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As I can remember it, it was the starting of early spring, and I was staying in my uncle’s flat during my vacation. My examinations are all over and I had plenty of time to pass on boringly, so I thought why not make a pleasant trip to my uncle. Although he was not there and has gone abroad on a month long office tour, but my auntie and their little daughter was there to spend the time with. Certainly my aunt is in her twenties nearing to thirty and I am in my teen.

There was one more person in the context and he is a dumb caretaker of that building, who used to take proper care of my uncle and aunt, as they were the only family staying there at that time. The caretaker is dumb, but a long and well-built fellow, in his 40 s and his eyes are really glowing. I can still remember him carrying big pails of water simply in both hands and going up and down the staircase.

It was noon and I felt something sleepy after the lunch and tried for a nap. My cousin was fast asleep after she was nursed by her mum and enjoying a daydream. My aunt was well awake and was endeavoring herself in some pretty handicrafts. She was in the next room. The caretaker used to have his daily lunch at my uncle’s and used to have an afternoon sleep in their living room.

I tossed myself on the bed feeling horny about the scene I saw before coming to my room. That caretaker was lying on the floor, with a huge bulge in his shorts; the glimpse of the almost erect manhood can well be caught by anyone, as his great John has popped his head slightly from the side of his shorts. May be he is too relaxing.

I couldn’t sleep actually although I tried, and simply started stroking my cock thinking about what will be if my aunt would have seen it. Who knows, perhaps she sees it everyday.

I sat up, and walked down towards my aunt’s room, only to found the door to be half closed. I peeked inside, and to my great surprise I found the glimpse of a wide spread leg, with a flattered pink lips of her pussy being well stroked by her smooth hands. All in pink and white her lovely triangle was looking like a big lily, as if the petals are continuously plucked by her fingers. The smacking noise that is coming from her pussy lips is because of her hand tugging at it in between, and her other hand on her firm round and erect nipples. Pinching and making them as erect as a small John can be. My almost erect manhood has now come to its full vigor and was ready to be burst, when a noise anticlimaxes my perspective. I found the caretaker was rolling down on his side, so I crept off unnoticed to a corner and waited with deep breath anticipating something interesting to happen.

He woke up, as if from a splendor trip, and walked slowly towards my aunt’s room, with his erect manhood now completely exhibited in front, with all hairs roughing up the smooth plane. He has not noticed me as I was behind the pillar covered by the curtain.

He went inside and I prayed that he should not close the door. May be they were well assure that me and my cousin both were fast asleep and hence he never bothered to close it. I regained my position and started viewing the mesmerizing live blue film. He went towards my aunt’s bed and sat at the corner near her leg. He took hold of one of the leg and started licking at the toes and the fingers, I think that was making them both excited as I saw that now she was pulling at his cock and the bunch of hairs rooting it. Her body was slightly lifted and her lips opened, may be to taste the flavor of his erupting precum. But to my astonishment, the caretaker bent over and started licking at her pink lips with his ravishing tongue. It was a wonderful situation of standing 69, which I have never heard before. She with his great John serving him by her mouth and he at her counterpart. I just cannot explain my situation as I was expecting something more deep and randy.

To my expectation, he stopped in between and looked at my aunt, from the side I can see his eyes speaking of his desire, and within a moment he tossed her down on the bed, spreading the legs wide apart and jumped on her and entered his cock inside her pussy with a one big plunge. I was surprised to see such an erratic behavior from such a gentle person. And there he started humping her, with all his vigor. He was licking her face, starting from the forehead, up to her neck and wetting it in between with her saliva. There was no cruelty in his eyes but all his expression of mind and his face is poured out through his body movements. His hips are pounding at the pelvis area of my aunt, I can hear the sounds of their flesh and meats meeting each other. His two legs was in between my aunt’s and his hands were firmly gripping at her voluptuous tits. He was continuously molding them and was pulling at the nipples with two fingers. His face was sometimes buried in her hair and sometimes was on her face, licking her.

Time was passing by, and his motion was increasing, I thought that my aunt may not tolerate the same for a long time, but I found her that she was wriggling under his pounding flesh in ecstasy and was laughing all the while. Not a single movement I found in her hips, but I could well understood that his cock was exploring deep inside her pussy at each of his thrusts.

Suddenly he slowed down, and I though he is on the verge of coming, but alas, it was only a brief interval of this climax. It was then when I found that actually she has already contributed her part in the superfluous mixture of their love juices, and he was simply enjoying the wetness of it on his cock. I saw the stream running down along the wide-open thigh of my aunt and dripping over the floor, as they were lying at the edge of the bed.

With a new vigor, as if with a renewal in life the caretaker now started deep thrusting her pussy and making some sort of smacking sound with her pussy lips. Until this time I was on the verge of coming and was in a great difficulty to prevent spending in my trousers. But now things have become easy for me, I got the time to undress me and watch the rest as I am sure he will come after some time.

Now they were clasping each other and my aunt is pumping his tight ass cheeks and he returning the same favor to her. His motion is now more steady, more deep and more erotic, completely penetrating to the deep inside, and waiting for some moment inside with each thrust, may be that’s his style. The speed started to increase and now a point came when it seems that the bed will collapse, I could saw the springs of the bed dancing at his tunes along with my aunt, under him. The hips and his ass cheeks were moving rather fats than any express train, and all of a sudden he started jerking with his cock inside my aunt. Nevertheway they loosen their grips on each other, and he spend and spend and spend inside her. I felt he was shooting one of his lifetimes best as I can see from his eyes that they were gleaming with an expression of some victory. My aunt was relenting under his arms with closed eyes and never dare to ask him to stop. After coming for few minutes he stood up on his knees on the bed and pulled my aunts face toward her with one hand. She was going to tell something, but before that the big shaft was inside her mouth oozing out the last few drops.

Once he came in her mouth I shot my big load on the curtain and quickly wiped out my cock with it. As I was dressing and was ready to return to my room before they find me out, I had a small peek in their room, and found that, he had made my aunt lay down once again and was searching something inside her pussy after spreading it with his finger, both naked to the skin and aunt caring his manhood. May be he is looking for his seeds inside her roots, or searching for new plantation?

I was not in a way to explore the possibilities, I required a sleep after my big shoot out.

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