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Her hand shook as she reached for the cold metal door knob of the coffee house. The unusual Memphis winter had brought snow earlier in the day. The cold appeared to have been collected in this one door handle and it scalded her hand with it’s fiery coldness through her gloves.

Lydia was more nervous than she had ever been in most of her life. As the door swung open in the January gust, a dozen or more faces turned to glare at the violator. Lydia quickly realized that there were about two dozen blacks sitting in this coffee shop, huddling over drinks and each other. She was the only white person she could see. Lydia was cautiously looking around when she heard a voice in her ear.

“Are you hear for the reading tonight?” a young, Afro-centric woman asked.

“Um, y-yes, ma’am,” Lydia stuttered.

“Then jot down your name and number of pieces and titles,” the young woman handed Lydia the clipboard.

As Lydia began to write her information down, she noticed that there were nine other acts in front of her. Lydia wrote down her name and her poem titles and handed the clipboard back to the impatient woman at the door.

“Have a seat, the show’ll start in about ten minutes,” the woman said to Lydia over her shoulder as she spoke quietly to another woman who had come up.

Lydia glanced around the small cafe and found an empty table in the middle of the room. She quickly headed in that direction. However, as soon as her hand landed on the back of a chair she saw someone else going for the chair opposite of hers. Lydia paused, not quite sure what to do. She looked up to see a black man staring at her.

“We can share,” the man smiled, “as long as you’re here alone.”

“Yes, I’m,” Lydia paused. “Alone.”

“Are you here to read, or to listen?” the black man took his seat as Lydia removed her overcoat and gloves.

“I’m here to read,” Lydia finally dropped herself into her chair. “And you?”

“I’m here to read too,” the black man smiled a Hollywood smile. “My name is Hunter.”

“My names is Lydia,” she took Hunter’s outstretched hand.

“What brings you to the African poetry spotlight, Lydia?” Hunter asked, giving her the once over.

“Well, I am looking for an outlet to get my work out. I heard you guys get a good crowd. And I think that maybe you can appreciate my kind of work,” Lydia said shyly, glancing at her book.

“Really?” Hunter folded his hands on the table and cocked his head. He knew right where she was going.

“Well, I’m hoping, anyway.”

“Can I get you two anything?” a teenage waitress suddenly appeared between the two of them.

“Yes, we’d like two coffees,” Hunter winked at Lydia. “And I’d like cream with that.”

The waitress left, giving Lydia her view of Hunter back. His presence was giving her chills. She wasn’t sure if it was a menacing chill or a chill she didn’t want to recognize.

The waitress set down their coffee cups and dropped a few packages of cream on the table. She turned and left once again.

The coffee house was beginning to get crowded and she was beginning to feel like she was lost in a sea of people. And to make things worse, it had been months since she had had a boyfriend, and she was dying to get a hold of some black cock.

The same black woman she had talked to earlier climbed up on the small platform stage in front of the picture window. She turned the microphone on and tested it. Lydia watched the woman, needing something to focus on.

However, he attention was drawn from the black woman to two guys who had walked up to their table. Apparently they were friends of Hunter. They greeted each other and chatted in a whisper because of the woman on stage was about to speak. Vaguely, lydia heard one of them make a comment about “getting a hold of some white pussy” from one of the men who had walked up. Lydia glared at him as Hunter earnestly fought off his reproach.

The two black men slipped in past their table towards the back of cafe as the black woman on stage raised her hand for attention.

“Welcome, all my brothas and sistahs, to this week’s poetry reading. So far, we have ten acts lined up for your pleasure,” the woman said glancing at her clipboard that she held in her arm like a child. “The first act is a poetry reading by Alicia Williams.”

The woman on stage stepped down as the crowd cheered for Alicia. The woman now on stage was a tall, athletic looking woman wearing baggy jeans and a tight cut-off shirt. Her braids were in a do-rag. She was the twenty-first century’s Nubian goddess. And judging from the first few lines of her poetry, she was a lesbian.

Lydia lost interest in Alicia and decided to take this chance to get a good look at Hunter. He was a tall man. He apparently worked out because Lydia could see his big arms and chest muscles under his black, fitting shirt. His black jeans fitted him in the waist, and were baggy around the legs. However, she saw them clinging to Hunter’s ass that was hanging slightly off the seat of the chair.

