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The Buisness Trip

My wife and I have been married for only a year and a half so far. She has a nice body, she is brunette with tits that practically scream ‘suck us!!’ It makes your cock throb just thinking about them. Her lips seem to have been created for the sole purpouse of giving pefect blowjobs. She’s got a heart-shaped ass that has been streched to perfection countless times. Her legs come together to conceal a perfect pussy with trimmed hair.
I am about 6’3″, age 29, weigh a little over 175 pounds, and have a cock that is about 9 1/2″ long.
She has a job that puts her on frequent buisness trips that usually last at about 5 days, sometimes more. During these frequent trips, I am often sleepless at night, aching for her pussy to fuck passionately, and her tits to frondle and suck.
This time, however, she will be away for 10 days – twice as long as usual. As soon as I found out, I knew I wouldn’t survive for ten long nights without getting one of her perfect blowjobs or filling her pussy with my seed.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I called up my neighbor and invited her over for “a little chat and some tea.” I had a lot more than that in mind, however. As soon as she agreed, I spiked her tea with a quick-acting drug that would make her feel exteremely relaxed and open to pursuasion.
A few muinites later, we were sitting in the living room sipping our tea. She was starting to look less and less conscious of what we were talking about, so I decided that the drugs were taking hold.
“How do you feel?” I asked, pretending to be curious.
“Tired.” The drugs were allready working.
“Do you want to lie down in the bedroom?”
“…Okay, I guess so.”
I followed her into the bedroom. She didn’t seem to realize I was there until she shut the door and laid down on the bed.
“How come you’re here?” she asked dully.
“My wife won’t be home for another 9 days and I need you to let me fuck you.”
“…Okay, go ahead.” she agreed just as dully.
She pulled off her top as I approached, revealing breasts that put my wife’s to shame. I slid down her shirt and panties for her, revea ling her tight, shaved pussy saying, “You won’t be needing theese anymore. They would only get in the way.”
She began masaging her tits as I dropped my pants and my 9 1/2″ cock jumped out. To begin, I moved over to her head and, slowly and steadily, slid my cock into her mouth until a bulge appeared in her throat, and I pulled out to let her breathe. The second time I did it faster and harder, until I was fucking her mouth as I would her pussy. One grunt, then two, and I shot my load inside her mouth.
Before she had even finished gulping down my cum, I flipped her over and rammed my cock up her asshole. She let out a short, piercing scream before I gagged her with her own black satin panties. Repeating the thrust with increased speed and force every time, it wasn’t long before I shot another load up her ass. She gave an audible moan as she felt my warm cum fill her.
I flipped her over once more and spread her legs in order to reveal her pussy. It was wet with juices rom the pleasure she had been experiencing earlier. My cock slid in without any resistance and wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure came over us both before I shot my last load up into her pussy.
After that, I climbed into bed beside her, and we made love even long after the drugs had worn off.

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