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Wrong door but great ending

So it all started I hooked up with this guy off craigslist he was one of my first older guy that turned me on to older guys. Right was a 63 year old guy with a sex drive like your wouldn’t believe. Long story short we hooked up and it was the best sex I have ever had. We hooked up a few times after that but i ended up in a relationship and we lost touch. The relationship ended and so did craigslist so I didnt know how to get in touch with him.

There was a few times my girlfriend and I got into it and i drove by hoping to see him. He loved to be out with some short shorts on and his cock hanging out the bottom. So I hopped I would see him walking around but I never did.

One day after work I was horny as ever and couldn’t get Rick’s cock off my mind. I remember where he lived so I decided to go check to see if he was still there. I drove by his appartment building a few times I was nervous as ever. I finally parked and sat there for a while maybe he would walk out and I could catch him. Never saw him so I got up the gumption to walk up to the building.

It was an old building and the front door never latched so I walked up and grabbed the handle to see if I could get in. The door swung open so I walked nervously in and up to his apartment. I remember he had a little dog that would never stop barking. I knocked and no dog barked but I herd a man say who is it. Being i didnt wanna put myself out there I said a friend of Rick’s. He came to the door and opened it and said who? I said after a big gulp rick. He was fresh out of the shower with a towel around his waist. He said no he moved out a few months back.

Although this was not rick he wasn’t bad looking considering what I usually go for. He had to be in his late 50s grey hair dad bod. He said with a smile how did you know rick. I said we played chess on line and ended up meeting and playing here befor. He said come in if you’d like we can play chess if you want. I said I better not and before I could get anything else out he turned around and let his towel drop. So I shut up and walked right in.

His cock wasn’t too big but it was nice I could tell he just shaved and he was smooth all around his cock and balls. I took my pants off to show him mine and he had a smile on his face. He said now that’s a cock I’d like to suck. Before he went down on me I told him I was working all day. He pushed me back on the couch and started sucking. I could have came right then and there his warm mouth swallowing my hard cock taking it all in. Not surprising because its roughly 7 and thick but not pornstar thick.

He was good at it sucking as he went down and blowing out on his way up. I could see his cock waving back and forth in the shadow from the sunlight. Twitching up and down and jerking all around. He popped up and said how good are you. I said depending on how you like it I’m really good. Let me find out.

He say back in his chair turned on the tv and put on some gay porn. He said suck it like you sucked Rick’s cock. I crawled in between his legs and spit out a nice gob of spit on to his cock. Stroaked it up and down and twisting my wrist. He loved it. I kept up a steady stroak and started to lick around the tip and finally taking it into my mouth. While I was sucking and stroaking I used my other hand to play with and rub his balls. His cock and balls were glistening with my spit I sat up looked at him and said rick loved when I did this. He said I can learn to love this too. He said but dont waste anything boy keep on sucking. I dove back on his cock because it really turns me on to be called boy by a older guy when I’m blowing him.

I got back to his cock and it was like the first time again he was twitching and moaning jerking left right back and forth. I asked him to tell me when he was getting close so I could jerk him off into my mouth and let him watch. It wasn’t long before he said he was about to cum. Tim told home to count down from 10 and he started 10… 9….8….7……6..5..4.3.2 and he started to cum. He shouted in pleasure aaaaaahhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhh that’s it take it all boy. I’m in my knees getting shot all over my face with hot slimy cum. The first two shots were right into my mouth. Not really what I expected but it wasn’t to bad kindof salty. As he finished I sucked the tip and his fingers clean.

He said that he wanted to taste me but was gonna take a while to recover. I said that’s fine I can jack off for you. With a great big smile he said wanna wear some panties and I replied yes. He went and got these icey white pair of panties from his bedroom came back out and threw them to me so I put them on. I asked if there was anything else i could do and he said just stand there and give me a show. I didnt quite fit into these panties so I didnt have to pull my cock out. I stood there and stroaked it as he gave me commands like faster harder use more lube ! He was jacking off too and you could see it wasn’t easy for him on the account that he just came. It didnt matter to me I was turned on by the face that I found someone to play with. He made me watch the tv and it was bisexual porn a woman sitting on a guys face and another guy blowing him. It was hot next thing I know hes under me telling me to fill his mouth. He spits on my cock repeatedly to make it more slippery. The all of a sudden I started to cum. One dropped out onto his tongue. Then I shot 4 5 or 6 more big loads that landed in and all around his we both had each others cum on our face. We cleaned up eating eachothers cum and we got dressed. We exchanged numbers and I headed towards the door. Before I left I go to hand him his panties back and he said no you keep them. I want you to wear them next time you come over .

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