Lydia tore her eyes away from Hunter’s ass and drug them back up to his face. She watched his profile. He had a nice complexion. For lack of words you could call him caramel. His hair was recently cut into a low fade that looked good on any man. His beard was trimmed close and he had a light mustache. His eyes were almost black.

Hunter felt Lydia’s eyes on him. He slowly turned to see her staring at him. When she saw him, Lydia blushed and darted her head back towards the woman on stage. Hunter smiled. Hunter figured that if she was going to look him up, then he could take a look at her.

Lydia wore the dark colors that poetry readings were famous for. Her turtleneck was maroon and her long skirt was black. While she was sitting, Lydia had habitually hiked her skirt up to keep herself from getting too hot. It was now resting just at her knee and Hunter could see her thick, muscular calves. They were soft and smooth, just the kind he liked to kiss. Damnit, stop that Hunter. You are crazy man, he thought to himself. He looked at her legs and then up to her waist. He couldn’t help but notice that her hips were narrow and that her ass seemed to take up the entire seat of the chair.

Hunter’s cock tapped at the inside of his jeans as he surveyed Lydia’s ass and titties.

He had totally failed to notice that there was a different person on stage. When Lydia realized he wasn’t clapping, she looked over at him to find his eyes clued to her body. It was his turn to blush and turn away.

They sat in silence for the next four people. Hunter was now nervous as the lady emcee called him up on stage. He grabbed his notebook and headed for the stool. Although he knew these poems by heart, he felt he might need it.

He began his three piece performance with a poem about life with a philosophical view point. Lydia really liked his work and was smiling as she agreed with him. The second poem he read was a love poem. It told of a love divine to a woman he never knew. The entire time he spoke, Hunter’s eyes found Lydia in the crowd. When he finished that poem Lydia was applauding as loud as possible. His last poem was also a love poem. This one told how a woman was to be treated and loved. It was on the long side, but he held her eyes, and attention the entire time.

Hunter received a standing ovation from the cafe as he made his way back to their table.

“Hunter, you are great!” Lydia breathed as he sank down into the chair.

“Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places,” Hunter replied, throwing her a seductive smile that he meant.

Lydia sat, paralyzed by what had just happened while Hunter was on stage. Along with her nervousness because they were two people away from her. And she was the last act. She tried to drown out her fear by creating fantasies in her mind about Hunter, and then chasing them away.

She snapped back to reality as the emcee finished calling her name. Oh shit! Lydia thought as she headed for the mic. As Lydia settled herself onto the stool and adjusted the mic, she realized that she was the only white person in the place. She also felt quite a few hateful looks coming from black women in the cafe. Lydia swallowed one quick breathe and dove into her act.

Her first piece was one about the darker side of life. She had wrote it when she was depressed and angry. She could see that Hunter was into her performance, but the rest of the crowd was hard to judge. She finished the piece with a rush of emotion and got a nice applause from the black crowd.

From his seat in the audience, Hunter could see her mouth-sized titties bouncing as she breathed. And her dark hair shown under the one spotlight.

Lydia’s next piece was a love poem she had written. It was a vague poem, talking about her love that she could give. She saved the next one for last, hoping to win over some of the audience before throwing this one on them.

As the second round of clapping ended, Lydia dove into her grand finale. This was a love poem she had written and rewritten and took great pride in. It showed her true feelings about love and who she loved. The piece spoke of how much she loved a black man.

She ended the performance with her head bowed to signal the end and fled the stage. However, she got a loud round of applause from them. Many people smiled at her and spoke to her as she squeezed past them back to Hunter.

“Well, I didn’t know it was like that!” Hunter said as she got back to the table.

Lydia laughed at his comment.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” Hunter offered.

Lydia gladly gathered her things and headed outside.

“Where is your car?” Hunter asked.

“I don’t have one, I rode the bus,” Lydia admitted.

“Then I’ll take you home,” Hunter said and took her by the arm towards his car.

