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Désirs de Madame Marguerite

Désirs de Madame Marguerite

Lord Andrew, my heart, my husband is the light of my life. We live in a modest home known as Langley Manor. My husband is one of King David’s knights; they grew together as childhood friends. The Vicar Ryan lives upon our land to service to our people. Battles break out a daily as of late since the Scotsmen despise the English owning of their land. I being female am not to speak of the dealings with such, but being torn since I am of Scottish/French blood and my husband a Saxon.

I tell you of these things so that you may understand why me Lady Marguerite, soiled my marriage bed with the unthinkable. Lord Andrew has been gone for months at a time leaving my marriage bed cold and lonely. My blood runs hot, my breasts swell and nipples become very tender with lack of touch from my love. My sheath yearns, nay longing for the feel of a mans hot throbbing member thrusting in and out bringing my passion to a full bloom.

My Lord is a wonderful lover, ruggedly handsome in features, but I need more. So I devised a plan to seduce the purest man, I know…the Vicar Ryan. He had counseled my husband before our marriage, telling him about the passion of Scottish women with blazing red hair. Although not knowing such a woman intimately, others told him during confession about these creatures. He warned him of the spell a redhead can cast upon a man leading him to do things that were absolute sins of the flesh.

My Lord confided these things to me after we wed. He chuckled in my ear, “Yes, my flaming haired wench you have cast a spell and stole my heart. Not to mention satisfy my every manly need.” With this he would thrust his manhood deep within my sheath, holding my nipples between his fingers pinching them slightly when I reached my peak. What wonderful yet sinful thoughts my Lord Andrew leaves behind each time he bids me a good-bye.

The Vicar, what a lovely man. His hair flaxen hair a wee bit past his wide shoulders tied back in a thin piece of leather. He is of tall stature and full bodied with muscles that ripple beneath his clothing. I dreamed of him standing in his bareness before me offering me his hot member to taste. In my dream I never hesitate, but gladly taken him within my mouth. Then I awaken with moistness between my legs leaving me tormented and yearning even more.

Two evenings past I had my dream occur real with the Vicar Ryan. He took me beyond any passion I have experience so much so that I glimpsed at heaven and nearly communed with God himself. The Vicar has made a wrong choice in life; he needs to be bedded by a woman as often as he could take one. If I had not been married, I would gladly become the Vicar Ryan’s esclave de lit.

Being Lady of the manor, I am not to be questioned. So, I sent my maidservant Vivian, the tender age of 14 to fetch me the Vicar in the late evening. I told her to go and lay with the kitchen servants for the evening. While Lord Andrew was away from the manor he had instructed her to bed in my room so I should not be lonely. If he had only known of the impure thoughts, I had about my maidservant and curiosity to touch the younger woman. As she bathes me, I feel her eyes upon my breasts as if she would suckle me like a babe nursing. Having been married for three years past I notice passion in someone’s eyes. Five months now past my 17th birthday my passion has sailed to the heavens. I wonder to myself what is taking this child so long to bring me the Vicar Ryan? Has she tried her wiles on him, she dare not for I shall thrash her bottom ten times with my riding crop? He shall not be sullied for me; I want him hot, hard and most heathen with me.

My bedchamber door opens. It is my maidservant and the Vicar Ryan. He looks as if she awoke him from his nightly slumber. She curtseys’ and leaves. The room is lit with several candles and the fireplace glowing brightly letting of amber hews. “Sit dear Vicar Ryan, for I fear you may still be too soon from your slumber.”

“What may I do for you Lady Marguerite at this late hour?” His mind struggled to figure out why she wanted him so late in the eve. Had she noticed he has been watching her, lusting after her body? Since the day he walked upon her maidservant washing her down mesmerized by her sensuous curves any hot blooded man would enjoy touching. The scene forever burned within his memory, her head bent back as the water trickled down her body dripping off the tip of her large nipples. The arch in her back leading way to the nice plump rear that he had wished to grab while impaled deeply within her. Shaking his head of this reverie, he looked for her to answer him.

” I brought you here to confess dear Vicar. Since my husband has taken his leave, my body yearns to be touched.” She lowered her eyes as if in innocence only she held within her a smile of satisfaction as his gaze was more than just the kindly Vicar hearing confession.

“What is your thought’s Lady Marguerite, explain them to me so we can decide what you should do about them? All with me is kept private and none shall hear of your indiscretion.” He felt his manhood raise as she moved about the room.

