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Training Miss Piggy

Cindy had been my secret mistress for a few months, and I found she would do just about anything I ordered her to do- pull her tits out in the back room and go down on me in the Men’s Room; I enjoyed making her do things she hadn’t done before, secretly getting a thrill out of humiliating her with my demands. One night I had her meet me at a motel, ordering her to wear heavy make-up, heels, long black gloves and a choker- she looked like a classic fat hooker when I closed the door and made her pull her big tits out for me. I put my fingers deep in her mouth, grabbed her 42DDs and asked her “Are you going to do what you’re told, like a obedient fat whore?” She sucked my fingers and nodded her head. “That’s good- Tony was counting on that answer.. Tony! Come on in!” My buddy Tony was waiting for the signal outside the motel door. He locked the door behind him with an evil grin- ” She’s quite a porker- she’d better make up for it with her mouth…” Cindy turned to me, eyes wide with shock- “Tony’s been looking forward to a ‘date’ with you ever since I told him about you. And he loves fat chicks who deepthroat- Show him how much you like it” I pushed her to her knees and Tony walked up to her and pulled his cock out. “Suck me off, fat slut” he ordered. She looked at me, a little panicked, I told her firmly “Do it” and she opened her red lips and started bobbing on his cock.

Huge BBW lover

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