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Strange fetish of truck horns sound vibrations.

I am PonPon. In this world of strange people having strange or weird fetishes, I am out of this world with one of the strangest and weirdest fetish’s you’ve probably ever heard.
First, let’s have a brief description of my strange fetish. I am a slim sexy woman, love wearing high cut swimsuits, leotards, body stockings, etc. I have a special love for nylon spandex clothing, but what is strange about me is that I have a special love for big trucks and their horn’s.
The vibrations of a truck air horn I love the most. I love having the truck horn pressed against my stomach, delivering all of the sound vibrations into my body through my stomach, which makes me super horny ending in multiple orgasms.
Well, I know this is weird and strange, but this is my fetish. I have been enjoying this fetish a lot with my friends. They all love to see me screaming and moaning with the intense buzzing vibrations of truck horn.
I have no idea how and when I started loving the sound vibrations. Initially, I usually enjoyed the music system speaker’s vibrations when I was alone at home. I just laid over the speaker box with the speaker touching my stomach. Then, I increased the bass and volume while playing my favorite songs. I love those vibrations and I orgasm multiple times.
I have enjoyed it this way for many years. I kept it a secret for many years. Slowly I found that not all types of vibrations work, but a specific sound frequency makes me crazy and I instantly orgasm. That is the air horn sound vibrations. Since then I had fantasize about the big trucks and their horns. I got turned on just by hearing a truck horn in the distance.
So I started trying car horns, which are simple to operate, with just a power supply from laptop charger. I usually wear my one piece swimsuit and I lay over the horn straight, so that all the sound vibrations enter through my stomach and then spread throughout my body. The swimsuit fabric acted as a insulator and didn’t suppress the vibrations of horn but greatly increased the buzzing pleasure without hurting the skin. Most of the sound gets absorbed by my stomach, so very little sound comes out, except my loud moaning.
One day, at my apartment, I was in my swimsuit and having one of my horn sessions but forgot to lock the door. I was ready to climax and moaning loud. Suddenly, I noticed someone watching me from the door, mesmerized and surprised.
He was my boyfriend. I was shocked and embarrassed but my boyfriend seemed mesmerized and more confused. I quickly got up from bed. I was in my one piece swimsuit. I said, “Oh my god, so sorry, I didn’t know you were coming?”
I suppressed my moaning and pleasure which was still hot inside me. He continued to look at me and the horn that was on the bed. We both stood there for a while without any words but I was having mix feelings, embarrassed and horny.
He said with a naughty smile, “What a scene. You look very beautiful and sexy. I was actually enjoying watching you on the bed. But, what are you doing with that horn?”
I said, “Oh, I’ll explain, that’s nothing.”
But he picked up the horn and closely inspected it and said, “Baby please, let me know what you are doing with this horn?”
Then we sat and I explained everything about my secret fetish to him. He was at first surprised to know about it but then he said, “You actually looked more attractive while you were enjoying those horn vibrations and moaning. I’d love to see you do that again in front of me.”
I don’t know why but his words instantly turned me on. I was feeling shy but he quickly made me comfortable and I agreed to show him my strange fetish. I was still in my black one piece swimsuit to make me more comfortable.
He started fondling my already hot body. We had hot foreplay before he finally lead me back to the horn on bed. I slowly laid over the horn, adjusting my stomach over the opening. He just sat behind my hips and held my waist.
Then he said, “Come on baby, now blow that horn and let me see how it feels to you.”
Then I pressed the button and the vibrations entered my stomach and he said, “Wow baby, I can feel the buzz all over my hands, your whole stomach is vibrating and I can feel the vibrations from your waist too.”
Then I played the horn as he instructed, firmly holding my waist so that all the vibrations entered me. I was moaning with pleasure and I orgasmed multiple times. This made him so horny and I could feel his hardness against my ass. I already had my orgasms, now it’s his turn, he had also become super horny.
He turned me over and started rubbing his dick over my already wet and swollen pussy on top of my swimsuit. He kept repeating that he loved my horn fetish and it made him even more horny. He then pulled down my swimsuit and we had hot sex.
Since I had become open and comfortable enough to tell him about my fetish, he really enjoyed making me scream and moan with horn vibrations. I even let him record videos of my horn sessions with him. He liked to teased me by asking me if I am ready to try the truck horn vibrations. That instantly turned me on because that was actually my wildest fantasy and he knew that.
One day, he asked me if he could arrange a truck horn session but then I thought more people would get involved and my secret might be exposed. So, I said, “No, I don’t want my secret known.”
