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The Nanny

It was a week after my 21st birthday. He had told me he wanted to give me a gift. I was a Nanny and he was a friend of the lady I worked for. She was a divorcee and was childless on Wednesday nights, so he would come over and keep her company. Unsually I was off on Wednesday’s but every now and then I would met him coming or going. He found out that my boss was going to be out of town for a weekend and asked if he could come see me. I said sure, why not. I was a bit naive thinking we would have a few drinks and talk. He was a tennis pro and a writer working on getting one of his plays produced. He said he would bring over the script so that I could read it.
It was later in the evening when I got the call, he told me to mix myself a screwdriver and he would be over shortly. He made us both another drink when he got there and we went down to sit on the couch. His mix was stronger then mine, but still drinkable. After we talked for a little while about his play and the problems he was having he asked if I had a candle. I said I did and went to get it. He made us more drinks in the meantime and turned off the light as he came into the room. We sat by candlelight and drank our drinks. This time the mix was mostly Vodka. I said it was too strong to drink, he appologized and offered me his, it wasn’t much better. I leaned forward to set the glass down before I could lean back he had slide himself behind me and started massaging my shoulders. He asked me to take off my bra, it was in the way. I have a motto when it comes to massages: “Anytime, Anywhere”, so I did not mind removing my bra. Once he saw I was relaxing he incread the area he was massaging to include my arms and chest. He started pulling me closer to him, turning me so that I was almost facing him. He kissed me. As he continued to kiss me he laid me down on the sofa. He removed my shirt and then removed his own. He started kissing my firm breasts and hard nipples. My mind was realing with excitement and alcohol. As he moved down my young body he removed my shorts. He was asking me now, “how naked do you think we can get without making love?” I was protesting, saying we shouldn’t do this. He laughed, “Your body is saying we should.” He was right, my pussy was so hot and juicy my panties could hardly hold in all the juice. He continued rubbing and kissing me and slipped off my panties. He slipped off his shorts he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his penis was rock hard. He lay on top of me on the sofa, rubbing my pussy with his fingers admiring how wet it was and saying how he would love to be inside me. I protested again. Again he laughed and kisssed me. He slid inside me with no problems. He wasn’t very big or maybe that is just how it felt since he glided in and out so easily. After a long, slow session, he pulled out and came on my stomach. Then we just lay there and kissed for a while. He told me Happy Birthday, and that he should be getting home. I lay there for a moment naked, with his love juice sticky on my stomach and my juices flowing from my snatch, while he got dressed. He asked if he could call me, I said ok. I got dressed and walked him to the door. I watched as he drove away, cleaned up our glasses, and took a shower. I went to bed going over the nights events in my still realing mind until I fell asleep.

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