Lydia wasn’t so sure about it, but she couldn’t get away from Hunter. He showed her the way to his red Saturn. Lydia gave Hunter the directions to her house while absorbing the heat from his car. When they got to Lydia’s house, Hunter offered to walk her to the door because it was so icy.

As they slowly waddled along the walk towards the door, Lydia’s hand grip slipped and she brought both herself and Hunter to the ground with a thud.

“I’m so sorry, Hunter!” she exclaimed, trying to help him up.

The fact was, it was nearly impossible for either of them to get up.

By the time that they had drug themselves into the safety of Lydia’s house, they were both soaked to the skin.

“Hunter, why don’t you stay a while and let me get you warm again.?” Lydia offered, almost planning the fuck she knew she would get.

“Lydia, normally I would refuse, but I’m so cold I have to say yea!” Hunter smiled as he took off his coat.

Lydia went over to him to help him get his clothes off. She reached down into his pants and pulled up his shirt. He complied while she peeled the material off his hard dark body. As she stood next to him, he was giving off more heat than the heater. Or was that Lydia? The sexual tension of the night mounted at that exact point. Lydia immediately got his arms out of the shirt and asked him to take off his pants to they could go in the dryer too. As he did, Lydia couldn’t help but be surprised that his boxer shorts were red silk. Lydia’s eyes were glued to his waist and crotch as he undressed. But as soon as she had his clothes she made a bee line for the dryer.

“I’m gonna go change my clothes. I’ll be right back,” Lydia called to Hunter as she went to her room.

Lying on her bed was her pajamas from this morning : a t-shirt and a pair of button-fly boxers. She slipped them on and headed back towards Hunter.

As Lydia came into the room, Hunter realized exactly how sexy women looked in boxers.

“You look cute,” Hunter said as she came into the room.

Lydia could tell by the slightly betraying bulge in his boxer shorts that Hunter thought she was more than cute. Hunter noticed Lydia’s eyes and realized that he was caught. But all he got from Lydia was a smile.

Fuck it, Hunter thought. I’ll give it a try. What is the worst that can happen?

Hunter gave into his dick and closed the distance between them. When Hunter was standing directly n front of Lydia, she put her hand on his face and felt his skin. Hunter leaned in for the first kiss, intending to take and get the hell out ogf there. However, when his lips met her’s, he knew she was not like the everyday black bitch he was used to banging. Their lips grazed each other’s at first. Then he closed his mouth over hers and made love to her lips. His tongue touched her lips and her tongue responded with a mating dance all her own.

As they kissed, Hunter let his hand roam down her back and settle into the place right above her ass. Then he bravely squeezed her ass. She gave him a small moan and Hunter knew that it was going to be a great night.

Hunter pulled his mouth back from Lydia’s and made a trail of fire down her throat to her shoulder. Instinctively, Lydia’s hands grasp Hunter’s head while he sucked and licked her neck. Hunter’s hands shot down to Lydia’s shirt hem and he leaned back, pulling it off of her. As he did, her C-cup titties bounced free. Hunter dove his mouth onto the left one, then the right one. He was desperately trying to get his hands those damned button-fly boxers. Finally, he managed to get three fingers inside the fly to feel her pussy while he was sucking her titties. He was not disappointed at her pussy. It was big, with thick lips. It was already wet and she had it shaved.

Hunter pulled his mouth away, “Lydia, baby, I ain’t even gonna lie to you. I want to eat you. Will you let me do that baby?”

“Yes,” she managed a whisper as Hunter picked her up and carried her back into her bedroom. He laid her carefully down on her bed and pulled her boxers off her. He positioned himself on the floor, and threw her legs over his shoulders where they would be up and wide open. He watched her pussy for a moment, her pussy gleaming with natural lubrication already. Lydia gave a moan of disappointment when he didn’t immediately tongue her twat. Hunter smiled, and then dove headlong into Lydia’s soul. Hunter’s tongue started at the bottom of her snatch and then slowly fell upwards toward her clit. Each time, he would carefully avoid it, making her ache more and more for the release. As Hunter worked her pussy, Lydia began moaning.

“Oh fuck yea! Hunter, eat it baby! EAT IT!” Lydia moaned and arched her back for better angles.

