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Moonlight Swim

One of the things I love is swimming at night, but I’ve never been particularly brave about swimming in the nude. Last summer I was housesitting and although the yard is fairly private, there is always a chance that someone could see me. But one hot night in August when I was home alone I decided to be brave. It was hot, sticky, and my swimsuit was clinging to my body as I stepped out onto the dec. I slid into the water and decided “What the hell!” I peeled off my swimsuit and tossed it onto the deck. As I swam to the other end of the pool, I felt the water caressing my body. I had never felt anything like it…. it was kind of like being stroked with feathers all over my body.
I came back to the shallow end of the pool, and I was starting to feel the effect of the water on my body. I put my hand up to one of my breasts and began to stroke my nipple and fondle it, which was beginning to harden. As I was alone I had to think of some way to satisfy the sexual feelings that were starting to build inside me. I looked around, and no one was around and it was dark out with the moon shining down upon the water. I moved about to the end of the pool, as I passed by the water jet, which pulsed hard into my flesh… an idea began to form…
I faced towards the pulsing jet and slid downward until the jet just touched the lips of my pussy. The power of the jet sent shivers up and down my body. I pushed closer to the jet, and it pulsed hard into me and my pussy began to quiver. I began to move up and down, letting it pulse into me. Each time I came down I thrust my hips forward on top of the jets. I began to climax hard as the pulsing stream hit over and over in waves of orgasmic bliss. I let out a soft moan. I turned and let the jet shoot into my ass… As I began to come down on the pulsing jet I was thinking that it was too bad nobody was about…
Suddenly I heard a noise and as I swung around in time to see a man falling through the bushes. I was afraid at first, not knowing who this might be. All fear disappeared when I saw his shorts down around his ankles and a very very hard erection. In a way it was quite amusing. He was trying desperately to stand, but the shorts kept him from it. Quickly he tried to put his shorts back on, be he was definitely too hard for that.
“Are you okay?” I asked him, getting out of the pool, not thinking of my nakedness as I headed towards him.
“Uh yeah,” he responded, blushing.
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a man blush but for some reason it turned me on. I took a good look at him in the moonlight.
“I know you” as I recognized him under the haze of the moonlight she said. She giggled a little as he stood there looking at her sheepishly and his hardened erection he was trying to cover with his hand.
He was someone I had casually met one night at a block party. And he didn’t live that far from me. We had flirted with each other shamelessly that night at the block party and I had given him my number. But I didn’t think he would ever call. And now here he was shamelessly standing in front of me with a grin on his face.
“You never did call me” I giggled as I handed him a towel
“I have thought of you day and night since I met you the night of the party” he smiled as he responded
Tonight was a different story though he had found me…..

