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Three is a Crowd

It started out as a normal evening at the cinema. Me, my boyfriend and his mate, Neil. I was reqeusted to wear stockings and suspenders and a maternity bra, underneath my short red dress. My boyfriend has always dreamed of having a three-some as he has tried it on before. We sat in the second to back row, with me sandwiched inbetween them both. My boyfriend put his arm around, while Neil put his hand down my top. My boyfriend slowly started to climb my leg with his fingers. I couldn’t believe he was letting Neil touch me like that. I started to feel all tingly. He reached my pussy inserting 1,then 2 fingers followed by the 3rd. I was glad the film was a comedy as every one thought i was laughing histerically at the film when really i was screaming with pleasure. He knew exactly how to find my G-spot. Neil licked my boyfriends fingers, tasting my juices i could tell he wanted more. I feel his rock hard cock. My boyfriend told me to touch it. I did. When the fim had finished every one left except us. My boyfriend said we should stay. He took me down to the front near the fire exit. He told me strip, slowly. Neil and my boyfriend had their hands all over me. I led on the floor. My boyfriend stuck ho face in my pussy, masaging my clit with his tongue. Vigorously. Neil was sucking my nipples and tossing himself off into my mouth. It was too much to handle. I let out a big “Neil don’t stop”.
He didn’t. My boyfriend asked me to stand up. He pushed me against the wall and started fucking my pussy gently. It was incredible. He turnedme around. Neil unzipped his trousers and stuck his big manly cock up my anal passage. It hurt, but was delightful. They started to get rougher. My boyfriend kept asking if i was OK. My boyfriend cummed in my pussy, which lubricated me even more. The pleasure was amazing, i started to scream. Neil let his own batc go up my ass. I loved every minute of it. They swapped over. Finally i screamed for the last time. It was over. This is something i highly recommend mainly to virgins. ENJOY!!!

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