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Don't Practice What You Teach!

Karrie was really nervous when she drove into the parking lot of her new high school. She was a Jr. and here she was starting over again at a different school in a different state. She went to the office, found her home room, and got her schedual. Then she went to all of her classes. He last class was Elective PE. She went into the gym and looked around. Since she was new, she didn’t know anyone. But she soon saw a young cute guy standing by himself. So she decided to go and introduce herself.
“Hi, I’m Karrie. I’m a new girl.”
“Really? Let me see your schedual.”
She handed him the paper and while he studied it, she continued to persue a conversation.
“So are you a Sr. here? If not, you sure pass for one. You got to be at least what? 17 or 18 years old?”
He looked up at her and smiled.
“Really? You think I’m that young?”
She looked at him puzzled. He then extended his hand to her.
“Hi, I’m your gym teacher, Coach Bryant.”
Her face turned red as she extened her hand and shook his.
“Sorry about that.”
“That’s ok. It feels good to get compliments like that once in a while.”
“Well, how old are you?”
“I’m only 23. Like you, I’m new at this school. This is my first year teaching.”
“That’s cool. So we are learning our way around together I guess.”
“Yeah, pretty much. Well, I got to go start class. What did you say your name was again?”
“Karrie. Karrie Bass”
“Ok, I’m looking forward to you being in my class this year.”
They both smiled and he got up and told the students to take a seat on the first 2 rows of bleachers. They did so and Karrie sat by herself. She looked at her teacher and listened intently to what he had to say.
“Hello, my name is Coach Bryant and I’ll be teaching you PE this year. Today we are going to start with something simple. We are going to go out to the track and run a mile. I’m going to be timing all of you and when we come back in, you are free to play basketball or what ever. Ok, if there aren’t any questions, let’s go to the track.”
Since Karrie didn’t know where the track was, she walked with Coach Bryant. They soon arrived at a football field surrounded by the track. He told everyone to get at the starting line. Karrie soon noticed that she had her lucky silver cross on and didn’t want to loose it. So she took it off and walked over to him.
“Coach Bryant, would you hold my cross for me?”
“Sure thing Karrie.”
She smiled and went to the back of the crowd of students on the track. Coach Bryant then told them to go. Karrie soon shot ahead of everyone, even the guys. She soon began to lap people. He watched her with great amazment and disbelief at what he was seeing. It wasn’t long before she ran across the finish line on her last lap. He looked at the stop watch and then looked back at her.
“So what’s my time?”
“Oh my God! I’ve never seen anyone do the mile this fast! Karrie, your time was 5minutes and 26seconds!”
“For real?”
“Yeah. Have you ever been on a track team?”
“No, but I’ve been on the softball team every year since I can remember.”
“You like softball?”
“Well, this is a lucky surprise. I’m coaching softball this year.”
She looked at him and looked into his baby blue eyes.
“That’s really great. Maybe that will up my chances of making the team.”
“Trust me, if you play softball half as good as you run, you’ll make the team.”
They both smiled as one by one, the other students came across the finish line. Through out the rest of the year, Karrie and Coach Bryant were closer than most student/teacher relationships go. She even had a crush on him. He had short dark brown hair which always had a little bit of hair gel in it. His eyes were the bluest of baby blues she’d ever seen. His smile and voice gave her a warm feeling inside. When softball tryouts came around, she was the first to sign up and when the roster was made, she was the first on Coach Bryant’s list to be on the team. The week before the season started, the team had practices everyday. Unforutnatly, Karrie’s car was in the shop the whole week. So Coach Bryant volunteered to take her home everyday. Karrie didn’t object at all to it. But one day, he had to stay after a little bit after practice. So she stayed with him. They went into the room that Health Class is taught in. He sat at the desk to finish typing something on the computer and she pulled up a chair and sat next to him. Once he was done, he turned to her. She had been staring at him the whole time they were there.
She smiled as she broke from her trance.
“You sure? You know if there’s anything you want to tell me, you can.”
There eyes then met and Karrie knew she couldn’t resist it anymore. She leaned over and kissed his lips. God how she longed to kiss his lips. The kiss soon ended and he looked at her oddly.
“What was that about?”
She slyly grined and then gave her answer.
“Coach, I want you so bad right now. You don’t know how much I just want to shove everything off this desk and have you right here right now!”
A smile then came over his face.
“Karrie, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that.”
They both smiled and began the push things off the desk(good thing the computer was on a nearby table and not the desk huh?) and he laid her on the desk and they began to kiss. But then she got an even better idea. She sat up and pushed him into the desk chair. Then she sat in his lap with her legs wrapped around him. She could tell he was enjoying it because she could feel his dick begin to rise. She took of his shirt and he took off her’s. She saw his sexy 6-pack and slowly ran her fingers over it. Her touch made every single muscle(and he had alot of them) tense up. They began to kiss passionatly as he reached his hands around to her bra and began to unhook it. Once it was undone, he slowly slid it from around her and exposed her tits. He began to slowly rub them and then proceeded to lick, suck and even bite and nibble on her nipples. She was loving every second of it. She could feel herself getting wet. He then picked her up and put her back on the desk. He began to rub her pussy from the outside of her jeans. She smiled as he began to undo her pants and slip them completely off of her. He looked at her pussy and saw that she was indeed very wet. With out saying a word, he knelt down with his face towards her pussy. He started to slowly rub her clit with one finger, then with two. She began to moan and he knew exactly what to do. He took both of his hands and spread her pussy lips far apart. She was still very wet, so he blew slowly and gently on her exposed pussy. It made her body shiver a bit, so he did it a few more times. Then he took his tounge and stuck it deep inside her. He then moved it around and around. It felt so good that she began to squirm alot and it tickled, so she kept trying to close her legs. He then grabbed both of her legs and held them open. She kept trying to close them, but his strength was over powering.
“Oh God! Baby don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”
“Oh Karrie, you haven’t been through the half of it yet.”
He stood up and undid his pants and she looked down and saw his huge cock. It turned her on just looking at it. He rubbed the outside of her pussy with it to get it a bit wet. Then with out warning, he slammed right into her. She was still a virgin, but she was so wet, it went in with very little trouble. She screamed with both pleasure and pain as he went in and out of her repeatedly. She heard him grunt and moan as he was going faster and harder into her and out of her. While he was fucking her, she took her index and middle finger and rubbed her own pussy. He took her hand and licked the pussy juice off of her fingers and then proceeded to slam into her over and over again. But like thay say, all good things CUM to an end. He began to moan a bit louder and she knew what that meant. he pulled his dick out of her and she got off the desk and onto her knees and began to rapidly suck his dick just as he began to cum all over her mouth. She still sucked his dick to make sure that every drop was out. Then they both sat down to rest. They then realised the time and got buisy cleaning up the mess and getting dressed. He took her home and she said that she’d look forward to the next time she’d have to stay after with him at school.
“Karrie, I love you and trust me. The next time we do it, we won’t be at school.”
He then gave her directions to his house! Then she looked at him with a smile.
“I just thought about something. Since you teach Health class too, you tell kids all the time to not have sex until they get married.”
“I don’t practice what I teach I guess!”
“Yeah, but that is a very VERY good thing!”

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