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Sweet Sexual Surrender

The look on her face….seemed to indicate the same feelings rising within him. He would hate to make any mistake that would offend her though…she neatly took care of his hesitancy by leaning over and giving him a kiss that cleared things up delightfully. She slipped the hot little black dress off and laid it across the arm of the couch, then turned to Jeff. Trembling with a mixture of relief and anticipation, he stood and took her extended hand.

He had waited so long for her that he was helpless to control his desire. She had been arousing him all night, with her voice, her smile, and the loving looks she’d given him. Now that she was close to him, slipping her arms around his neck, it was all he could do not to sweep her away to the bedroom and ravish her like a pirate from some old novel. It was she who led him to the bedroom, enjoying the dawning look of astonishment on his face. She pressed close to him again to take pleasure in his warmth, then quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders to lie forgotten on the floor. Snapping out of his momentary paralysis, he seated himself on the bed to remove his shoes, socks and pants. Fighting off an odd shyness, he removed the last garment as well.

She pulled him to his feet and assisted him in the finishing of undressing her. For tonight, she wore only a slip beneath it, with enticingly tiny straps. He slowly slid his fingers under those straps and pulled them down her arms. She reached out and allowed her own fingers to touch his skin, exploring first his muscled shoulders, then the contours of his chest and hard belly. When she moved lower and gently took his male gift into her hands, he shivered violently. His response made her body ache to be joined with his. He was incredibly pleasurable to touch, and equally wonderful to look at, so she wanted to prolong the experience. Her caress grew more intimate, stroking the length of his stiff erect shaft, tightening around him briefly, drawing a broken sound of hunger from his throat, then beginning to circle the sensitive head. The ache turned abruptly painful, but it was the sweetest kind of pain.

He couldn’t take any more teasing; his body was shaking with the raging need she had caused. He couldn’t think beyond the urge to be inside her. Swiftly he rid her of her black satin panties and pulled her warm nakedness against him. He took her mouth in a deep kiss, simultaneously lifting her body off the floor. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him support her weight as her mouth fed with equal hunger on the taste of his mouth. Feeling his naked skin on hers, his hardened loins rubbing passionately into her, the open-mouthed stroking of his tongue all combined to build the need inside her until she cried out.

Somehow they’d gotten to the bed, and he lowered her onto it, growling with pure hunger as their bodies tangled together feverishly. He felt his arousal become more urgent, but he couldn’t get enough of the way she tasted. Without breaking the kiss, he lowered his hips, gently seeking her entrance. He found it, thrusting against her several times until she cried his name. With that sweet sound in his ears, he gave himself completely as he took her. The aching within her sharpened as his body plunged inside her hot swollen pussy, and her intimate muscles tightened around him as she lost all control. She held him that way as the force of her first climax rocked them both.

As the tension within her slowly ebbed, he began moving within her, matching the rhythm of her involuntary thrusts, stroking hard and insistently. He felt her body tighten again with renewed arousal. Her large breasts were ripely swollen under his hands. She was so incredibly soft everywhere, and so wet, fiery, and silky around him, that it wasn’t long before he spilled himself explosively inside her. Their cries of release sounded together this time; then they held each other and kissed deeply between whispered intimacies and low moans as residual arousal made them both tremble.

She knew the most delicious feelings still having their way with her; she was tingling to the ends of her fingers. The pleasure was rapidly turning into the need to experience it again, to be loved by him again. She whispered as much to him, and was startled by his sudden laughter.

“I was afraid I was the only one!” he chuckled, relieving her confusion. “This time,” he said, with a sudden shift of expression that made her shiver, “I want to take it slower. I’ve had dreams of how I’d like to make love to you, dreams of how it would feel, how you would look…” his voice grew too husky to go on. He swallowed, then continued, “I want to please you; I want you to come apart like that, underneath my hands again. Do you have any idea what that does to me? Feeling you, hearing those sweet sounds you make? God, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you!”

Breaking off, he kissed her passionately. His hands roamed over her body, seeking where he now knew her to be most sensitive. He caressed her breasts with tormenting lightness, then bringing a sigh of satisfaction from her when he tightened his grip. Her hands slipped over his as she encouraged him, assuring him he wouldn’t hurt her by doing so. Her breasts ached unbearably. Abandoning restraint she pulled his head downward and lifted herself to his mouth. An almost breathless moan of satisfaction came from her lips as his mouth eased the craving, but only temporarily. Her whole body was trembling again, instinctively seeking him. She curled herself completely around him, having learned how much he liked that.

‘So did she’, she thought hazily. As she embraced his back with her arms and legs, she felt the need within her grow thunderous, demanding resolution. “Jeff, please…please,” she didn’t yet have the words to ask for what she wanted, to say how badly she was hurting with this hunger for him. As he raised his head from her, his eyes were shining with a look that said he knew, but was in no hurry to end it. Gently, he moved one hand down to the source of her need, then the other, caressed her lightly, teasingly. She cried out, and then as suddenly stopped, overcome by the wave building within her. As his fingers probed within her, his thumbs began to rub her small, swollen center of desire. He was driving her wild, playing with her as though he had all the time in the universe to enjoy her. She exploded, gasping for air. He brought his mouth to hers at that moment, tasted her, fought with her tongue. Just as quickly he pulled away and slid down to kiss her between her thighs, which were still shaking. She lost the battle not to sob as his tongue began to rasp against her most sensitive parts, building the need all over again…it was endless, and her throat was hoarse by the time he’d brought her to climax three more times. Only then did he cover her with his body again, revealing his own state of desire.

He was stiff, fully erect, and almost out of his mind with lust. Shuddering, he moved slowly into her. She was so wet, flowing with the aftereffects of release, yet still in need of him. He groaned unintelligible phrases as she took him inside; the only part she understood was her name. He whispered her name like a reverent prayer, then like a desperate plea as they came together. With the last of his restraint, he rolled over so she was above him. He showed her how to move, how to please herself in this position. She rubbed her aching flesh harder and harder against him, sweet, perfect thrusts, that grew wild and fierce. When he changed her angle just enough so she could rub her over-sensitized clitoral center against him at the same time, it was too much for her. She flowed forth again, tightening around him, taking him over the edge with her.

Her nails dug into his arms where she gripped him; her movements grew frantic, like a moth trapped inside glass, then suddenly stopped. She collapsed on top of him, relaxing completely in the secure embrace of his arms. Her moans eventually trailed off, around the same time her tears on his skin dried. He smiled in purely male satisfaction, before joining her in exhausted slumber.

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