He said, “You look beautiful and other people actually enjoy your fetish. We will find only other interested people.”
The idea actually excited me, it was a chance to make my fantasy real. I don’t know how, but I surrendered to my fetish and said ok to him.
After that, many days passed as we enjoyed the car horn thing while it was still just my fantasy. I became more desperate to get a truck horn session. So I kept asking my boyfriend if he found anyone.
He just smiled and said, “Baby, don’t worry, lots of people are interested after I posted your videos online.”
We spent many hours together selecting the right people. Finally we selected one couple who had trucks and safe place. They too were interested in my fetish. So we discussed online about my fetish in detail and I shared my videos with them. We finally decided to have the horn session at their place the upcoming weekend.
Before the weekend, they prepared the setup on their truck. They had a special air horn at their suggestion, along with my boyfriend. I gave them my height, so that an accurate positioning of the horn could be finalized on their truck.
On Thursday, they confirmed everything is set and asked us to come Friday evening for a complete session. I was very excited and already horny from just imagining my horn session with real truck horn.
Finally the day came, my boyfriend and I picked up some sexy outfits for me. Fishnet stockings, thigh high boots, and some high cut swimsuits. I was feeling a little shy too, so he arranged to have everyone wear an eye mask as well.
When we reached their place it was a isolated farmhouse with a long road to their home. I saw two big trucks parked outside of their house and they were waiting for us. I was instantly turned on just looking at those trucks. It was all like a dream come true for me. I was filled with mixed feelings, excited, horny, shy and worried about the first time I was going to do this in the open and with a real truck horn.
They welcomed us with a nice hello and asked us to come in. They seemed to be very nice and beautiful couple. First we sat and had drinks with them and discussed everything including my fetish of horns. They even played my previous videos with car horns on their TV. They admired my sexy figure and my fetish.
Then they said, “Each time we watched you humping the horn, it turned us on so much and left us horny. It was our pleasure to be part of your fetish, we would even love to be in the driver’s seat.”
They seems very supportive and understanding and that made me comfortable very quickly. Finally, when my videos were done, they said, “Let’s get ready and dressed for the session.”
I was desperately waiting for these words. My boyfriend, with a naughty smile on his face, handed me a dress, which he already selected for the session. I quickly went to the washroom and put on my dress. When I came out I was wearing black fishnet stockings, red high cut leotards, with high heel boots. They all looked at me amazed and with admiration, I was stunning.
The other couple, John and Mita, said, “You are perfectly prepared for the session. Let’s go outside and we will introduce you to our new buddy. He is eagerly waiting for you.” Then they all laughed, as if teasing me. I felt a little shy by their teasing, but I liked that and they knew it.
Then I came outside with them, we moved towards the parked trucks. Then they stopped in front of one truck and said, “Here is your new buddy, Mr. PonPon.”
I was surprised to hear his name, then John said, “Both of you have similar names don’t you? We named this truck after you, because this horn always says your name “ponnnponnn” and I bet you will love that. So baby, let me introduce you to Mr. PonPon,” and pointed towards the big air horn carefully fixed at the front of their truck, but it’s quite high above me.
Then they show me the platform-like structure that was specially attached to the front bumper. I heard my boyfriend saying, “Baby, you will have to climb up and stand on that platform, let me help you.”
Then my boyfriend supported me and lifted me up at my waist and I balanced on that platform. It was quite high above the ground and I realized the big round horn bell touched exactly at the center of my stomach and still covered it all. The platform position was so that the horn keep touching my stomach. I cannot move away from the horn because of that platform position.
I was super turned on, it was like everything was happening like a dream. My pussy was literally dripping wet and they noticed the wet spot on my silky red leotard. They asked me if I was comfortable over that platform or needed support to balance.
I said, “It’s ok, but it’s quite high.”
Then Mita moved behind me and tied the already hanging belts to my thighs. She asked if I would like more support for my hands as well, I said yes. Then she tied similar belts to both hands.
Now I felt more secure and balanced with the horn now attached to my stomach. Then I realized that I was secured but helpless. I would not able to move my stomach away from horn just in case.
I said, “Oh my God, please let me check the horn first.” Mainly, to see if I could handle those vibrations or not.
They were all laughing and said, “Don’t worry baby, we know you not only can handle but you’ll love this horn’s vibrations. We specially selected this horn for you baby.”
A strange sensation appeared in my stomach as I looked at that horn. It was a long shining metallic trumpet-like horn. I have seen somewhere …. 
