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some unexpected fun from an ex b/f

Well, my ex boyfriend Tony called me up a few days before my 20th birthday and asked if I would like to go out to dinner with him. His treat. We barely talked after we broke up so it was somewhat of a shock when he actually called me up and wanted to take me out to dinner to my favorite Chinese restuarant. At 7pm on a sulty Saturday night, he picked me up in his silver-blue jeep wrangler. I had on a buttoned-down white silk shirt and a skirt that fell to my knees. Tony was wearing his usual. His Yankees cap, backwards. His glasses, a tight tank top. (ooooh laa laa!) and baggy jeans with a black belt. The best feature about Tony was his goatee, and his thin sideburns. Tony’s about 6’3″, 200lbs. He was a wrestler in college until he blew out his knee. He was gorgeous, and it was amazing that he dated me for as long we did date. Im 5’2″, 100lbs with short brown bair, cut to shape my face.
Anyway, we got to the restaurant and the evening went quite well, we chatted about our lives and caught each other up on all the stuff we had done since we spoke last. Before we finished dinner, I felt Tony’s hand on my leg, reaching ever so slowly towards my thigh. I was already wet because just being in his presence make me weak!! After dinner, we got up and left. I thought he was going to open the car door for me, but instead he pushed me and pinned me on the car, pressing his body firmly against mine, kissing my neck, fondling my breasts from the outside of my shirt. This was ecstacy, for I didnt know he was going to touch me until he did! Oh how I wanted him!! But I was still a virgin and didnt want to give that up, but at the same time I did! I sucked on his finger as he reached under my skirt and found my panties soaked with my juices. He slowly took off my panties and fingered me before opening the door to his car. “lets go to my place” he said as he helped me into the passenger side.
5 minutes later we came to his place, he slowly lead me up to his bedroom and locked the door behind him. He started talking to me, trying to ease my discomfort. I slowly tried walking back for every step he took, not knowing what to do. I wanted him, I did, but I didnt know how to approach him. He could see the discomfort in my eyes, and I knew he wanted me, but I couldnt help but back away. He took my hand, undid his pants as he grabbed for my waist. Tony then lifted me up on his waist and pushed me to the closest wall! He was going to fuck me right there but I told him this was my first time, so he found the bed. He slowly, lovingly and tenderly undid my blouse. Unhooked my bra and took off his pants and shirt. Oh I could see every muscle of his bulging! He wasnt wearing any underwear so I saw every inch of his 10 inch manhood! He slowly eased himself into me. I cried out in pain before he kissed me passionately. Tears streaked down my face as he started gaining momentum. He grunted, I winced. At the same time it felt sooooo good. The pain, the pleasure, it all mixing into one emotion! “are you okay” I nodded my head as he kissed my neck. Harder, faster, faster, harder!!! Within minutes I had an earthshattering orgasm. My body arched and my hips bucked as Tony came not too far behind me.
“Happy birthday Kori” he said, kissing my forehead. We fell asleep in each others arms. Just being with him gave me great pleasure.

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