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hot cookie

I’ve been corresponding for a long time to friend of mine ,her name is Julie. Julie and I have been friends since high school. She was a rugged tomboy . She knew every knowledgeable fact about fixing cars, and my hobby was all about muscle cars , so we clicked. There was no real sexual interest in her, when I was in school. She was just like one of the guys to me. Well after high school ,we drifted apart and went our own separate ways. I got married and so did she. Years went by and I never kept in touch. Life just passed by. One afternoon , approximately 10 yrs later. I stopped at a roadside garage with a flat tire. I pulled in to find a young lad, tending service . I asked him if he could fix my tire. He told me he would, and it would be a little while until he could find a tire plug ,for the size of the hole I just put in it .So ,hot and very thirsty ,I asked for the nearest bar was , since it was going to be a spell .He pointed in the direction of downtown, and I started walking .I walked for about two blocks before I came to sign saying WATER PITCHER. So I went in . My first instincts were to walk back out the door, because there wasn’t a soul in sight. When I was just about to turn around, there was a voice.” Hey there”. I turned back to notice a cute ,petite ,small blonde –haired girl, walking towards me .”Can I help you?”‘ Are you guys open, I really am kinda thirsty, it’s so hot out “,I said. She poured me a beer , grabbed her one and sat down right beside me .After one good sip, I turned to her and looked right into her. It was Julie, after all those years .She did the same ,and gave me a great big hug. It was like we just picked back up from where we left off. We talked for hours, and hours .I told her I was going to leave in the morning, and that I was getting kind of tired. I went to the nearest motel to freshen up and I was going to get some sleep .I just jumped out of the shower ,and walked into the room, because I couldn’t find any towels. I look to find Julie in a big white beach towel, holding my towels on the bed in her arms, with nothing else on. Shocked as I was ,I asked what she was doing there, as I grabbed a towel from her to cover myself up. She said she always had the hots for me and she wasn’t going to let me get away this time, and flug open her towel. There was the most gorgeous body I’ve ever seen. Nice round ass, perky little tits , and a nice little blonde strip headed to her love button .I nearly died. Julie said,” Come here boy ,let me show you what you’ve been missing.” “All those girls you dated while I was sitting on the side line it’s my turn.” And planted a deep ,passionate kiss on me. Our tongues moved in rhythm, wet and long. Then all of a sudden she threw me on the bed .,like a rag doll .Before I could say a word, she licked around on my chest and bit my tit with her teeth . I was fully erect. I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her by her arms , and turned her over onto her back .I leaned over and gently kissed her neck. Then I slightly began to nibble. She was totally enjoying this ,so I took it farther. I moved down her body with my tongue dragging a trail straight for her ample breasts. I repositioned my head between her breasts and took a second to admire those perky little boobs .I laid my head down and gently sucked each nipple until it was ripe and hard. After I did that, I used my fingers to keep her tits aroused, and went further south. Reaching her pubic area , I gently blew across her pretty blonde strip. She was totally on fire. I scooted my body down and dove right into her wet box. It was pure heaven. I was licking and lapping, every inch of her now soaking wet pussy. She couldn’t stand it .She sat up, pulled me by my ears and drew me to her face, and deep kissed me, tasting all of her juices. Still lip locked she laid me on my back, and grabbed my cock. She said ” I’ve wanted this thing for a long time,” and forced my cock deep down her throat .I couldn’t believe this.My eyes nearly rolled back in my head until I noticed she was watching me ,like she was studying my facial expressions. She was bobbing up and down continuously. Each and every motion seemed better than before. Then she stopped ,meanwhile using her hand, stroking my cock .She asked,” Damn you tasted better than I ever hoped for. I ‘ve always wanted to do this.” She planted her sopping wet pussy right down on my cock. She let out such a moan, I’ll never forget. She sat there a moment, adjusted her legs. And began grinding herself in me. She was riding like crazy. Her eyes plummeted into the back of her head. Oh was I about to cum. She kept riding then thrusting…Then stopped and said, “It’s your turn. “I laid her on her back again, and I put her legs up over my shoulders. I took my cock and played with her pussy. Not just