“Oh no, it’s a boat horn,” I shouted.
They all started teasing me, “Yes baby, you’re right, it’s a boat horn. One more thing, it’s low frequency sound is very loud and deep. It will say your name exactely like someone is calling you …… ponnponnnn …. into your ears with love. We have selected this horn out of many others. We found this most suitable and relevant for you, baby. One important property of this horn, it’s sound can be heard miles away and ponnponnnn vibrations can be felt by a person standing five hundred yards away. We can’t even play this horn here, because we feared our window panes will crack. But now with this horn attached to your stomach, you’re going to tell us how it feels when he calls you and the rest of us start teasing you by calling ….. ponnponnnn ponnponnnn ponnponnnn.” I had no idea how to react after hearing that. I was feeling shy and smiling, worried what would happen next.
My pussy started dripping, the leotard was completely soaked with my juices and stuck to my pussy, making the shape of my vagina visible. Then my boyfriend, with everyone else, sat inside the truck and started the engine. It was already dark outside, I was feeling ok, even outside in the open, wearing a sexy outfit, standing in front of truck. There is a boat horn attached to my stomach, ready to honk at any time.
I was desperately waiting for my first honk. The idea was driving me crazy, so I started moaning. Then they shouted from inside the truck calling my name, “ponnponnnn”.
Suddenly, I heard a loud horn bast and I screamed so loud as a storm of buzzing vibrations entered my stomach and each molecule of my body. Then the buzzing of the ‘ponnponnnn ponnponnnn’, it was a completely different sensation. There was uncontrollable pleasure emanating from my stomach and down to my vagina. Then, it spread across my whole body.
My mouth opened wide, I was gasping and screaming with pleasure like, “Ohh ohh oh, my GOD, … ohh it’s too deep oooOOO. It’s buzzing my whole stomach. Oh, please stop this .. please, it’s too much OOOOOh ooohh.. I am cumming .. ohh I am cumming please stop …ooo.. it’s too loud, my whole stomach is buzzing Ponnnponnn,” I was literally screaming and dancing for nearly two minutes with just a very short single honk.
The speciality of the horn was it’s echo too, meaning, I couldn’t guess when the horn stopped. The slowly decaying echo of sound was superimposed over the buzzing sensation, it was like a never ending ponnponnnn … the buzz rotating inside my stomach.
After nearly five minutes I stopped and rested, but was still moaning. it was like the ‘ponnponnnn’ blast of that horn had been fed into my stomach. Then I realized they were all gathered around me, laughing and enjoying my screams and moaning. They asked me what happen, baby? Do you like that? How was the introduction of Mr. PonnPonn?
I was completely lost in the pleasurable sensations and was still moaning. I said, “Ohh GOD, it’s amazing.. I love that.. please I need more.. I love the ‘ponnponnnn’ sound of this horn. Please, don’t stop, I need more. I am ready ohh.. please, do again, please.”
I was begging for next blast of that horn. They seemed more interested in teasing me and kept enjoying me being so desperate for more horn blows. They told me that only fifty percent of horn sounds were entering me. We need hundred percent horn sound entered into your stomach. We need to adjust the horn position a little.
Then they adjusted the horn through moveable attachments and I felt the horn exactely at the center of my stomach, slowly pressing into my stomach. Finally, they stopped to confirming the horn position and how firmly the horn pressed into my stomach. Now, my stomach is more firmly and accurately attached to the horn’s bell.
They said, “Baby, our aim is one-hundred percent horn sound and then the vibrations should be delivered into your body through your stomach. Let us check again and I promise you will notice the difference this time.”
Again, they sat inside the truck and shouted, “Ready … 1, 2, 3 testing, baby.” Then the horn again blasts… ‘ponnnn’.
It was a short blast, “Oh my God … oh my GOD!” I was screaming and gasping as my whole body was filled with that buzzing sound and wonderful vibrations.
I can even feel the decaying echo of the horn which is strong enough to make me scream with pleasure. Actually that slowly decaying echo making me crazy with pleasure.
This time as the complete sound and vibrations entered my stomach, a little of the sound came out through my body like I was emitting it. Now the horn could be heard only a few hundred meters away. But the buzzing sensation I got nearly double in my stomach and through whole body. My screaming and moaning was louder than the sound of the horn.I was screaming and moaning loudly for nearly five minutes then finally I got my breath back.
I was amazed and surprised by their setup and said, “Oh my God, this is amazing, I love this surprise.”