“You want me to eat it?” Hunter asked as he teasingly stroked her out cunt lips.

“Yesss! God, please Hunter, make me cum!” Lydia begged as she tried to scoot closer to Hunter’s mouth.

“Well, you asked for it,” Hunter’s tongue hit her clit.

Hunter flicked his tongue across her swollen clit as fast he could, driving her hard over the edge. But just as he felt her pussy muscles tighten on his chin, he eased off her. He licked his way back down to her pussy opening and reamed her with his tongue.

“Oh yea. Do that shit baby!” Lydia began contracting her pussy, trying to bring the orgasm.

Hunter decided to give it to her. As his long tongue reached in and out of her pussy canal, he placed a finger on her clit. He ground her clit into her pelvis in circular motion.

“OH GOD. HUNTER, I’M CUMMING!” Lydia bounced on his tongue as her pussy released months of built up juice. They washed onto Hunter’s face as he held his mouth open to drink the sweetest pussy he had ever wanted. Hunter slipped his head out from between Lydia’s legs. His whole mouth was covered with Lydia’s white cream. As her rush of limpness eased, Lydia propped herself up on her elbows to look at Hunter. She liked that look on him. Hunter smiled at her, and playfully licked his lips. Lydia laughed at him.

“Well, I think that it’s only fair that I get to do you,” Lydia said crawling off the bed. But she stopped short when she saw Hunter’s hard cock. Her eyes were frozen onto his long shaft standing like an arrow at attention between his smooth thighs. “It’s beautiful,” Lydia murmured.

Lydia reached down towards Hunter’s dick and wrapped her silken fingers around the shaft. It wasn’t the longest dick she had ever seen. It wasn’t the fattest either. But it was the most beautiful. The head of his dick looked like a warriors helmet, shining and strong. His shaft was six inches of veined chocolate. It was so hard it was impossible for her to bend it down her throat. But she was going to try.

Lydia knelt slowly in front of Hunter and leaned her head towards his cock. She took the head of it in first, teasing him. She licked it and sucked it Stroking the tip with her wide tongue, she finally lowered his cock down into her mouth. IT was easy for Lydia to get the first five inches of Hunter into mouth. Lydia’s mouth was wet and hot and stimulating against Hunter’s hard cock. Her tongue danced around his shaft and made him want to fuck her mouth. Lydia moved her head back and forth, rocking on her heels. Hunter looked down to watch this white beauty take his cock down her throat. As it was with every white girl he loved the color contrast of his brown skin and her pink lips and white mouth. Hunter began growing increasingly horny just thinking about how damned good she looked blowing him!

Lydia reached her hand around Hunter’s hips and placed it on his ass. It was toned and smooth. With her other hand, Lydia reached between his legs and found his balls. She began massaging them as she urged Hunter to move his hips with her. Lydia sucked her cheeks in, giving Hunter a better suction. She could tell his nuts were heavy, but she wasn’t sure if it was natural or if he was about to cum. Either way, she wanted to find out. Lydia began to take Hunter’s cock and pump it with her mouth. She could hear Hunter moaning over the slurping noise she was making on his wet dick.

“Oh, Baby… Yea, girl. Suck this shit!” Hunter had his eyes closed. “Come on girl, make this nigga cum… Make me cum!”

Lydia began bobbing her head back and forth on his hard dick. She could feel the head of his cock swelling and getting harder. Lydia popped Hunter’s dick out of her mouth. He gave a whimper of disappointment. She was amazed to see it purple and harder than she thought a cock could get. She began licking it, giving Hunter’s cock a love bath. At the same time, she brought her hand that had been holding his ass around and began stroking the shaft. Her other hand was lightly rolling his balls.

“Girl, I’m about to cum,” Hunter moaned behind clenched teeth.

“Where you wanna cum, baby?”

“I wanna cum in your mouth and all over your face,” Hunter started thrusting his cock as his balls tightened in Lydia’s hand.

She leaned over and put her head on the mouth of cock and gave him one final hard suck. Immediately Lydia felt the first strand of Hunter’s cum in her mouth. She pulled back and opened her mouth. She jacked him off towards her face and tried to catch as much of the nut as she could. Hunter’s cock softened a little and the last of his cum whitewashed Lydia’s face.

