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The Portnoys Have A Visitor

Angus farted. The instant relief that this provided enabled him to focus more clearly on the task at hand. It was a magnificent blast of gas, one that was loud and long. The room was still reverberating from it as the pungent odor filled the space around him. From beneath Angus came an anguished cry. “You son of a bitching asshole,” screamed Emma Lou Portnoy. “Fucking someone who farts sucks.”

Emma Lou and the kids had returned from their picnic (see previous Portnoy story) to find Emma Lou’s brother Angus sitting on the doorstep. Emma Lou’s husband had abandoned the family recently, and she was glad to see someone who could satisfy her sexual needs. It was OK to screw her son Jug, 16, from time to time, but he really lacked the experience to give her a really good time. But this session certainly left something to be desired. She wriggled free from Angus, and gave his big boner a tremendous slap with the flat of her hand.

“God dammit, Emma Lou, why’d you do that?” yelled Angus, his dick softening as a red blush spread over his defiled dong.
“Fuck you, Angus,” she retorted as she rushed naked from the room, pushing aside one of the twins, Manny, 11, who had been in the doorway watching while he pulled on his own fully inflated member. Emma Lou hesitated in her rush, turned, and gave a similar swat to Manny’s hard on. Now there were two males crying out in pain as she quickly ran downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs she almost tripped over the other twin, Minnie, who was sitting there stuffing marbles in her twat.

“You lose any of those fucking marbles, and Manny will have a fit, Minnie,” Emma Lou snarled as she rushed by. Another large fart belched forth from her upstairs bedroom doorway as Angus’s intestines once again made themselves more comfortable. Now Manny came tearing down the stairway, anxious to escape the oncoming noxious fumes.
“One thing for sure; we’re not going to have beans for supper,” Emma Lou huffed.

“Hi, mom,” yelled daughter Emmaline, 18, as she entered the back door. Accompanying Emma Lou was her boy friend Billy Bob Fred.
“Billy Bob Fred and I are going to my room and fuck awhile,” she added.
“No you aren’t,” Emma Lou retorted. “You are going to have to service your uncle Angus right now. I’m tired of that asshole, but we do need to be polite to him. After all he is family.”
“Shit,” muttered Emmaline, but she dutifully waved goodbye to Billy Bob Fred and to the hard on that was pushing out the front of his pants. Emmaline decided how she would prepare for her session with Angus, and went outside again. She headed directly for her special place on the mangy Portnoy lawn. Off came her clothes, and she carefully sat on the lawn with legs spread apart. It didn’t take long. The tickles soon began. She felt them spreading through her pubes and into her twat. She loved the tickles. They always aroused her, and today was no exception. She looked down at her thick, firm thighs, and rubbed them gently. Emmaline was no wisp of a woman. She stood 5’10” tall and was built of 149 pounds of solid muscle. She flexed some of those muscles now as the rush from the tickles spread through her body. She grabbed her cantaloupe sized breasts in her hands and squeezed them. The tickle induced waves in her lower body swelled up and up until her whole body contracted in a magnificent orgasm. She just loved hands free cumming.

Emmaline sighed and went back in the house to dutifully fuck her uncle. She hoped that she could spread the tickles to Angus. She stopped for a moment at the doorway to the twin’s bedroom. The two 11 year olds were busy playing and didn’t notice Emmaline standing there. Their mother had installed special trapeze loops hanging from the ceiling and Minnie was hanging upside down by her knees. Her crotch was just at the right height for Manny to bend slightly and run his tongue around her sweet, bald sex patch. Only right now he wasn’t licking and sucking. Instead he was plunging a long English cucumber up and down into Minnie’s hole. Mother had encouraged this, saying that it would help Minnie develop a snatch large enough to hold dicks as big as cousin Linus’s 11 incher. After all, 26 year old Linus did have a special fondness for Minnie.

Emmaline climbed the stairs and went into her mother’s room. Angus was lying nude in bed reading the latest issue of Guns and Shrapnel magazine. He and his pecker both seemed to smile as Emmaline walked in. Emmaline hadn’t bothered to put on her clothes after the outside tickle treat, and thus was ready for immediate action. Angus loved Emmaline’s hard, athletic body, and he stood up and started throwing a few pretend boxing punches. Emmaline closed in quickly and put all of her weight behind a tremendous blow to Angus’s bloated gut. Angus reeled backwards and landed solidly on his ass. His eyes bulged, and his breath came in wheezing gasps. His pecker also rose to instant attention.
“That was a good one, Emmaline. Your really got me good,” he gasped. Emmaline stood there, a hulking Amazon, hands on hips and muscles clenched. God, but he loved to look at her.
“Get up, and let’s hump,” she ordered, giving him a fairly decent kick on the thigh.
She shoved him backward on the bed. Kneeling at his feet she bent over and sucked his whole cock into her capacious mouth. Her jaw muscles were as strong as the rest of her sinewy body. They literally mauled Angus’s love bone. Angus loved to have his prick tormented, and he writhed in pleasure. He pulled his balls taught as Emmaline worried him like an angry pit bull. She then released him momentarily, and hoisted his large legs up on her shoulders. She pushed his ass up with both hands, squeezing his butt cheeks in an iron grip as she sucked and chewed her way through his no man’s land heading for his bung hole. Whimpers of delight escaped from Angus’s pouty lips. Whimpers changed to yelps as Emmaline stuck one, then two and finally three of her large fingers deep into his back entry. She pumped them back and forth stretching them as far apart as possible. It was like being fisted, and Angus dearly loved it.
“Enough of this shit,” remarked Emmaline suddenly as she removed her fingers and flung herself unerringly onto Angus’s now bright red, tooth marked prick. He sighed as her pussy meat gently surrounded and soothed his aching dong.
“Lie quietly a minute, and see what happens,” she commanded.
After they both lay motionless for about two minutes Angus began experiencing a strange sensation at his sexual frontier. A strange tickle developed in his matted pubic hair and his love muscle felt like it was on fire. At first he hoped that this was some new sensual delight, but he quickly became alarmed as the tickling and burning became anything but sensual.
“What the fuck is going on,” he yelled as he pushed Emmaline off of him. It is no easy task to dislodge a settled in body like Emmaline’s, but he was now nearing hysteria. He jumped out of bed, and ran and jumped erratically around the small room. Then he suddenly plopped down on the bed and examined his dick and pubic hair.
“Ants,” he screamed. “There are ants all over me. What the shitting fuck is this Emmaline?”
“I thought that you’d like them Angus. They play with me, and bring me off all the time.” Emmaline was pouting now, while Angus became even more agitated as the ants became more industrious in their tormenting of his pubic region. Several sharp simultaneous bites brought him to his feet, and he lunged for the stairway, jumping down them two steps at a time. At the bottom of the steps his left foot unerringly landed on two marbles that had been dislodged from Minny’s sex slot. Both feet shot up in the air and he went flying across the short landing, where his head plowed into the hallway wall. The rest of the family immediately appeared at the top of the stairs, and gaped at Angus’s prostrate form.
“God damn fucker’s head made a hole in my wall,” whined Emma Lou. “Now I got to get that fixed.”
“Do you think he’s dead, ma?” asked Jug.
“Can’t tell, Jug. Let’s all go to bed now. It’s getting late. If he hasn’t moved by morning we’ll call someone and have him picked up.”
The family then decided who was going to sleep with whom for the night, and retired to their bedrooms. Soon the house was silent except for some sexual moans floating from various upstairs rooms.

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