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Black And White

My name is Robert. I had what I would call the best experience ever. I fucked a girl three times. She is black and I’m white. One day me and my friends were hanging out in front of the building I live in. We saw Natasha walking by and one of my friends told her to let me fuck her. She said alright but I thought that she was playing around. In my mind I saw her laughing at me if I tried to take her upstairs to fuck her, so I didn’t do nothing. A year later when I was coming home from school my cock was rock hard. I saw her and asked her if she would let me fuck her. She smiled and stuck her middle finger out at me. I smiled and replied whenever she wanted.

A couple of days later I saw her with her sister. That was my golden opportunity. It was now or never, so I called her over and aked her if she wanted to go upstairs with me so we can fuck. She said yeah. When we got to my apartment we started to kiss. I started to grab her tits and ass. I felt her pussy through the jeans that she was wearing. It was hot. I rubbed it and she grabbed my dick. She started to jerk me off. I took off her shirt and bra. I saw to beautiful tits. They were enormous. I grabbed them and started to suck them.

Then she went down. She pulled my pants down and started to suck my cock. Her tongue was going around the head of my cock. I pulled her up to give her a last kiss before I came in her mouth. I pushed her head back down and started to fuck her face. As I came I pushed my dick down her throat. She almost choked on it. She said it tasted good and that she wanted some more. I smiled and told her to get on my bed. I licked my finger and started to finger her. I worked my way up to three fingers. I got on top of her and told her to guide my dick to where she wanted it. She put the head by her wet pussy. I pushed slowly until it was all the way in. I started to go faster and faster until she needed a rest.

We stopped for a minute or two. All of a sudden she got on all four and raised her ass in the air. I saw her ass-hole. I knew I had to pierce it with my throbbing cock. I was about to put it in her ass but she grabbed it and pulled it towards her pussy. I put it in once again. Faster and faster. Louder and louder. The faster it got the louder it got. I was a about to cum and told her to stay like that. I put the head of my cock by her ass and come on the little pinkish brown hole. I felt it was time to put it in. I took a deep breath and with one giant thrust I put my seven inch in her ass. She screamed with pain but I just started to pump in and out. I came in her ass. As I collapsed on top of her she fell down too.

That was my first and best sexual experience ever. I’m glad to say that I fucked that whore two more times but none were as good as the original.

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