“Damn you know how to suck dick,” Hunter said helping her up. The sight of all his cum on her face made him want to do it again, and he felt his cock gain the little hardness it had lost as he came.

Lydia stopped out of the room and got a towel from the bathroom. She wiped what she could of the cum off her face and smiled at Hunter. Her natural titties stood at attention. But as she bent over to pick up the towel she had dropped, Hunter saw her ass up in the air.

Hunter walked up to her bend over body and pushed his pelvis up against her rear end. “Goddamn, that’s the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.”

Lydia giggled from the floor.

“I wanna piece of that shit,” Hunter said and without asking, he stepped away to let his dick stand back up and shoved it in her pussy from behind.

“Ahhh!” Lydia moaned and grabbed her calves for support.

Hunter began thrusting his cock into Lydia’s soft pink pussy. He could feel her soaking pussy sucking his cock farther and farther up in her. Hunter’s hands fit nicely around Lydia’s hips as he grabbed them in order to give her the black fuck of her life.

The sound of Hunter’s balls slapping Lydia’s pussy lips echoed in the room. It was one sound they both loved to hear.

“OH… Hunter!” Lydia screamed from the floor, her ass being banged above her.


Hunter grunted as he heard his white bitch screaming.

“YOU LIKE IT?” Hunter’s big black dick was driving right into Lydia’s G-Spot. “TELL ME YOU LIKE THIS BLACK COCK!”

“I LOVE… THAT BLACK COCK!” Lydia moaned, nearly falling to the floor.

Hunter realized that this position was becoming too uncomfortable for the both of them. He pulled his rigid member out of Lydia’s gaping hole. She gave a whimper.

“Get on your knees,” Hunter told her.

Lydia complied. She quickly got on her knees and faced the edge of the bed so she could use it for support.

Hunter eased onto his knees behind Lydia and aimed his dick at her pussy. He scooted closer and straddled her legs. Then he leaned forward and grabbed Lydia’s thighs. Hunter’s cock entered Lydia’s dripping pussy with much ease. He felt his entire dick sink toward her womb. Lydia had never felt an entire cock in her pussy and as Hunter hit bottom, Lydia came.

“OH SHIT! FUCK, I’M CUMMING!” Lydia screamed as the first wave hit her stomach. “I’M CUMMMMMING!”

Hunter held Lydia in place and slammed his cock into her like a horse. He wanted to bring out the entire orgasm before her body unlocked itself.

As Lydia’s body softened Hunter began his vicious attack on her once again. He used her thighs to pull her back to meet his dick as he lunged forward.

“YEA, GIRL. FUCK THIS BLACK DICK!” Hunter began ramming himself into Lydia.

Hunter could feel the pleasure building and knew that his last orgasm was not long off.

“GIRL, YOU GON MAKE ME CUM!” Hunter moaned.

“YEA! RIDE ME! RIDE ME LIKE HORSE!” Lydia screamed as she bucked her ass.

“OH FUCK! I’M GON NUT!” Hunter said as he felt himself coming to the edge.

Hunter yanked his cock out of Lydia’s pussy. But before she had time to miss it, Hunter had fed it to her asshole. He lined his dick up with her pert little rosebud and sank forward on his knees. Letting his weight push his steel-hard dick up her asshole.

“OH!” Lydia hollered as she leaned forward to steady herself against the bed.

Lydia’s asshole was so damned hot and tight. IT sucked Hunter’s cock up into like no other pussy could ever do. Hunter had mounted Lydia’s ass. He drove his woman eating cock deep into her bowls as his long awaited orgasm breached. It’s waves rocked his nuts hard as they spewed his cum into Lydia’s ass. They both collapsed in the floor when Hunter’s body had ceased to shake.

When Lydia awoke, it was early in the morning. She was lying in her bed, naked. There was a puddle of cum between her legs where Hunter’s nut had leaked from her ass. Lydia got off the bed to look around the house for him. But as she came into the living room, Lydia saw a tray sitting on her coffee table. There were two red roses in a vase and a small note.

“To the best ass I ever had,
I had a wonderful night. I hope to do it again.”

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