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Int. London, England/night

Sapphire and Louis sit in their living room watching late-night television when the doorbell rings
Sapphire gets up and walks to the door
She looks through the peak hole to see who it is
She sees all of her’s and Louis’s friends standing outside with large brown paper bags
“Honey, did you invite everyone over?” Sapphire yells while opening the door
“No,” Louis says walking out to the entryway
As soon as Sapphire opened the door everyone came flooding in
Timothy and Carolyn (the newly married couple of the group) stopped instead of following everyone else into the living room
“Hey! Haven’t talked to you since the wedding” Carolyn said letting go of Tim’s hand and following Sapphire on to the deck
Tim and Louis walked into the living room
“Okay, You have to tell me EVERYTHING” Sapphire said when she and Carolyn got out to the deck. “Let me see the ring again”
Carolyn held out her hand
They both squealed
Louis and Tim looked out the window to the deck and just shook their heads
“They’re love fanatics” Louis said walking back to where everyone else was
“CHUG CHUG CHUG…” came from inside
Sapphire looked confused
“Keg party?” she asked
Carolyn nodded
“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?” Sapphire asked running into the house
“Hey toss me one of those” She screamed at Trevor
He got up and brought Sapphire and Carolyn two plastic red cups full of keg beer
Sapphire went and sat in Louis’s lap
Carolyn walked to where Tim was sitting
She straddled him and whispered something in his ear.
He just smiled and carried her into the guest bedroom
Sapphire watched them walk through the living room
She look at Louis
“They have a good idea” he said
Sapphire turned to where she was straddling him and kissed him hard and passionately
“So, you up for a shower?” she asked when she pulled away
He nodded
They both stood up and walked down the hall to the bathroom
When they got there Sapphire turned and locked the door
Before she could turn back around Louis wrapped his arms around her waist and turned her around looking into her eyes
He leaned in and kissed her
She kissed back then pulled away walking over to the large tub and lighting the candles that surround it and tur ning on the water
While she was bent over Louis walked over to her playfully slapped her ass
She stood up and turned to look at him
“Hey” she said walking close to him and taking his hand and trailing it down her chest
“mmm..” he kissed her
While still kissing her he reached his hands down to her paints and undid them slowly removing them from her hot body
first her pants…and then her silky black panties
After her pants where off she slowly removed Louis’s pants and boxers
He slid his hands up the back of her shirt and undid her bra
Then pulled her shirt up over her head
She ran her hands slowly up his back and then took off his shirt
She looked up at him
He kissed her hard and lifted her up and placed her in the full tub before getting in himself
When they were both in the tub she moved to where she was straddling him
They continued to kiss
He slowly lifted her up and placed his self inside of her tight wet pussy
She slowly started moving up and down
Getting faster with each movement
Making it so he traveled deeper inside her each time
Until he was completely inside her
Filling her completely
He moaned quietly leaning his head back on the wall
She breathed heavier with each motion
She stopped when she felt his sweet cum inside of her………


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