Next, they said, “We are ready for the session to start. Let’s enjoy ourselves and have fun, baby. We have the whole night left. So baby, be ready for more surprises. We have plans for you tonight. You will love it too. This is a new chapter of pleasure starting for you and from now on.”
I was already excited and over-joyed with their setup and so much more comfortable with them. I said, “Please, do whatever you have planned for me. I wanna enjoy this a lot.”
They said, “We know baby, let’s have fun and enjoy the whole night with your new buddy.”
They again sat inside the truck. This time, to my surprise, they switched on the headlights of truck. The soothing warm feeling of the headlights made me even more comfortable. There is another flood light just above me that made everything visible and very clear. Till now I was feeling ok, due to it being dark outside but now, I am fully visible in the bright lights that they have focused on me. I can’t see anything except the shining horn pressed against my stomach, because of the bright lights.
I said, “Oh my God, please turn off the lights, somebody will see me in this condition.”
But they all laughed and said, “Let us also enjoy your pleasure. We want to see your expressions, hear your screams and watch you dance with pleasure. Let others enjoy your first truck horn session as well.”
I was still moaning and desperately waiting for the next honk. The fear of being watched by other people actually gave me a new, thrilling sensation and increased my pleasure so much.
So I didn’t resist much and said, “Ok, do as you planned for me. I wanna enjoy it too. Please, honk one more time, please.”
They came back with, “Ok baby, let’s start again, what is your name baby? Say it loud.”
I let out a deep breath and said, “Ponpon.. same as the horn that blows exactly like my name ‘ponponnnn’.”
Once again, a storm of buzzing vibrations started in my stomach and I was screaming and dancing like hell, the buzzing was so much deeper that I can’t keep my stomach on the horn. I tried my best to move my stomach away but due to the belts tied to my thighs, I can’t move away. I have no option left except letting the ‘ponnponnnn’ vibrations blast into my stomach as I screamed and shook my butt with pleasure.
The horn’s sound was very loud and deep but most of the sound and all the vibrations were absorbed by my stomach. Still, there was significant sound released through my body which could only be heard from few meters away. The slowly decaying echo actually making me crazy with pleasure. I was completely lost in the buzzing vibrations and my screaming. I don’t know how long I was moaning loudly but when I finally calmed down, I realized the truck was moving, along with me. I couldn’t guess where were we going because of bright lights of truck.
I snapped, “Oh my God, where are you going?”
They said, teasing, “Baby don’t worry, you just enjoy your horn session, we still have the whole night left. So, let others enjoy your horn session too.”
I was still moaning and started begging for another honk. They continued, “What is your name, baby, say it loud.”
I replied, “Ponponnnn…” and again the horn delivered my name into my stomach. I was once again lost in the pleasure for the next five minutes. They keep engaging me by asking for my name, again and again. Blowing the horn that sounds like my name ‘ponnponnnn. ponnponnnn’.
I still have no idea where we were going at such a very slow speed but I did not care, I was completely lost in uncontrollable waves of pleasure. I was now on the verge of orgasm and I was moaning loudly and begging for more horn blasts.
Each horn blast repeated my name ‘ponnponnnn’.. and left me just at the edge of orgasm. I was screaming and moaning for the next five minutes. They knew I was on the edge and didn’t let me orgasm, instead they left me begging for more. I was completely lost and desperate for an orgasm, I began asking them for more frequent honks. I have no idea how long I been enjoying that ride, but I realized something was around me.
“Oh my God, there are vehicles passing by me,” I was so desperate for more horn blasts and my orgasm that I didn’t get bothered very much. It even thrilled me more and increased my pleasure. We were on highway and had only vehicles coming from one side. Those oncoming vehicles can see me for a short period, but we were moving very slowly. So, some vehicles on our side noticed me and they also slowed down. Moving slowly with us, just to watch me as I screamed and moaned even louder.
I couldn’t see them, I just heard their honking and teasing. Now my friends in the truck were asking me more frequently about my name. I was yelling louder each time because I knew that horn was gonna blow like that. That had me continuously screaming and moaning as they neither let me calm down, not let me orgasm.
I became crazy with so much buzzing pleasure as people enjoyed my horn session. I was continuously moaning and begging for more honking as I needed to orgasm. Then the people around me, in their vehicles, also started asking my name and insted of me the truck horn started answering. Blowing my name on my stomach. Everyone understood the relation of my name and truck horn’s blasts, as well as my pleasure, with the screams and moaning. So they keep on asking, again and again, leaving the truck horn to answer by blowing ‘ponnponnnn.. ponnponnnn..’ again and again on my stomach.