“Vicar Ryan, before I begin may I remove my robe? For it is dreadfully warm in here and I fear I shall faint from the heat.” She queried coyly. “Please dear Lady, you may ’tis only I and you nothing to fear from me.” His anticipation of seeing her body through her night attire made his blood quicken. He watched as she removed her robe leaving way to her wearing Lord Andrew’s nightshirt. The shirt was short and split up both sides exposing her rounded thighs to his eye. The neck opening low showing her cleavage and the light left little to the imagination as the white material had become sheer in this lighting. He took in a sharp breath at the nakedness he could see. Stirring his loins setting his sex afire. Clearing his throat, he asked her to be seated.

“I am so glad you are not angry with me for bringing you here this night. I was afraid it may anger you Dear Vicar,” she had mastered the art of bringing a tear to her eye to get what she wanted from her dear Lord Andrew.

The Vicar seeing her distress felt ashamed of his lustful thoughts and rose to comfort the young woman. With his arms around her he cooed and assured her it was fine. He felt her body pressing against his tightly, her nipples rubbing against his shirt. He stroked her hair that lead down her back to her rounded ass. She felt much too good against his body. “Please do not let me go. I must tell you my thoughts. I cannot tell you while looking in your eye, and this suits me well if it is well with you Vicar.” He nodded yes still stroking her hair and back allowing his fingers to lightly stroke her ass. He wondered if she could feel his hardness against her and became concerned.

Marguerite smiled knowing he could not see her face, and know her plan was working for she felt his manhood pressing firmly against her belly. “Is it wrong that I long to feel a mans hard member thrusting deep within my sheath? His mouth upon my rising nipple’s suckling me like a babe needing milk? Or to feel his hands roaming my tense body to ease my yearning?” She felt him shudder beneath her embrace. His hands stopping their soothing touch.

Whispering in her ear, “These are normal yearnings my dear. Your body is used to passion and tenderness. You miss these things with your Lord gone.” She turned her face slightly so to breathe heavily in his ear, “Yes, but I dream of you coming to me satisfying my needs with your cock. Offering it to me to suckle. Becoming the master of my body telling me what to do. Would it be so dreadfully wrong to please a holy man since he would be in counsel of sorts to help me?” she anxiously awaited his response.

His mind was racing with thoughts of giving this vixen a hard ride, and aye allowing her to suckle his throbbing cock would be an added bonus. He thought before he answered knowing if the Lord Andrew found out he would surely have him hanged for such things. “Lady Marguerite, such as your confessions are safe with me from your husband, if I were to do such a thing it must also be kept from your husband for the sake of holiness.” He knew he was lying but she would know no better.

“This I shall promise Vicar Ryan, none shall ever know anything that may happen. I pray you help me with my problem.” With this he swooped her up and carried her to the bed gently laying her down. He could not hide his hardened manhood bulging from him trousers. Marguerite looked at it with anticipation and licked her lips. This brazen, wanton femme fatale will be his undoing. How he longed to touch her swollen breasts, climb between her milky thighs hearing her beg him to please her. The dreams she has had are the same he has had for three years past now.

He removed his clothing quickly tossing them absently on the floor. This delighted her beyond all dreams, he is eager for my body she thought. He will please me well. Slowly he began to undress her savoring her body with his eyes. What a lovely creature she is, somehow she has bewitched my very soul.

Once she was in all bareness before him he stood back to take her in. She is a lovely creature indeed, and she wants me to master her body. The mix of anger of him, and the passion he felt for her was soon to surface. I shall make the wench suffer not allowing her to reach her peak until I say it is so. He smiled, climbing onto the bed crawling between the silken thighs of his soon to be lover. Kissing his way to the patch of flaming hair nestled between her legs. He could smell her sex, and how it made his cock throb. Opening her nether region kissing her little pebble for a brief moment and hearing her moan pleased him.

Kissing her further up her belly so soft and smooth. She was not a small woman, nor was she overly large this was a full-bodied female to be enjoyed. His hands now able to cup both her large breasts he began to massage them, rolling her taunt nipples between his fingers. His mouth found one, then the other nipple enjoying the feel of them in his mouth. He reached down and felt her wetness; yes this pleased him a great deal. Her moaning and lifting of her hips meant she was ready to take him, but he was not ready to allow it.

Marguerite lay in awe of this man as he masterly kissed and nibbled his way up her body. He was nearly as good a lover as her Lord Andrew. How he seemed to delight in her quivering beneath him. She wanted to scream out “take me, take me,” but she knew he must have other plans. When she had seen the size of his member she was so very pleased, He was as large as her husband yet his girth was twice the size. It would be a torturous pleasure to try to take him into her sheath.

