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Sexual Picnic In The Park

I had decided, one day, that I wanted to take my boyfriend for a picnic in the park. I knew of a few places where we couldn’t be disturbed as easily, and I was in the mood for a little outdoor fun. It was summer time and very hot. I didn’t wear much, just a tank top, bikini top, and a mini skirt without any underwear. He was just wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts.
We took the basket filled with a couple bottles of wine, some cheese, and some grapes. High class picnic, don’t you think? Anyway, we reached the little secluded clearing, spread out the blanket, and started to eat. I had managed to drink almost an entire bottle of wine, and I was feeling very relaxed and very horny. Looking at my boyfriend as little beads of sweat ran along his gorgeous, tan body, I had to have him. I saw that he was thinking the same thing.
I leaned towards him and kissed him full on the mouth, deeply and passionately. I wanted him bad! He took off my tank top, and began to massage my breasts through the bikini top, squeezing them and just slightly pinching my nipples. I was getting hotter and wetter. He untied the string around my neck, and peeled the bikini top down, exposing my tits. He leaned me back to lay on the blanket and began to kiss them slowly, letting his tongue linger around each hard, erect nipple. I pushed them against his lovely mouth, wanting more. He licked, sucked, teased, kissed, and nibbled. I gasped and moaned loudly, squirming under him.
As he worked his mouth over my breasts, one of his hands caressed it’s way to my hot and very wet pussy. He slid his fingers along my slit, teasing me. Then, I felt him slide my skirt up to my waist, and insert first one finger, then another. I cried out in ecstasy! I writhed and squirmed as he worked his magic. I was going to cum, and he knew it. He moved his mouth from my heaving breasts down to my pussy, licking and sucking and finger fucking me until I came hard on his face and hand.
Smiling, he came up to kiss me. I tasted my cum on his mouth. I was coming down from one high, and starting another high. He took off his tank top and his shorts to show me how hard he was. His cock was standing straight up. He pushed me back again, and slid into my already wet cunt. I barely managed to yelp before he was thrusting every inch of his cock into me. He pumped into me, deeper and harder, in and out over and over. I writhed under him, grinding my pussy against his cock as he rammed into me. He shoved hard and deep, hit my g-spot, and I came before I knew it, my mouth open in a silent scream.
He wasn’t done yet, though. He pulled out and turned me over onto my stomach, lifting my hips into the air, and then thrusting in once again. I moaned louder, pushing back against him. I gripped the blanket in a vice-like grip. He had his hands on my hips, pulling him into me more. I felt him go deeper with each hard stroke. He moved again, this time so that I was sitting on him, facing away. I started to bounce with a wild frenzy. I leaned back so he could put his hands on my tits as they bounced. He obliged and I rode him hard. He was finally starting to climax, so with one final move, I was again on my back and he fucked me hard and fast. His cum exploded inside of me as he grunted loudly. His cumming inside me made me cum, too. He gave one final thrust and collapsed on top of me, kissing me as deeply and as passionately as I had when we started. We laid there for a while, then cleaned up as best we could. We finished our picnic, and then went home for more fucking festivities…

I don’t know if anyone ever saw us. We were making a lot of noise that afternoon in the park. Frankly, the thought that someone might have been watching turned me on even more that day. It didn’t matter, though. Had there been anyone watching, I didn’t care. I had better things on my mind, and body, at the time… ;)

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