, until my ass was on fire. I loved this feeling. It was way better than my ex-who only liked missionary. When he stopped, out of breath, I told him again to cum in the foot pool. He and some of the watchers did. Now the trough was full and I got an idea. I filled 12 glasses with the mixture. It was steaming and warm. I told them all to take mouthfuls and dribble it over everyone else. Mike was the first one to spit. He signaled to Emma and Steve that he wanted to dribble on them. He spat out the mixture, most of it hitting the other two on the torso. Soon everyone was doing it, fucking, spitting, gangbanging. Everyone started to cum again, all over everyone else. My dick had spitted all over and in everyone, many, many times. We all collapsed, wasted, to the ground. Some of us were out for the count, but some still amused themselves by flicking the unconscious one’s clits or rubbing their balls.
Jane stepped in and saw me licking Emma’s unconscious ass. There was blood, cum, sweat, and water all over the place. Everything was covered in cum, hair, bodies, windows, clothes, costumes, and the ground. I stood up; ignoring I still had a boner that would make King Kong shake. Jane whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I nodded, and lay down. My new mistress licked me clean, which took some time as I had cum all over my body. When she had finished, mistress stood me up, and I went to get dressed. I came back and then left with Mistress Jane. Me and her other slaves have all had our hours of pleasure, and now we have to pay her back. I had the shortest pleasure time out of all of then, so I was able to go home in 3 months. I went home with a recipe for clear liquids that even my mistress uses. Say hello to Da Pool Master. I have had 7 other pool parties at that house, and have had 7 different houses all over the world. In your neighborhood soon…

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