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He stands before me, stormy eyes beckoning with an intensity that penetrates my soul. I feel the danger as he draws me in, yet undeniable desire breaks my will to escape his embrace. As he enfolds me and cradles my head against his chest, he strokes my hair and gently kisses the top of my head. In an instant, all thoughts and surroundings escape me. I am as a child who trusts implicitly in his protection.

He lifts my chin until I am gazing into those intense eyes again. Slowly, he lowers his head and lightly touches his lips to mine. He begins to graze my lips with little flicks of his tongue, progressively pushing harder and deeper into my mouth. My heart is racing. It’s erratic beat is the only sound that I can hear.

He breaks the kiss, lowers his mouth to that very sensitive place just below my ear, and just hangs there for a moment. I feel his hot breath on my skin. Then he asks, “Are you mine?”

My body arches into his involuntarily and I let out a small gasp as I attempt to catch my breath. As he speaks, it feels as if he is caressing me, most intimately, with his voice alone.

I can’t catch my breath in time to answer him before he opens his mouth and sinks his teeth into my neck, just above the collarbone. The shock of the pain is there only for an instant, as it is quickly replaced by sheer ecstasy.

The most amazing sensations envelope every part of my body as he works his mouth on my neck; lips suckling, teeth sinking, tongue caressing. I can feel his strength as he holds my naked body to his own. I am rendered helpless and at his mercy. For I am consumed with feeling, my only thought being that I never want this to end. And at this moment, I am completely his.

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