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How I Hypnotized My Mom To Be My Slave: a Son’s Journal.

I’ve always been fascinated with hypnosis, ever since I was young, I Remember seeing it done, in person, on Television, and on the Internet, I’ve even been doing some research on it too.

That’s when I decided to try it out on my Mom Sylvia Thomas, My mom was so beautiful, loving, caring, giving person, She’s 5’8, shoulder length long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, She and My Dad had divorced when I was 1-month-old, Mom had to work two jobs to make ends meat for herself and for me, the first one was at a local bank, She was the Bank Teller, and the second one was a waitress at a Local DINER.

I’m 5’9, short brown hair, hazel eyes, Mom and I live in a house in a shaded, gated, tree-line neighborhood in a town called Bolton, I attend Bolton High School, I’m the captain of the boy’s High School Basketball, Football, Volleyball, and Rugby Teams, On that clear sunny day, I was in my bedroom, getting everything ready, Mom was in the kitchen washing the breakfast dishes, she was washing the last bowl, when I opened the bedroom door.

Mom, Will You Please Come Into My Bedroom?”, I asked.

“All Right Kyle”, Sylvia answered from in the kitchen.

Mom put the last bowl in the drainer to dry, she wiped her hands on a paper towel, and threw it in the trash can, she walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs, down the hallway, into my bedroom.

“Mom, will you please sit down in the chair?”, Kyle asked.

“All Right Dear”, Sylvia answered.

Mom walked over toward the chair, and sat down in the chair, with her hands on her lap, I closed the bedroom door, pulled down the window shaded that was at my bedroom window, pulled the bedroom curtains, to make the bedroom dark, I took out a gold pocket watch that was on a gold chain, and started slowly moving it in front of mom’s face and eyes.

“Mom, I want you to look at the gold pocket watch”, Kyle said.

Mom sat in the chair with her hands on her lap, her eyes started following the gold pocket watch that was on a gold chain.

“Mom as you’re looking at it, your body is slowly relaxing, your entire body feels weightless, you have no control over your body, just let it control your mind and body”, Kyle said.

Mom continued watching the gold watch on the gold chain, as it continued moving back and fourth in front of her face and eyes.

“Mom your eyes is getting heavy, it’s like two heavy stones, you’re falling into a deep sleep in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three, two one”, Kyle said.

Suddenly Mom’s eyes slowly closed, her head slumped down in the chair, I was smiling at her.

“Mom, when I snap my fingers three times, you’ll wake up, but you’ll be in a hypnotic trance”, Kyle said.

I started snapping my fingers three times, suddenly mom lifted her head up, her eyes was blank, I started waving my hand in front of Mom’s Face, but she didn’t react to it, I was thrilled that I had my mom in a hypnotic trance.

“Mom, you are now in a hypnotic trance, you will hear only my voice and obey me, when I give you a command, you will obey without question, you will say Yes Master I understand I must Obey You, do you understand Mom?”, Kyle asked.

Yes Master I Understand I must Obey You“, Sylvia answered in a flat monotone voice.

I was smiling, I had my own mom under my control, I decided to have some fun with her.

“Mom, I want you to Pat your head and Rub your stomach for me”, Kyle said.

Yes Master I Understand I Must Obey You“, Sylvia replied in a flat monotone voice.

Mom started patting her head and rubbing her stomach, I was watching her and smiling at her.

“OK Mom, Stop”, Kyle said as Sylvia stopped.

I took my mom by the hand, I lifted her up from the chair, I took her to the bed, I made her stand by the bed, I slowly took her shirt off, dropped it on the floor, I reached around and unhook her bra, took it off, dropped it on the floor, I took off her pants, and dropped it on the floor.

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