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Truth or Dare

“Truth.” Leslie was up first in our game of Truth or Dare and decided to play it safe until she could see what type of dares were going to be dealt out. There are three couples including Phil and I. After an hour of hanging out, we got bored and Steve suggested we play this old party game to spice things up a little. I thought it was a bit juvenile, but I didn’t have any better ideas, so what the heck?vbcrlfvbcrlf”Who’s the last person you did it with before Matt?” asked Steve with an evil grin. Leslie looks shocked and her boyfriend, Matt, was all ears. Yeah, we’re in for a high school style evening. I roll my eyes and pretend to be completely uninterested.vbcrlfvbcrlf”I can’t believe you asked that!” Leslie tried to delay the inevitable by scolding Steve. “It was Allen Jacobs.” No, she did not offer any extra information. Matt’s jaw just about hit the floor. Allen was one of his best friends in college. In fact, Allen had introduced Leslie and Matt. He tried to get the story out of her, but she tells him: “the game is called truth or dare, not life history or dare, dear.”vbcrlfvbcrlfI was sitting to Leslie’s left, so it was my turn next. “Dare.” Matt shouts out “I dare you to ask Phil for a spanking!” OK, I should have come up with a better idea when this game was suggested. Are we 26 year olds, or 16 year olds? I look to Phil to gauge what he’s thinking. . . ear to ear smile. No help there. “Sure, he would never hit me hard! Phil, sweetheart, will you please spank me?” vbcrlfvbcrlf”It would be my pleasure, Brooke.” vbcrlfvbcrlfIt was Matt’s dare, so he directed Phil to have me bend over and after each spank, I was to thank him and ask for another. The guys were smiling and laughing. The girls looked a little uncomfortable. I was already embarrassed as I grabbed my ankles in front of Phil. I decided it would be best to play it to the extreme for the most laughs. “Ready?” he asked. “Yes, Sir. Please spank my naughty bottom!” vbcrlfvbcrlfThe first smack was surprisingly hard for a game! I guess he was showing off for the boys. “Thank you, sir. May I please have another?” I asked with an exaggerated tone.vbcrlfvbcrlf”As you wish!” SMACK! Wow, thank goodness I was wearing jeans! vbcrlfvbcrlf”Thank you, sir! May I have another?”vbcrlfvbcrlfSMACK, right in the exact same spot! It took effort to hide the discomfort in my voice as I asked for more.vbcrlfvbcrlf”OK, baby, but just because you asked me to!” He was getting off on this! I started to get mad, but was distracted by a fourth very hard smack. I took a few seconds before I replied “Thank you, sir, may I please have another?” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Not right now, Hon, but if you’re really good, maybe I’ll do it later!” vbcrlfvbcrlfI was pissed! He could have easily given me little love taps, or stopped after one! It was his turn next and I chimed in with a dare for him. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Alright, tough guy, I dare you to bend over and take one lick with your belt from each of us ladies!” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Ohhhhhh!” Matt and Steve were laughing and teasing Phil. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Sure, here you go!” Phil slapped his belt into my hands before he took a turn grabbing his ankles. I handed it to Leslie. She looked at me like she had no clue what it was for, then shrugged her shoulders and half-heartedly swung the belt. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Oh! I’m in trouble now! Such tough little girls!” He had the balls to laugh and make fun of us while there were still two of those “tough little girls” left to whip his macho butt?! Sarah, Steve’s girlfriend, took the belt and gave me a sympathetic look before she landed the belt with a solid, but not too hard, swing. vbcrlfvbcrlf”What, no smart comment now, babe?” I taunted as I took the belt. I lined up my shot, pulled back and swung it with all the strength my “little girl arms” had to offer. Phil straighten up and for a second his hand was reaching back to rub the sting from his behind. A glimpse of Steve and Matt laughing made him think again about that move! vbcrlfvbcrlfSarah was next. It was a tough choice. Surely there wouldn’t be another spanking dare! She didn’t want to be the wimp, so she chose a dare. Steve smiled and suggested we put her through a “spanking machine”. We lined up with our legs apart and Sarah crawled through our legs as we spanked her. Steve was first in line. As she crawled through his legs he flipped he skirt up and smacked her panties hard. She paused to put it back down, but that just meant that he had more time to spank her. She gave up and crawled as fast as she could through the rest of the “spanking machine.” She squirmed uncomfortably when she sat down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with a face as red as hers at the moment!vbcrlfvbcrlfSteve looked at Sarah and said “dare” as if it were a direct challenge to her. “You got it, Steve. Take those jeans down and take four spanks from each of us!” I guess it was only fair. He did let everyone spank her on her panties! vbcrlfvbcrlfSteve stood in the middle of the living room, slid his jeans down and shook his boxer-clad bum, as if to invite our best shot! Sarah went first and really laid into him. I think I even heard a little gasp from him with her last slap! I was next. I liked Steve and felt a little bad for him. It was just a game, after all! I gave him four light slaps. Leslie was a little harder on him. I think she was still annoyed about having to reveal her dirty little secret on her first turn, and it was his idea to play the game, therefore, it was his fault! Steve took a deep breath and then I noticed it might not be because the spanking hurt! He was visibly aroused! vbcrlfvbcrlfSteve started to stand up, but Sarah told him to stay put, he still had Matt and Phil to go. They looked uncomfortable, but it was part of the game, so they each landed four hard smacks as quickly as possible. That must’ve taken care of Steve’s excitement, because the only noticeable effect of the spanking was a very red face. vbcrlfvbcrlfIt was Matt’s turn next. He chose a dare. Phil seemed a little too eager when he shouted out “I know, I dare you to take Leslie over your knee and give her twenty swats on her panties while she count them for you!”vbcrlfvbcrlf”What!? How is that a dare for him!” cried Leslie.vbcrlfvbcrlf”Well, he’s the one that has to go home with you at the end of the game.” replied Phil with a straight face.vbcrlfvbcrlf”It’s a tough one, Phil. I can’t wimp out though, can I? I guess I don’t really have a choice. Leslie, sorry, Honey, but I’m going to need you to come on over and help me out with this dare.” vbcrlfvbcrlfLeslie pouted, but trusted Matt to take it easy for her. She reluctantly laid across his knee. He slid the hem of her skirt up over her bottom and put his hand on her tush. She squirmed a little, which made Matt wrap his left arm tightly around her waist. The sound of the first slap echoed through the room as Phil and Steve watched with their mouths open. Leslie is a ballerina, petite with a perfect figure. Again we were faced with a macho guy afraid to look like a softy in front of the guys. He was spanking surprisingly hard! Maybe he was just thinking about her with his college roommate! vbcrlfvbcrlfBy fifteen, Leslie’s discomfort was apparent in her voice as she counted. To finish the dare quickly, Matt gave her five as fast as she could count. She involuntarily reached back to rub the sting from her seat as soon as he let her up. She let him know she wasn’t mad by giving him a sweet little kiss on the cheek.vbcrlfvbcrlf”Sorry, Les, just part of the game!” vbcrlfvbcrlfWith that we decided to end the game. Our friends left, but it was just the beginning of a long night for Phil and me. I wonder if Sarah and Leslie were also feeling just a little sore as they sat down to breakfast.

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