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The Theater

It was a warm summer’s night when I stopped to pick you up, we had decided to catch a movie then go to dinner,. There is a new big screen theater dome which just opened and I had heard it was great. We decided to see a thriller, purchased our tickets, then found some seats in the back corner so we could be alone. We just sat there and chatted as he people rolled in. Finally, the lights dimmed, the previews rolled, I could feel you putting your leg over mine. I loved the way your skirt rose up your thighs. It was so exciting sitting there, kissing hard on the lips then reclined back against the wall. You parted your legs just enough to let me see that you had no underwear beneath the skirt. I looked surprised, then you informed me you took them off when you had went to the bathroom on our way in. I watched you as you touched your breasts affectionately, rubbing them and squeezing them so that they stood out straining against your bra. I reached over, slid my hand up the inside of your thigh and touched your lips with my finger, rubbing them softly, but not sliding my finger between them. I could feel the wetness which was beginning to ooze our of you. It was so slippery and I smeared it over your lips until they finally parted and I struck your clit. You let out a gasp, then smiled seductively at me then took my hand and placed it right on your clit. You started one of my fingers going in circles around it and bit your lower lip to keep from moaning. It didn’t take long before you were soaking wet and about to cum. I poked a finger inside of you and then slid it back over your clit. The excitement from the movie and knowing we could get caught, set you on fire. I could feel you stiffen as you began to cum, so quietly yet intense, your wetness dripped on to the seat and you whispered loudly for me to fuck you with my fingers. I readily complied and within a couple of minutes I could feel you cum again. I was so horny now that I didn’t know what to do. You put your fingers to you lips and then reached over and removed my cock from my pants. You started to stroke it until it got hard then you got down on your knees and took it into your mouth. It felt so good to have you licking it and sucking on it. You would slowly lick down the shaft and take each of my balls and fondle them with your hand. I lie back enjoying the feeling and soon I could not hold back any longer. Your tongue worked its magic over me and I let go with a massive orgasm. I lie there shaking for a few minutes, out of breath and very excited. You put my now soft cock back into my pants and brushed yourself off as you sat down next to me again. We watched the rest of the movie as we casually teased each other to keep the fire going.
After the movie was over we went to a hotel. We could not keep our hands off each other, as we walked through the doorway of the lobby. We were like teenagers kissing and fondling each other, waiting for the host to come after we had rung the bell. It was a self righteous old woman who looked at us like we were sinners. She didn’t say anything; disgust was obvious in her eyes, accented by that icy stare. She looked at my driver’s license, wrote out the room slip and then took the money for the room.. She grabbed the key for the room and tossed it to me. I caught it and we promptly left. We hadn’t walked more than a few steps down the hall when we stopped by the pool and started kissing, hard and fast and desperate. Our tongues were going like mad, caught up with each other, the heat of our passion was stifling and the more we kissed the hotter we got. I could feel you pushing against me when suddenly there was a big splash. We had both fallen into the pool. I went down and under your skirt where I parted your legs. I plunged my face directly in between your lips and found your hard clit immediately. I licked at it fast and furious, you reached behind you and grabbed the side of the pool and bit your lip as you almost exploded with a quick orgasm. The spasms clamped my head between your legs and you wouldn’t let me up until you finally stopped shaking. I thought I wouldn’t make it; but eventually I popped my head up and I could see you there, smiling, against the back of the pool. You were holding on to the side with your arms stretched out and your breasts stood straight out. It looked so sexy to see you like that. I got hard instantly and swam over to you. I pressed my wet body against you and you pressed back, you enjoyed the feel of my cock. I pulled you up out of the water, you picked up your purse and we went off to the room. My shoes were going squoosh, squoosh with the sound of the water surging out of them. When we arrived at the room I opened the door, and we entered the room. We peeled our clothes off, stood there naked, just looking at each other, for a few minutes. Finally, I walked behind you and began to fondle your breasts which made you melt as you leaned back against me. I moved my hands over you and down your legs. I rubbed the lips softly, careful not to part them but just hard enough to put pressure on your clit. Slowly, I slid my finger between them and inside of you. I could feel the wetness which was oozing out of you like honey, I rubbed it all over you lips and clit This added to the excitement you were already feeling and you spread your legs wider so I could get to your clit easier. I enjoyed teasing it for a while but I had a surprise in store for you.
I lay you down on the bed, then asked you if it was ok to shave you. You looked at me and asked if I had done this before. I told you that I had and it was very fun; especially afterward when I would lick you. A slow smile came over your lips as you thought about it for a couple of minutes; then agreed. I promised that I would be careful and proceeded to get a basin with warm water and a couple of towels which I put underneath of you. I grabbed a nice new razor and proceeded to splash warm water over your lips getting them wet and touching them. Moving my hands sensually over them and over all of the hair, getting it wet so it would turn soft and easy to shave. Then I took the can of shaving cream and sprayed it all over you, I rubbed it softly into the hair as well. I rubbed it all over outside of your lips and part way down your legs. You lie there watching me contentedly as I softly dragged the razor over your lips pulling at them so to make for a clean shave. The sensation of the steel on your skin felt strangely sensual. I went over it a number of times to make sure it was smooth and then stroke bye stroke completed each lip until it was all done. By the time I finished you had gotten quite excited, I could see little trains of your wetness running down your butt cheeks. This turned me on and I quickly toweled you off and then parted your legs so I could slide my tongue over your bare skin. I licked all over you pubic mound and nibbled on each smooth lip; then moved down to the entrance of you. Then back up between your lips until I found your clit. I flicked at it with my tongue and you reached down to part your lips for me. I concentrated on it for sometime flicking it back and forth, then up and down until you stiffened and moaned very loudly as the pleasure overtook you. I stroked the smooth skin for some time, reveling in the feel of it. So soft and smooth to the touch, it felt unlike anything I had ever touched. I caressed the labia, and the inside of your thighs before moving on to your other lip and again touching very softly the inside of the other thigh. I reached over and kissed you softly on the lips. It was a quick short kiss, then you put your hand to my face and drew me back. We kissed longer this time before we broke away. You pulled me back yet again but this time your arm was around me and you kissed me harder. I returned it with a renewed passion as I moved away from your lips and then to your neck. I chewed on the skin tenderly as I made my way around your neck and down your front. I lingered at your breasts teasing them with my tongue, until the nipples stood straight out. I looked down to see you were exploring your hairless lips, pinching them softly between your fingers and massaging them, touching your clit for a few strokes and then sticking your finger inside of your to get it wet, then rubbing over your clit again. You can feel yourself getting close again so you stop rubbing it and pull my around so I could enter you. I put my cock at the entrance and you grab my ass and pull hard. I slide into you immediately and you gasp at the intrusion. It fills you up completely and you begin to hump against me as you lifted your legs and put your heels in the small of my back. I slid all of myself into you and I can feel the excitement beginning to build as you start playing with your clit again. I am starting to pick up speed as I stroke inside of you and I can feel your getting about ready to cum again. It feels so tight and as you cum you push me out of you. I quickly put it back in and ride it long a hard and I feel you cum again, this time I can’t hold out as the sensation of your orgasm pushes me over the edge and I fill you with my seed. I continue to stroke it deep inside of you as another orgasm comes along. I can feel it squirt out a little more and the pleasure is almost unbelievable. We lay there with each other for some time before we get up and get into the shower. You look at me and then touch your pussy, you smile and then walk away. I can tell deep inside that you like this new style for it.

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