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Do It For the Money

this is a true story of awhat happened to me on december 1 2001. on that night my parents, younger sister, younger brother, my soon to be husband and me went to a party hosted by one of our friends. this friend is very wealthy. vbcrlfvbcrlfAbout an hour into the party he announced that he will be hosting a spanking contest. it will be in full public view of all of the party goers. He called for 8 girls any age. it would be 4 rounds and 2 girls would be cut after each round. Each girl would change into a hospital gown leaving her bare backside exposed. While waiting to take our turn in each round we had to face the brick wall our bare behinds on display hands on our heads and standing on our bare tip toes. If we broke “the wall position” his brother would cane us on the spot. he would start with 2 strokes and double them each time you broke the position. vbcrlfvbcrlfit was unseasonably warm that day in the mid 60’s and this was outside. the winner got 10,000 dollars and the losers got nothing except very very sore behinds. well to the surprise and amusment to the rest of the party guests, 8 girls did sign up, including me. i am 5 feet 5 and weigh around 95 – 100 pounds. vbcrlfvbcrlfmy parents along everyone elsein my family told me not to do this. I just got layed off my job and i really needed that 10 grand. i was only thinking of the money and payed no attention to the pain or the humiliation of the contest. my parents then said if i dount win then i will get double of whatever i took during the contest from both of them with a leather razor strap. So i sighned up any way went into the house with the rest of the contestents, took of all of my clothes from head to toe and put on that damn hospital gown. vbcrlfvbcrlfAll 8 of us walked out in front of the laughing crowd. then we drew noumbers to see what order we go in. that order would stay the same through the contest. i drew 8 so i would be going last. The first round was a otk spanking on our bare asses. the host had on a leather glove. waiting me turn, i broke the “wall” position and his brother caned me twice. i was the only one to let my heels to touch the ground. when it was my turn, i knew i had to take 40 whacks to make it to the next round. vbcrlfvbcrlfi made it to the next round. waiting i broke the wall position again to rub m,e sore little bottom. that earned me 4 strokes of the cane from his brother. now there were 6 of us left. round 2 was a frat paddle. it was made of solid oak 18 inch long 1/2 inch thick and 14 holes drilled in it. we had to bend over the back of a chair. by going last i knew i had to take 30 swats to advance. vbcrlfvbcrlfi was completely in tears by the 5th stroke i did take all 30 . once again i did break that damn wall position and got caned 8 times because my bare feet were getting sore from standing on my tip toes for so long and my bottom was really sore. round 3 was a leather belt. for this we had to lay down on a weight bench with 3 pillows under our hips. now there were only 4 of us left. vbcrlfvbcrlfBy being last i knew i only had to take 15 swats with that damn belt to make it to the finals. i did barely. i never that much pain could exsit. Again despite as hard as i tried, i broke the wall position. this time it earned me 16 cane strokes. wall punishments did not count in the contest. now we are down to the finnal 2. last round was the english senior cane. again we had to bend over the back of a chair. i had to take 6 strokes to win i could only take 3. i lost throught the night i took 117 swats to me poor back side. I was only thinking about the money. vbcrlfvbcrlfit was very humiliating having to stand on my tip toes facing the wall with my hands on my head. not to mention thepublic punishments them selves. we were never allowed to rub our sore fannys. my ass was extreamly swollen deep deep red blue black and purple bruises. very sore and tender. i wore the gown home. i couldnt put on anything over my ass. everyone was laughing and making fun of us. a lot of people were taking pictures. vbcrlfvbcrlfthe women who won the 10 grand was in her 40’s mother of 2 grown children. as promised mom and dad did give me 234 strap strokes over the next several weeks from each of them. all of the bruises are almost gone now. this contest was great fun for the spectators 100% pure hell for the participants.

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