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The old guy next door

It all started one day when I was outside trying my hand at gardening. It was a hot summer day so I was wearing very short cut-off jean shorts (without panties) and a white silk halter top that clung to my 38D?s. I had been working in the garden for about an hour and had developed a moist layer of perspiration and the halter was now rather translucent and showing off my large dark nipples. I could feel the roughness of the jean material against my clit and was enjoying the rubbing sensation as I bent over and dug around in the soil. I had my long hair pulled back into a pony tail and knew I looked good and a hell of a lot younger than my actual years. As I was busy pulling weeds with my tush up in the air, I suddenly heard a voice behind me saying What I was doing looked nice. I turned around to find my old retired neighbor wearing a sly smile and looking at my ass. I wasn?t sure if he was referring to my garden work or his clear shot at my cunt but I thanked him nonetheless. He came closer and offered to give me some tips, I thanked him as I know little about gardens and this is my first garden. We worked a little together and he gave me lots of good tips on soil, watering and the types of plants that were most suited for our area. All along, I could feel his eyes wondering to my snatch and my tits but said nothing as it made me feel good. I didn?t think much of it as he is at least 30 years my senior so I assumed he no longer had any ?real? sexual interest. It was very hot outside and we were both sweating so I invited him in my house for refreshments. He accepted and I made us a pitcher of wine coolers and pulled out some pretzels and cheese. We sat in my kitchen talking about the garden and I complimented his immaculate garden with all the beautiful flowers he said he could help me that neighbors were supposed to help one another. I said I?d be very grateful and offered my assistance if I could help him in any way. He was very quiet and not looking at me so I asked if there was anything I could do for him. The old guy still didn?t answer but looked me straight in the eyes, I sensed the sexual tension and my nipples turned hard, he shifted his attention to my breasts, still not uttering a single word. His quiet demeanor and attention to my breasts made my pussy start to juice and I suddenly became very horny. I smiled at him and asked him to be direct, he pulled his stool away from the breakfast nook where we were sitting and came to where I was. He swung my bar stool around with his right hand while holding my left breast with his left hand, never once looking at my face. He knelt down and opened my legs, licked my inner thighs and buried his nose in my crotch. His warm breath in my muff was making me juice like crazy! I couldn?t think of anything to say so I just let him continue to lick around my thighs. Finally, he came up, grabbed me by my nipples and said, ?I want you to be my good little girl?. I nodded, still unable to find the right words. He pulled me off the bar stool and laid me on the floor, spread my legs and proceeded to peel off my shorts. He smiled when he saw I had no panties and a shaved pussy. He lunged at my clit and sucked my love knob until I was bursting with pleasure! I came all over his mouth and he sucked only harder, not missing a drop of my love juice. He told me to be a good little girl and take off my top, I obediently did as I was told. He sucked my tits until I was ready to go again and he lay himself down on the floor and asked me to sit on his face
Once again he sucked my love knob and fucked my pussy with his long lizard tongue, I again gushed all over his face, I tried to 69 and give him a little fun in return but he said he had promised his wife to remain faithful and had not let his cock be played with by anyone other than her! He told me he just wanted to be my ?daddy? and that I should let him take care of my pussy and garden. We are now best of neighbors, he calls or drops by when he needs a pussy fix and I call him when I need to be serviced.

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