He climbed upon her chest, pinning down her arms. He spoke for the first time, “Take my cock into your mouth and please me my wench”; with this she smiled and tried to take him in. He was so large she could barely get her mouth around him. Tasting the bit of seed that had oozed from the tip was a blessed treat indeed. Slowly he began to move in and out of her mouth. Taking his hand behind him he fondled her breasts pinching each nipple in turn and feeling her quiver even more beneath him. “Do you enjoy the feel of a Vicar’s cock in your pretty little mouth my pet?” she nodded. “Ahh, yes such a bewitching woman would enjoy such a thing. I will bless you this day with my seed in more ways than one.” She was confused at his words.

The Vicar began to move more swiftly in and out of her mouth. Both of his hands on either side of her head clasped tightly in her hair. He was fucking her mouth as he would be her sheath; this scared and excited her at the same time. Pumping in and out repeatedly until she was nearly dizzy, then he stopped. He tensed screaming out, “Drink my seed do not waste a drop my bed wench. It will help to rid you of your impure thoughts.” She swallowed every bit of him, sucking his cock until it lay flaccid in her mouth. Even after flaccid she gently suckled like a kitten in search of more milk.

He did not realize how much he lusted this busty redhead that lay beneath him writhing for some pleasure. He removed his member from her mouth, the tender sweet lips of hers beckoned to be kissed. Passionately tongues dancing in their mouths, he kissed her senselessly.

Lady Marguerite was tense she needed release she pushed him down toward her triangle of pleasure. He smiled taking his time getting there. Opening her lips he blew gently against her pleasure pebble and she moaned. His tongue began flicking back and forth across it and her hips lifted higher to his mouth. Firmly he coaxed the pebble from beneath its hood. It was ready to be taken as he attached his lips firmly around it and began a suckling her. “Yes dear Vicar, suck my passion harder, please, oh please harder.” As her hands pushed his face deep into her love nest.

Taking his finger to test her tightness he delved into her oozing sheath. The velvety softness, yet so hot made his cock jump beneath him. A second finger to loosen her tightness, then a third as she began to ride his face. He knew her pleasure was close and he must stop so he could torture her a bit. He pulled away quickly, she began yelling ” Please oh please do not stop I need you to ease me of my passion you have only made it worse.” Her hands went to her aching love hole and he stopped her.

“No dear Lady you shall not reach your peak until I say it is so.” He smiled down at her as he pinned her to the bed. Reaching down he took his member in his hand and teased her pebble and love hole with it. Sliding the thick hard throbbing cock up and down slowly then taking it away. Again and again until she could stand no more.

He placed his thickness at the entrance of her sheath and drove in deeply with a hard thrust. She yelled out “Yes fuck me Vicar Ryan,” he replied “Quiet you wench does you wish to wake the entire Manor?” He drove in again each time sending waves of pleasure through her body. Feeling her peak rising higher and higher she thought this would surely kill her if she did not release. Furiously he was pumping in and out of her tight sheath enjoyed the feel of her muscles contracting around his cock. There was no sweeter pleasure in the world than the unbridled passion of this *Redheaded Vixen*.

The Lady Marguerite was meeting him, bucking up driving him deeper within her body until both exploded in blinding orgasm. Shooting his seed deep within her womb. He did not pull out right away instead he slowed his pace increasing her pleasure wishing to see her body tremble with the pleasure he had given her. Reaching down to caress her swollen pebble while still inside her sheath. She locked her legs around his waist and began bucking wildly again. Sweat glistening on her full body, her breasts heaving up and down bouncing with his movements. Again he thought what a marvelous creature he has tasted and shall make it a point to taste her often.

May God forgive him, but this is his sin of the flesh. This bewitching creature, exotic, loving and passionate. Again he watched her reach her peak hearing her suck in a deep breath and her body nearly convulsing with pleasure. Her sheath caressing his flaccid manhood, had he been small in girth he could never have held deep within her.

She calmed as the sea calms by morning light. The Lady Marguerite fell in deep slumber. Not a word did they speak as he took his leave. First stopping to take one last loving look at this creature he admired from afar for so very long. Covering her with the bed quilt he placed a tender kiss upon her forehead whispering “Sleep sweet princess for my heart you have stole.” Shutting the bedchamber door quietly behind him secretly wishing he was Lord of this manor.

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