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Wait to Cum

We decide to get a room for the weekend since it is more private and more comfortable for us and we can totally relax too. I get to the room first and shower and change into something short and slinky…it is a teddy that has a velcro closure in the front…my nipples show through it and it is crotchless…..i make sure the lighting is right and also have nice music….i fill the hottub with water and put in a porno flick that has lots of fucking and noise…so you can hear the moans just above the nice music i put on…. i lay on the bed and think of you while i massage my nipples……my pussy is wet and i put my hand down there thinking of your tongue….i massage my clit as i watch the girl in the video getting fucked doggie style. Oh baby, i wish you were here….i cum and fall asleep before i can get up to wash and be fresh for you….as i open my eyes some time later i notice the room is darker…must be late…i go to get off the bed and cant move…i notice my hands are tied to the bed, and my legs are spead eagle and tied also….i search around in the darkness and notice you sitting in a chair in the corner naked and very hard….i smile and you get up and come over to me…when i ask whats going on you say that i have been a bad girl not waiting for you and that you are gonna make me pay for that…..i dont know what you mean and say so. You then tell me how you are gonna wash my pussy off and then you are gonna fuck me with a dildo and eat me until i cry and beg for you to stop….you are gonna make me cum so much i will wait for you next time….I hesitantly smile….im thinking can this be a bad thing? I am getting wet just thinking about your tongue on my pussy. You wash my pussy and proceed to pull open my pussy lips to insert the dildo very slowly….im already a little wet and it slides in as you begin to massage my clit….im soaking wet now and you tongue my clit and eat my pussy so good like no one but you can….i feel my first cum and i writhe and moan as i cum into your mouth…you take your mouth off my pussy and leave the vibrator in….you turn the vibrator on full and look at me…i am still filling the waves of the first cum and feel yet another one coming on….Ohhhhhh….baby….pleaseeee….you start eating me again and i buck and thrash on the bed and my ropes pull tight….just as im calming down some…you start it again and again, and again….you continue this onslaught on my pussy until my body is aching from cumming so much and im hoarse from calling your name and begging you to please stop…i cant take any more….you smile as you brush the sweat from my brow and stand over me with your beautiful dick in my face….you say for me to remember this and not to be naughty and wait for me next time. I say yes and am glad you are not angry. You are smiling as you kiss me and tell me what a turn on that was to watch me cum so many times and not have control over my movements….then you tell me you want me to cum one more time…and it is while i am sucking you off…I am glad to oblige….you put your dick in my mouth and i open wide and lick and suck around the head as you turn the vibrator on again and my pussy starts throbbing….just as you are about to shoot a load down my throat you reach down and massage my clit so that we cum together and you can see my face as im sucking your dick and cumming at the same time….afterwards you untie me and we embrace and then sink into the hot tub…we are relaxing when you reach over and pinch my nipple….i slide over to you and straddle you….oooooohhhhh baby….here i go again!

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