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Christmas Fun

The snow crunched under her feet as she walked the three blocks to the local highschool. Bree had moved to Oregon to live with her siblings and finish highschool and now, after four months – she was back in her home town. She ignored the honks as she cut across the street and hurried up the stairs, after four months her body was aching for one thing and one thing only – Morgan. They had come together, as so many people do, working the same summer job. But the month they had shared before she moved had been heavenly, unlike anything she had every experienced before.
She rounded a corner to where she knew his locker was and found him standing with a group of people, looking around anxiously. When his soft brown eyes landed on her small, blonde headed figure he rushed towards her. “What did you do to your hair?” He exclaimed, catching her up in his arms as he nervously began to babble, hug her and then babble again.
“Bree!” Her name echoed the hallways as she slapped hands, hug and was sucked back into the group. Quickly plans where made for a party, a huge party for the end of the semester and because she was home. It would be at the regular party house, with all the beer and liquior a person could hope for. Bree stayed with Morgan long after everyone else had left with promises of longer talks later on during the party. “Coffee?” Morgan offered, she nodded in acceptance and followed him down to the local coffee shop where they talked for several hours before he dropped her off at home.
“I’ll see you tonight…” he pulled her close and kissed her deeply, running his long tongue across her own, sending shivers of nervouse anticipation to race through her.
She moaned against his hand and he responded by pulling her closer to him, wrapping a hand around her neck to press her body closer against his own. Her hands traveled across his strong chest as his own began to massage a pattrn across her body.
He broke the kiss then, a wickid grin creasing his beautiful face. “Tonight dear…”
She gave him a grumpy look and he laughed, slapping her lightly on the butt as she climbed from the car.
Bree hurried inside to shower and ready herself for the night. She took it easy on the make up, but knew he would appreciate the soft ringlets she had teased into her hair and the short black dress that dipped far to low in the front and no back to speak of, allowing her tiger print panties to peek out just enough to tantalize.
“And where are you going, all dressed up?” Her Father asked as she emerged from the room and began pulling on her coat.
“I’m staying at Mary’s, big Welcome Home party for me this evening.”
He looked at her dress, then at her knee high, high heeled boots and raised an eyebrow. “Pretty dressed up for Mary…”
She shrugged and he laughed.
“No Drinking.”
She nodded
“No smoking.”
She nodded again
“And no drugs.”
She nodded once more as she slid out the door, fighting to keep her face straight. She hopped into her car and as soon as she was a block away, lit a cigarette and with one hand still on the wheel, dug around her purse for her flask.
Along the back roads she traveled, sipping her bourbon and letting her thoughts drift to the heavy, thick cock she knew was waiting for her. The memories made her wet, how eager he was to try new things, the way he could move his hips around, not just in and out. She could feel her nipples snap to attention and quickly pulled the car off to the side of the road. She gazed in the rear view and up ahead to make sure no one was coming and slowly slid a hand between her legs.
She found herself wet and began to gently play with her clit, circling it with a hot finger. Her other hand drifted up to rub at her tits through the soft black fabric. She eased one finger inside herself, then another she began a rythmic pumping with both fingers, spreading her legs as wide as she could in the drivers seat and thrusting her hips foreward against her probing fingers. She added another finger, begining to feel the steady tingle as an orgasm started to build. Bree dropped her other hand down to visciously rub at her clit as she finger fucked her hole. She moaned loadly, gasping as she felt her pussy lips tightening around her fingers. She came long and hard, causing her to lay back in her seat, needing to catch her breath.
When she found the strength, she leaned up to look around as she started the car again. She pulled back onto the road and started driving again, heading towards Mary’s. She would fuck that beautiful cock she had visioned earlier, oh yes, it was going to be one hell of a night.

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