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Restroom Stop

I was out of town on a trip and was driving back home when I needed to find a place to get fuel and use the restroom. There was a small independent truck stop off the Interstate out in the middle of nowhere where I pulled off. It had a typical road side store with a small game room near the back just before a dim lit hall leading to the restrooms and Showers. I noticed the store was cluttered and most of the arcade games were out dated as I made my way to the restroom. The dim lit hallway was about twenty feet long where it ended at another dim lit hall leady to the restrooms to the right and Showers to the left. The restroom was dirty and also had dim lighting from burnt out fixtures and smelt like urine.

Just as I finished and was about to wash my hands a guy entered and went to the urinal next to the sink where I was standing. There were two urinals with no dividers between then not even berween the sink. As I started washing my hands I couldn’t help but notice the size of this guy’s cock as I peeked out from the corner of my eye.

As he relieved himself he noticed I was looking over and asked me if I liked what I saw. Without a word I immediately looked down at my hands while continuing to wash. He said don’t be shy I knew you were looking and slightly turned towards me exposing more of his cock for me to see as he continued peeing. Yes I was guilty and I liked what I saw and couldn’t resist looking back down at his big cock.

As he finished he asked if I would like to go join him in a stall. Nervous and lost with words I watched as he walked over to the last stall where he invited me in with a hand gesture while telling me it was ok and saying, you know you want it and I could always use a blowjob. I don’t like dirty restrooms but thinking about sucking this stranger’s cock in that grungy smelly restroom turned me on. I nervously said yes I do and walked his way. These stalls were like no others I’ve ever seen. The stall was narrow like most but the walls were all tile from floor to ceiling with a standard framed hardwood door. After I entered he stepped in closing and locking the door behind him while telling me to have a seat. Standing with his back towards the door I sat down in front of him on the toilet seat. I felt trapped in that narrow space as I watched him undo his pants and drop them past his knees. Staring me in the face was a dream come true!
I didn’t mention but this guy was black and its true that over eight inches and was very thick, that’s why I could’t help myself from looking while he was peeing.

I have many years of sexual experience's so I have lots of stories that I would like to share . I am glad I found I hope you enjoy them.

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