This was the way I had my first orgasm. My whole body started shivering and was gasping and moan loudly. I was having the best orgasm of my life. The horn and truck were now stopped, so that everyone could watch my intense orgasm. It lasted for quite a long time.
I slowly settled down but my stomach was still feeling the buzzing and it didn’t take long until I was ready for my next orgasm. I was still moaning and after a small pause the truck again started moving. People were again asking my name and truck horn was replying by blowing my name again and again. In no time I had another super orgasm. When I did, the truck stopped, so that people could see me clearly as I gasped and shivered through my orgasm. I completely lost control over my body and mind, they had taken full control of me. Whenever they wanted, they made me beg for more honking. They even took control of my orgasms, they stopped me just at the verge of orgasm and made me cry for more , they knew when to let me have a body shivering orgasm.
Now my actual horn session had started, I was completely helpless and they took full control over me. I was completely lost and hardly even remembered how many orgasms I had, one after another, during that night long session. I just remember people calling my name and truck horn kept blowing my name right along with their chants. Finally, I was exhausted by countless orgasms and I begged for mercy. They also realized that it was enough for me.
The truck horn stopped and they said, Ok baby, its morning and we hope you liked this session and enjoyed it a lot.”
I tried to speak, but I was so exhausted that I just moan.. a little. Then the truck turned around on highway and started moving towards our place. This time the truck was moving faster with me still on the platform tied, the horn attached to my stomach. Slowly I was getting my senses back. We spent the whole night on the highway and it’s early in the morning. The truck’s headlights were still on, keeping me warm and visible to everyone.
I realized what had happened and was feeling very embarrassed at my situation. I don’t have any idea how many people enjoyed my session and are now aware of my secret fetish. I kept on saying for them to untie me and let me come inside the truck. I was feeling very shy. The truck slowed down when they were with the other trucks and they parked, then they all started teasing me by calling me ponnponnnn.. ponnponnnn.. and some even started blowing their truck horns.
I said, “Oh my God, oh no they all know me and my fetish it’s an open secret now.
My boyfriend said, “Baby, you are a celebrity now and they are your fans, say hello to them.”
I was never been so embarrassed in my life. I force a small smile on my face and said hello to them. Then the truck moved forward at a slow speed. I was eagerly waiting to go home as soon as possible, but we had come too far from our place. The truck stopped at many other places where trucks were parked along the highway and restaurants. I was surprised that each one knew me and called me ‘ponnponnnn’.. by blowing their truck horns and asking me for horn sessions with their trucks. I was so embarrassed and feeling very shy.
Finally, we reached at our place and the truck stopped. They slowly untied me and helped me to come down from that platform. I was feeling very tired, almost exhausted. My legs were shaking from all the orgasms I’d had. They helped me into the house and I collapsed on the bed.
They said, “Well done baby, we all enjoyed this so very much and we hope you enjoyed it too. Please, take care, get a full rest and eat well baby.”
I was still feeling the ‘ponnponnnn’.. of the horn inside my stomach. Even when they called my name, I felt the horn blowing on my stomach. It was like the horn was permanently being fed into my stomach and the buzzing again activated if anyone calls me ‘ponnponnnn’. There was no escape for me from that sensation. I took a complete rest but that afternoon, I again felt myself horny. Soon I became desperate for next the session. I didn’t know what was happening to me, I had gotten addicted to that truck horn sound vibrations. Still, I was feeling too shy to ask for another session. My desperation was continued to increase and I was waiting to see if any of them asked me for another session. After a long rest and proper meal, we sat all together and discussed last night’s session.
I was still feeling very shy and didn’t say anything. They said, “Last night’s session was amazing, how about tonight baby?”
I was waiting for this .. and I said, “As you planned, I’ll go with your plan.”
“Well baby, the truck is still there waiting for you, get dressed and come on baby,” was their reply.
I was feeling so happy and horny I quickly dressed up in stocking and black highcut swimsuit. That night I had a similar horn session, but more intense and with more familier people. Now, everyone knows me on that highway and have enjoyed my sessions. This is the way that we enjoyed three nights of sessions. I was completely satisfied but became more sensitive to horn sound. Every time they made me super horny. Even now if someone calls me PonPon I feel the same horn buzz in my stomach.
Now, I have many people as friends who give me horn sessions whenever I want or whenever they want. My strange fetish is now an open secret and most of my friends are aware of it. It is accepted openly and at least it cannot harm anybody, just a matter of a horn blow.

Thanks everyone

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