going in ,but circling around the outside and playing with her lips .It drove her crazy. She grabbed my face and brought it to hers and said,” Oh shit ,FUCK ME,BABY .FUCK ME NOW!!!I inserted my thick huge member into her swollen lips. She freaked . I began pounding her flesh. Pounding and pounding, deeper each time I thought. We were both moving together, our bodies seemed to move as one. She exploded .Her cum dripping all over my cock .I couldn’t stop. I kept going and I could tell she didn’t want me to stop either.I felt something deep inside ,I was going to go .I yelled .”I’m going to cum.” She said wait pulled away and got into position of 69,and said.” I’ve wanted to taste your cum for a long time.” and swallowed my cock down her throat. She began pumping my cock in and out of her mouth ,and I dived again into her pussy. I wanted every drop of her love juice. I was eating and gnawing on her sugar walls .I couldn’t stop. She began to buck and spewed again. It tasted so sweet .I grabbed every drop. Meanwhile, I was just at the point and I said, ‘I’m go…” and I spewed into her mouth. She wouldn’t stop .I just kept going. She drank every drop. After we were both done .She looked up and wiped the cum off of her mouth with her fingers and licked them clean. She got up from the bed and stood up. She said ,”I’ve wanted you for a long time. You tasted so great. I got to go. “I’m like I don’t think so, and pulled her back on the bed ,and held her in my arms. Then I told her I’ll race her to the shower.We both took a shower, we’ll not really we both played, so really we at least got wet. We had such a blast .I grabbed my pajama bottoms and put them on and ordered room service. While she was getting dressed. Room service arrived .A beautiful steak dinner for two with candles. While I was lighting the candles. She stepped out from the bathroom. She put her hair up and was wearing my button up pajama top on. With the light of the bathroom behind her, she stood in the doorway , my jaw dropped. She looked like an angel. She walked over to me, and sat me down. She moved my legs to the side, and sat on my lap .She took the cover off my plate, and grabbed a piece of mash potatoes with her fingers and fed it to me .I let her finger roll around in my mouth. Then it was my turn. I took a carrot from my plate, and put it to her lips. She gripped my hand with her two hands, took the carrot, and sucked it , like a rock hard cock. ,in and out of her mouth. With my still holding the other end. I looked at her, her eyes were close totally teasing me. Then she noticed that I was watching and bit the carrot in half. She started laughing. And whispered in my ear., “Ready for round two.” and dove her tongue in my ear. It was on. I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to bed .I made love to her all night long .I never have wanted anyone as bad as I wanted her. It seemed we were the only two people in the world. We fell asleep late. Somewhere near sun up. I woke up to see the sun, directly shining into my eyes .I turned to see Julie lying there still sleep .I then got up, got dressed and snuck out to a diner, across from the motel. I ordered breakfast to go and ran it back upstairs , but first stopping at room service to get a serving tray.. Since we didn’t use the
ates from earlier. I layed out breakfast. When I got back to the room.She was still asleep .I fixed up the tray. Then I brought it over to the bed. The sun was shining down wear I was laying and the light reflected in her hair. She was so beautiful .I set the tray off to the side and knelt down beside of the bed. I folded my arms, and layed my head off to the side. Just staring at her. In just a brief second, my mind was thinking back to the old days and how we clicked. Why didn’t I notice her then ,she’s still the same angel laying before me .A tear came down my cheek. She looked up, and said, “Oh honey” Took her finger and wiped my tear and told me to come here. I crawled into bed beside her, and held her, with her head buried into my chest .I apologized for being such a dumb ass. She looked up and said ,” You’re here with me now that’s all that counts.” and kissed me. Well the phone rang it was check out time and I knew I had to get going .So, I called the garage to check on the car, hope that it wasn’t fixed but the car, was ready. I had to go. She got dressed and followed me out.She walked me to my car and started to cry .I felt so bad. My business was back there ,her life was here. So we embraced and kissed as if we were never going to see each other again. I got in the car, we both exchanged numbers and I left. Honestly it tore me up all the way home. So, that where we are at now. We both stay in touch, thanks to the internet. We still make time for each other by each one visiting each other a few weekends each month…

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