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Promises Part 1

this is what happens when to cyber friends decide to describe what their first time would be like if they ever met………..this is what i wrote to him.

oh i’ve been thinking about this all day long…………………………….

i imagined that i did come and visit you in chicago. and the first day was great. we went out and you showed me the city and we did all kinds of fun stuff just hanging out together and talking. we had already decided that we weren’t going to have sex yet, we wanted to wait and see if there was as much chemistry between us in person as there was over the computer.
that night you slept at your own place while i stayed at my hotel. you kissed me before you left and i fell asleep wishing you had stayed with me that night. the next morning i couldn’t wait to see you. and i guess you couldn’t either because you called just as i was getting out of the shower to say that you were on your way over. with a smile on my face i told you that i was already naked so you better hurry up. i could hear the surprise in your voice when you said “really?” i started laughing and said “yes, i just got out of the shower.” you are silent for a minute thinking about the promise we made to each other to be good, and the uncontrolable desire to break it. before you can decide i interupt and tell you that i will meet you in the lobby in about twenty minutes. i hear you sigh deeply and you say that you will be there.
that day i get to meet the guys, we hang out for a while and they ask me all kinds of questions about everything. after a few hours or so they all tell us that they have things they need to get done that night and leave. we are finally alone for the first time all day, and are kind of quiet because of the new tension that the kiss from the night before has created. we are both waiting for one of us to make the first move and we both chicken out. i suggest that we go back to my hotel room and order some room service and watch a movie. you agree and we head back to the hotel.
we barely make inside the door before you decide that you don’t care about our promise you want me right now and don’t want to wait. of course i feel exactly the same way and we start making out on the bed. after a few minutes you look at me with a guilty look in your eyes and tell me that you shouldn’t have done that. i tell you that maybe we shouldn’t, i’m not sure what to do, because i don’t want to ruin anything that we might have already built together. if we can’t keep one promise to each other how would we ever be able to do it again.
we finally turn the tv on and order a movie, neither of us is hungry anymore. we are too busy thinking about each other and what we might have gotten ourselves into. are we ready to love someone again, after we have been hurt so many times in the past? and we live so far apart, it would be agony to have sex once and then say goodbye. neither of us knows what we are going to do, but we think we have a pretty good idea of what we shouldn’t do.
we are all snuggled up on the bed watching the movie and i realize that i want you to stay with me that night, even if it’s just to feel you sleeping next to me. so i decide that when the movie ends i will talk you into staying and watching another one. i tell you that if you get tired you could just stay here with me. you get the hint and say ok. i smile to myself, happy that we are finally getting back to normal. during the second movie things are much more comfortable between us. we are laughing and teasing each other. pretty soon the movie ends and i ask you if you are hungry, maybe we could go and get something to eat. you look at the clock and tell me it’s pretty late maybe we should just get to bed. by now i know that both of us are just trying to prevent the inevitable in a futile attempt to keep our promise. of course we won’t admit this to each other.
i go and change into my pj’s, which is just a tank top and panties, i hate wearing pj bottoms to bed i get too hot. i ask you what you usually wear, and you look at me with a smile on your face and say “nothing”. i tell you, well not tonight. ; ) so you decide to leave your boxers on and we crawl into bed. we talk for awhile and decide that we are finally tired enough to go to sleep. you give me a soft kiss on my forehead and say goodnight. i say goodnight and turn over so you don’t get tempted and so that i can hide the fact that i CAN’T sleep.
before i know it you move closer to me and reach your arm around my waist and pull me close to you so that our bodies are pressed together under the covers. i instantly get wet and wonder what you are thinking about. i turn to ask, and before i can even say a word you start kissing me. i can’t help but kiss you back, god knows i’ve been waiting to do it all night long. i turn completely around so that i am laying on my back and you press one of your legs in between my thighs, i wonder if you can feel what’s going on down there. the thought makes me smile. by now we are kissing passionatley and one of your hands is rubbing small circles into my belly, as if you are trying to get the courage up to do more than just kiss me. i let you know that i want more by reaching down to see just how much you really want me. as soon as my hand makes contact with your dick, you moan deeply into a kiss and so i start to rub my hand up and down to see what you will do. i’m surprised to see you pull my hand away and tell me that first it’s my turn. you decide to take that idle hand of yours and pull my shirt off. after you do you slowly kiss your way down my neck and shoulder until you make it to my breasts. you hold one in each hand feeling how soft they are and so you decide to press your face ito them and inhale a deep breathe to smell my skin.
by now i am so horny i can barely stand it. i try to tell you and you let me know that you’ve been waiting a long time for this and plan to take your time so i better just lay back and enjoy it. i tell you that you are sooo mean. i love being under your control like this. it makes me feel special. you start kissing and sucking one of my nipples as you run your thumb over the other. the sensations make me moan in pleasure under you. you smile to yourself knowing what you are doing to me. eventually one of your hands make they’re way down my body to my panties. you decide that you are going to tease me even more and run your fingers over me making me beg you to do more. i want to cum so badly i can taste it. you decide to give me what i want and slide my panties off and run your hand up along my inner thigh and i moan and move my hips toward you so that one of your fingers slides right into me. you are surprised both by what i have done and that i am so hot and wet. you take your finger out and start to rub my clit. i jump from the contact, and so you start doing it faster. small, light fast circles, my head is back and i’m biting my bottom lip so i don’t start screaming. you keep your hand where it is and come back up to kiss me. i can feel all the pressure start to build inside of me and let you know that i am about to cum. suddenly i press my thighs together trapping your hand, and you start to feel the effects of what you have done to me. it’s like an explosion inside of me, that travels to every end of my body. finally i relax and fall back to the bed with a smile on my face. you kiss me and i tell you that i need to feel you inside of me. you are more than happy to oblige. you start slowly at first and then get faster and faster. i’m close to cumming again and so are you. i tell you to “faster, faster” and am moaning like crazy. you can’t take it anymore and as soon as you feel me cumming again you start to also. it seems to last forever, fianlly we both relax and you tell me that was worth breaking a promise. we are really tired after that and snuggle up to each other and finally fall asleep.

pt. 2 will be what he wrote to me, so keep an eye out for it.

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