He took some steps towards me as I stood before him in all my nakedness. He dropped the towel off his waist and exposed his hardened cock.
“Looks like you’re going to have to do something about that before you put your shorts back on” she whispered softly to him
He reached out with his hand and softly stroked my face and pulled back my long wet hair as he leaned in and gave me a soft warm passionate kiss on my lips. I shuddered as I pressed my naked body up against his and feeling his body pressed to mine. Our lips locked and we kissed over and over again under the moonlight. I was lost in his passion as he kissed me and our breathing began to get heaveier. His hands began to caress my back and he slid them down to my firm ass as he ran his hands over and over my ass. I could feel his heart beating wildly. We were locked in a lovers embrace as I reached down and took his hard cock into my hand.
He gave a small groan as I moved my hands over and over his hard shaft. I could feel his hips thrust as my hand rocked on his shaft. “mmmm” I thought as thoughts of him swam through my head. I lifted my mouth to his again and my tongue pressed and probed into his mouth. His hands slid over my naked flesh, bringing goose bumps to my hot skin. He pulled me harder and closer to him, kissing me. By now his shirt was wet, as he was pressing up against my naked wet body, so I helped him off with it, and threw it to the ground. We bother were embraced in our nakedness.
He slid to the ground, as I stood upright and he began to kiss and tongue me deep into my wetness of my pussy. I could feel his tongue probing deep within me. He began sucking my clit as I struggled to stand under my own power as his tongue flicked across my hardened clit. I groaned as I could feel the wetness of my pussy and his tongue sweeping hard and fast as he continued. His fingers slid upward into my wet pussy and pushed 2 fingers inside my wet hole while his tongue continued working on my clit. He spread my legs and began to work his tongue and licking me everywhere. His fingers probed me in and out faster and faster as I began to climax fast and my juices of my orgasim began to run down my hot slit as he licked and sucked my pussy harder, moaning I held his head as my hips thrust and bucked and jerked on his fingers and tongue. “Ohhh my god” I screamed as I orgasimed again in his mouth .
I lost myself in him as I bucked and jerked to orgasim.
He laid back on the grass after my orgasim, and his face shining with my wetness in the moonlight. I knelt down beside him, kissing him. I started at his forehead, then down his face. I began to lick him lightly, my tongue flicking against the line of his throat. And running my tongue up and down to his ear lobe and back down to his neck I sucked on his neck and kissed him as I was turning him on with my lips. Working my way downward I started to lick his nipples, and pulled each one into my mouth and holding it for a few seconds and releasing and tracing my tongue lightly over his nipples. He shuddered as my tongue in my wetness began to suck his nipples a little more and ran my fingertips lightly over his other nipple.
Sliding lower over his abs, I finally reached my goal, but kissing and licking him all the way there. I pulled his throbbing hot cock into my mouth, and I could feel the blood pound into it. I engulfed him completely, feeling his cock slide deep into my throat. I began to pump my mouth over and over him, using my fingers to stroke his balls and his shaft. I could feel his orgasim approaching and I used my hands to lightly stroke his body as much as I could reach. His muscles tightened harder as I sucked on him harder and my mouth was giving him what he wanted.
“Ohhhhh shit” as he groaned as he exploded his cum and his hot jizz began to pour and shoot into my mouth. I swallowed it all, feeling all of it run down my throat as I sucked it all. His hips thrusted into my mouth as I sucked him hard and he groaned ecastasticlly. He pushed himself up slightly and I leaned over and kissed him, asking him if he was ready for more. He smiled at me and nodded and said he was always ready for more.
I know he may be a little while before he got hard again so I was thinking of what I could do in the meantime. I didn’t want this to end right here and now while we both gave each other head and brought each other off. I wanted him and I wanted him to make love to me.
He’s watching me under the bright moonlight as I began to run my hands over my breast and fondled them and brought one of my breast close to my mouth as far as I could and began to lick it and bite my breast lightly. I released it and ran my fingers over my hardened nipples. His eyes were glued on me as I pinched my other nipple and rolled it around on my fingers. I fondled my hardened nipples and I took my one hand and stroked my breast as I slid my other hand down towards my wet pussy. His eyes never left my body as I began to play with my clit. He could feel my body shudder as I inserted a finger and parted my wet lips, playing with my clit he watched me.
I could feel the heat rising from my wet hole once again as I craved him….. I played with my clit for a few minutes and I could hear his heavy breathing.
I looked around for something near me to help in my conquest. To ease my desire for him I found a perfect tool, a bottle that was sitting on the table near the pool. Picking it up I sat back down on the grass. I lifted to my mouth and drew it in, wetting it for my use. When I removed it, it glistened in the moonlight. I lowered it to my waiting hole and slowly push it in and back out. I felt the smoothness of the glass sliding in and out of my hot pussy. He is watching me as the entire bottle disappears into my hole. I begin to move it in and out, faster and faster as it sends quivers up and down my spine. Taking one of his fingers I slide it in my mouth and began to suck on his finger, in and out. I slid my other finger down to my wet pussy and lowered it to my clit and began rubbing it faster as my orgasim builds. His finger in my mouth and me sucking on him, as the bottle moves in and out of my wetness and me rubbing my clit. I cried out and came hard as the orgasim rocks my body and I collaspe backwards onto the grass. The bottle slides out of my wet hole.
I look over and his cock is hard as ever as he takes his cock and begins to stroke it for me. He moves over to me, his hands stroking and he whispers in my ear how turned on that made him and how he needs to be inside me. I kiss his mouth as I push him back on the grass, and mount him swiftly, pushing his shaft deeply into me. My cunt quivers and it engulfs his hardness and I move up and down on his shaft as his hands reach up and grasp my breasts in his hands, he begins to stroke and fondle them. I get up on my knees and rock hard back on his cock and the friction goes deeper and faster as we are in the throes of love making. I kiss his mouth as I slam my cunt back down, up and down ever so hard. I moan as we embrace. We continue lovemaking this way when he flips me over, and has me on my back laying on the grass. My legs wrap around his hips and waist as he plunges his even deeper into me….
He moves within me, bringing waves of pleasure over and over again as I climaxed again for him….
He continues to fuck me, as he pulls out so I can see the wet head of his cock, and then pushes it back in my wet hole rapidly. “ohhhh god” as he drives me wild with his steady rocking. Each stroke sends me over the edge of pleasure.
Our hips thrust hard on each other as I slide my hips up higher on his back as his shaft goes deeper and deeper…. I’m kissing his mouth and our tongues go deep in our mouths as passionate love making over takes us. His pace quickens and then slows as I feel his shaft stiffen on the verge of orgasim….. And I’m giving into him as I succumb and rock wildly under his body as I feel myself cumming again as he shoots his cum deep inside me over and over again……..” I’m breathless as we rock and hold each other through our orgasims…. He kisses me on my mouth and we collaspe and hold onto each other, laying in each others arms and gazing up at the moonlite sky and the stars which are so brightly shining.
He leans over and kisses me. As I kiss him back I feel a small smile break over both our faces as we giggle long into the night…..

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