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Midnight Swim…

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002. I recieved a call from a friend at around 11 p.m… He told me once that there is nothing he enjoys more than a midnight swim and hot sex to go with it… At that time ours was not a particularly sexual relationship I mean we had fooled around alittle but for the most part had decided to stay friends. After his call I decided I would head on out to his house. It was particularly hot that night and I had the air conditioning on full blast as I made the drive to his house. By the time I finally got there the nipples on my DD sized breats were hard as little pebbles and just aching to be touched. I walked into his house and straight in to change for our little swim… While in the bathroom I slowly ran m hands over my breats lightly pinching my nipples caressing them. my pussy filled with sweet juice. I told myself I should stop before I get to excited.

Matt grabs a couple of beers and heads out to the pool deck with me following closely behind. Outside I can see candles lit and hear the sounds of soft music coming from the pool area. I knew then what he had planned for me. It had been awhile since we had seen eachother so we caught up on old times and what was new. I felt him moving closer to me during the conversation and suddenly he’s molding himself to me from behind.. I can feel his penis pushing solid and hard against my ass, his hands circle around and squeeze my already sensitive breats finding their stiff peaks and squeezing through the thin material. I can feel his mouth and teeth working on my neck and shoulder as his hands slip down to my pussy. His free hand reaches up and turns my head and he kisses me roughly, forcing his hot tongue into my mouth. His hand moved from my face and now both hands are at my waist and he’s pulling me back against his hard penis. Rythmically pumping against my ass. Before I realized what was happening, I was turned facing him, strattling his thigh in the water… his mouth is making it’s way down my neck and over my chest… My bathing suit top has disappeared now and he wraps his long, hot tongue around my nipple and slowly sucks it into his mouth biting down causing me to gasp at the painful pleasue in the caress. My head is thrown back and I can see the stars above me twinkling, the sky is so clear. I have one arm wrapped around his neck with my fingers tangled in his hairpulling his head deeper into my breasts, the other hand is trailing down his chest heading for that long, hard piece of steel I can feel pumping against my thigh. He had decided to swim in boxers that night, the kind with the opening at the fly. My fingers slipped inside his boxers and I felt his solid length. his hands had worked there way back down my body to my waist, he wrapped one strong arm around me and then moved his fingers into the bottoms of my bathing suit. His fingers stroked slowly on the outside of my nether lips. Lightly stroking my bush. I moaned into the clear night sky. My hand wrapped fully around his shaft causing a groan to erupt from deep in his throat. my hands stroked up and down his hard shaft, lightly caressing his balls and then shifting back up. his fingers found their way into my hot pussy. he started rubbing my clit and I gasped bringing my head down for a deep, wet kiss. As his tongue shoots deep into my mouth, he plunges two long fingers into my greedy slit.

I can feel him start to walk me back wards towards the side of the pool. He takes my fingers and wraps them around the poles of the pool ladder. At first he wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and runs one hand up my body to fondle my heavy swollen breasts. Then the next thing I know, he’s bringing my legs slowly up around his neck and sliding further down into the water. He slides my bathing suit bottom slowly off my legs, and then his mouth is right where I needed him the most. I can feel his hot breath stirring the hair covering my most sensitve center…

***********TO BE CONTINUED**********

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