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The Girl Next Door

Ever night she would torture me by striping to her bra and panties and then close the shade. She knew i watched her undress. I would sit on my bed every night and masturebait. I would imagine would it would be like to fuck her. She was the girl next door.

One night I had forgot to watch her because I was tire. When I remembered,I thought she would have close the shade. I was wrong she had her bra off. Her tits were nice, not to big not to small, just right. Then she took off her panties. Her pussy was shaved perfectly. She was masturebaiting her sweet pussy. She looked up and saw me. She turned around forgeting she was naked. I saw her ass. It was wonderful. Her hot ass was to much for me I had to masturebait. Thinking of what I just saw, I kept masturebait. I looked thinking she will not be there but there was this urge in me and I look and there i saw her fingering me to come over to her house.

When I came to her room she was in a red robe. She tortured me so much. She said I could not have her until I showed her my rumored 9 inch penis. It only took a few second as it had already been warmed up that night. When she saw it, she droped to her knees and started sucking it. While she was sucking I was ruping her hard nipples. I could feel my cum come up and she knew it to. She got ready for it. It came and she took most of it in. After that i sucked her pussy. She was loving it. She then throw me on her bed and told me to put my 9 inch dick in her pussy. I was rubing her clit with my dick. Her and I felt that I was going to cum again. The cum spreaded out in her pussy. She then had an orgasism. We fucked three more times that night.

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