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Stripper Girl

Her voluptuous body rolled and rocked, her dark skin contrasting with her pink satin thong and low-cut, well-filled brassiere. She shook her hips back and forth, swinging them, enjoying her form performing to its extent. She held her chest out, sucked her stomach in, and caressed her inner thighs as her head rolled back. She was looking into the mirror of her bathroom, basically practicing stripping for when she was to lose her virginity the next day. Arching her back, she spread her legs and leaned over, her thighs were smooth and strong.
She didn’t know someone was watching.
His hands reached down and unzipped his jeans, all the while aware of his attentive cock waiting for action. He immediately started jerking off while looking at the young girl in her hotel room. He was so clever- he has put a camera behind the mirror, allowing the camera to look through it- women showering, women pissing, and now a woman obviously stripping. He decided that it was time for action. He shoved his rock-hard cock back into his pants and ran down to where her room was- number 118- and put his special key into the door. His special key was for him to get into any room he wanted in case of emergency. He slowly and quietly opened the door, stepped inside, and crept over to the bathroom. The door was ajar and she didn’t see him, as she was concentrating on rolling her whole body back. He suddenly rushed forward and held her hands back. She screamed in horror and pain alike as he threw her onto her hotel bed. She wasn’t wearing much so it did not take him long to rip off the skimpy, slutty clothing she wore. He looked at this frantically kicking naked beauty and let out a sigh of ecstasy as he straddled her stomach and took off his shirt and pants, letting her take in his very muscular and sexy body. That didn’t stop her from not wanting him- she was so scared and his hand over her mouth wouldn’t allow her to scream.
He wasn’t wearing anything under his pants. He noticed that she was not wet- so he ignored that fact and rammed his ten-inch cock straight into the tiny young virgin. Her whole body bucked and her back arched immediately. He shoved her panties in her mouth and proceeded. He was practically splitting her in two, making her cry in pain. He knew she had to be bleeding, and he loved that fact. No way a virgin could take a ten-inch cock and not bleed. His huge dick rammed into her repeatedly as she feebly fought him. He could see it penetrating her tight pussy, and this even made him hotter. He suddenly came in her and she gasped. He got off of her and she lied there limply, too exhausted and shocked to do anything about him. He took the panties out of her mouth and straddled her huge, round chest. He enjoyed the feeling of seeing her all dazed-out, tears streaming from her beautiful grey eyes. He stuck his cock into her mouth and sighed with annoyance as she didn’t do anything. He rammed it in a little more and yet she would not suck it for him. He got up and grabbed a wire hanger from her closet and turned the limp yet defiant girl over. He raised his huge arm back and brought it down with a satisfying THWACK as her body shook. She started to scream but he quickly shoved the gag back into her mouth. He kept her on her back and started eating her chest wildly, his rage pounding into her body. When her chest was red and her face splotchy from the beating, his anger moved to a more sensitive part of her body. The wire hanger swished in the air before it landed on her fat, sore, and swollen pussy lips. Over and over again, until she writhed in agony and muffled screams broke into his concentration. He looked into her frightened eyes. “Are you going to be a good girl now?” She nodded numbly and once again he slid his dick into her mouth. This time she sucked it, her tongue toying with its head. He rammed it even closer in and she nearly had it all- about nine inches she took into her mouth. She swallowed furiously as he came again, right into her mouth. He sat against the end of the bed, looking at the used, worn girl before him. His eyes surveyed the wonderful, beautiful damage he had caused and he felt himself going hard again. He saw that she was wet, and he liked the thought of that. He noticed one hole he had missed.
He turned her over and she didn’t struggle this time, he noticed. He spread her ass cheeks apart and put hid dick’s head on the rim of her asshole, slowly circling the hole, making her wait. Suddenly he just rammed it into her. She bucked and her fingers tore the sheets she lied in but she made no noise. His long, fat dick went so far in her. He saw it tearing apart her tiny hole, nearly swallowing his dick. It wasn’t long before he came, though not in her ass. He turned her over and came all over her chest and face this time, making her look even more like a dirty slut than she already was. He left her there and walked back up to his room, leaving the girl to wonder why these things happen.

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