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For Ladies Only

You just got home from a long day. You know tonight you are going to be by yourself. Your thinking maybe you’ll have a lite dinner and then a glass of wine to relax. No a bad idea right?

You make a warm cup of soup and sit at your kitchen table, your eyes wonder out of the window and the sun is casting a shadow in the trees.

You finish your soup, go to the frig. and open a bottle of chilled white wine. You sip a taste and then you start thinking how nice it would be to have a man to please you tonight. Your hand begins to move towards your loving, soft, pussy. You stop and think well another night alone.

You go to your bedroom and slip into a long t-shirt. You leave you underwear off just to feel free. You move into the living room, reach for the stereo and turn on some soft music, sit on the sofa, sip your wine, and then after about 15 minutes you feel your eyes start to weaken. You are so relaxed, that your mind has totally closed out the time.

You don’t hear a noise or a sound, but you feel someone in the room, your not scared because you know you are well secured in your home and all alone. Your eyes are still closed, you want to open them, but your mind says no. I have just entered into your present time.

You feel me at your feet, I haven’t touched you yet, you want to open your eyes to see me but you don’t, your image of this man, 5’9″, dark hair, with a body you only see in fitness magizines, has you motionless on the sofa.

I move my soft palms to your feet and begin to rub them slowly, you anticapate my next move, but I am taking my time, I am going to work you like you have never be worked before.

I take your toes and suck them, working my tongue between them. You can’t wait for my tongue to touch your pussy lips. Moving one hand to the back of your lower leg. Slowly I move my tongue up your inner leg, my other hand begins to rub you right above your pussy, but I have not touched your lovely lips yet, your pussy begins to moisten. I raise my head to look at you and your eyes are still shut. I lean my head in towards your neck and begin to lick it, while my hand drops to the tip of your pussy, my finger begins to slide between your pussy lips. You move your body down further on to the sofa as I gently move my tongue around to the front of your neck, working it slowing down between your soft tits, but firm nipples. My finger is still sliding between your pussy lips, just the tip of my finger teasing you. I begin to slide my tongue down across your stomach towards my finger that is about to enter you, you moan softly, breaking a slight smile on your face. My finger plunges inside you, with my tongue right behind it, I begin to lick your clit, my tongue driving in and out of you. You want to open your eyes to watch, but again your mind keeps that from happening. My eyes are glaring up at your face as I continue to drive my tongue in, out and around your pussy. My finger still digging deep into you, You raise your legs and spread them far apart so I don’t miss any area of you pussy. I slip two, then three fingers inside you as I eat your pussy and sip your juices, then kissing it.

I take you ass and stick one finger in it as I drive faster, and faster with my tongue on your dripping moist pussy, you cum with excitement.

Thinking I have gotten up and gone, your eyes still closed, you feel me take your ass with both hands, turn you over and line your pussy up with my hard wide 9′ cock. Your face is pushed into the sofa and I begin to rub your back with both hands running up and down your spine. My hands move to your ass, it is so soft and smooth, I message it for a short time, as the tip of my dick touches your love box. You are waiting for it to enter you and fill you up. I slide my fingers through your hair, as I push my cock deep inside you. Moving my cock slowly so you feel all of it enter you. Once inside my motion picks up the pace, feeling yourself about to cum, you hold off, because you don’t want this to end. I drive my cock faster and faster while sticking my finger up your ass, you moan with delight. My finger is moving as fast as my cock, you can feel my finger in your ass touching my cock in your pussy. I am ramming you so hard, you arch your back to take all my cock in. You are about to release your juices and just then you feel my cum shoot in your pussy. It is so much cum, it is driping out as my cock is still moving back and forth inside you.

You rest your body against the sofa, opening your eyes, turn your head, and realize you have just fucked yourself with your own fingers. Your hand is wet with your juices, you lick your juices from your fingers. Turn yourself back around to the sitting position on your sofa.

The next morning you find yourself waking up on the sofa. Your wine glass empty on the coffee table, you wonder to yourself, “I hope he returns someday”

You never know

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