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I got a lover, my son

I Got A Lover; My Son
by indy_pop

I finished the book, I was reading and looked at the wall clock, it was well past midnight. I am usually an early sleeper but today somehow I was not able to sleep, so I took this book, an erotic novel. I found it fascinating and finished it in one go. Now I was feeling very wet down my thighs and I knew I was very horny. My cunt was on fire and I had nothing else other than my fingers to satisfy my urges. But I wanted something real inside me. My fingers were not able to satisfy my desires.

My husband had died four years back and since then I have been leading a very monotonous life. Running the small business left by my husband and looking after my only son Jonny who was then fourteen. Earning was good enough to support both of us, so I did not have any financial need. But emotional needs were there, probably due to the fact that I had a very good married life for fifteen years. I was virgin at the time of my marriage and my late husband was the only man who has ever fucked me. We had a very satisfying and active sex life. Together we had explored every horizons of sexual fulfillment.

I did not married again, as most of the men I later dated were interested in only screwing me, not in marriage. Being treated only as a sexual object was not acceptable to me and slowly I confined myself to our business and to my son, who was now 18 and was about to join college during next season. I knew that even at the age of thirty-nine I was rather good looking. Though I had put on some weight recently still I didn’t belong to the category of obese. Only deformity I had was the scar on my stomach that I got during the birth of my son, as he was a cesarean child.

I put off the table lamp and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. After trying unsuccessfully for some time, I gave up and left my bed. Perhaps a stroll in my verandah might induce some sleep. I came out of my room. The mildly cold air in the verandah had rather a freshening effect on me, and I felt more energized.

I noticed that the lights were still on in my son’s room, which was at the other side of verandah. His windows were though covered with curtains, but it was clear that he was awake. I felt curious… “Why is he studying so late in the night, he doesn’t have any exams now and it was a Sunday?” I went to his windows and tried to sneak a quick look through the gap between the curtains. What I saw inside made me flush with excitement and embarrassment.

Jonny was wide-awake. He was lying on his bed completely naked. His eyes were glued to the magazine in his left hand and his right hand was massaging his rigid cock vigorously. The magazine cover was showing some explicit fuck scene and his hand was moving in a rhythm. I felt ashamed in eyeing my own son in such a condition, but an underlying excitement prevented me moving away from the windows. My eyes were feasting on his massive hardness pulsating between his fingers. Jonny cock was long and thick looking, the purple head of his cock appeared like a big mushroom. His pubic hair was thick and dark; his balls seemed large and heavy hanging between his thighs. A rush went through my body – this was the first cock I had seen since I split with my last date an year back. My fingers automatically moved between my thighs. I was wet, very wet down there. My legs were trembling with excitement. My fingers explored my wet cunt and I entered two fingers inside my wet beaver. Looking at rock hard cock of my son, I tried to match his rhythm, feeling as if my fingers were my son’s cock moving between my hungry cuntlips.

Jonny was busy in working with his cock, but his movements were now quicker. I could sense that the pressure was building inside his balls and he was going to shoot any time. Pressure was also building inside me and I too was fast approaching my orgasm, my first true orgasm in years.

Suddenly Jonny cried in ecstasy and large white globes of cream started flying form the tip of his cock landing on his chest and stomach. His cock kept on jerking and shooting his love cream and after emptying, his cock slumped against his stomach. The last drops of his cum slowly seeped out of his cock wetting his pubic hair.

My own fingers were moving frantically in and out of my cunt, trembling in my legs was reaching to the extreme and my legs were no more able to support my weight. I had to muffle my cry forcefully when the intense orgasm shook through me. I immediately got hold of windows just to prevent myself form collapsing on floor. I was shaking frenziedly, and I could feel my juices moving out of my cunt wetting my pubic hair, my panties and further moving downwards towards my thighs. I had never felt such a state of delight. I remained there till the rapture subsided.

When I got back to my senses, my son has already wiped clean his cum from his stomach and was putting his shorts back. He then lifted the magazine dropped on his bed, and kept it behind his books inside his locker. Feeling completely fulfilled I too retired to my room.

Next day, as soon as my son went out of house, I quickly sneaked into his room. The magazine was lying at the same place where my son has hidden it. I quickly flip through the pages; magazine was full of explicit pictures of lovemaking in every possible manner, but what caught my attention was the caption of those pictures, each picture seems to be depicting the sexual coupling between family members and among them most of the pictures were of mothers fucking their teenage sons. I could not believe it; last night my son was masturbating while thinking about me. I felt euphoric. For the whole last night I have been thinking about my son’s handsome cock and I knew my pussy desperately wanted it. But then I was not sure whether my son would like to fuck an aged pussy of his mother. The magazine in front of me convinced me that my son also wants to fuck his mom’s cunt. Just imagining that my son would have been thinking about fucking his own mom, my pussy again started twitching and I again had to use my fingers to relieve the aching in my cunt. Later I hid the magazine below my pillow.

Jonny returned late that evening, after dinner he watched TV for some time and around nine he retired to his room. After a while I followed to his room and just tried to look through the keyhole in door. Jonny was frantically searching through his bookshelf and was looking distressed. I lightly knocked his door and immediately entered so that he did not have any time to pull through. Jonny jumped to his feet and looked at me shockingly.

“Are you looking for something, honey?”

“No mom, Just kept my assignment somewhere and I’m am unable to trace it now.” He was trying to maintain his poise.

“Ah!” I suppressed my smile. “Are you talking about this assignment, son?” I showed him the magazine, which I kept hidden behind my back.

He was crestfallen. He could not believe his eyes, he was caught red handed.

“I could never believe.” I added with artificial anger. “My son thinks this about fucking his own mother while masturbating. Do you have any clarifications?”

“I…I…!” He stammered. ” I didn’t mean that, mom.” He was fruitlessly trying to defend himself. “You must be mistaken.”

Itching in my pussy was reaching to its crescendo and I was not in a position to pretend anymore.

“Don’t worry son, I’m not mad at you.” I assured him. ” I know it’s quite natural. But, do you really like to fuck your mom, honey?” I asked in a low, whispery voice.

Jonny stood, speechless; he could not believe what he was hearing. At lost he swallowed and nodded positively.

I slowly lowered my hands below and lifted my nightgown above my thighs making my hairy cunt visible to my son. Jonny’s eyes bulged into his sockets. He was getting the view of his lifetime. The bulge in his was acquiring a monstrous shape. Slowly, I traced a fingertip along the outlined slit of my cunt. I moved two fingers to my cunt and exposed the lips to give a better view to my son. I stared hungrily at the visible throb of my son’s cock. Despite his pants, I could see the enormity of his pecker. The wet heat of my cunt increased, and, when I moved a fingertip along the edge of the tight crotch, I could feel wetness on my thigh.

“Oh, God!” I cried, thrusting my hips forward. “Show me your monster.”

I was still running my fingertips along the edge of my crotch. My eyes were burning on the bulge of his cock. He licked his lips hungrily, and removed his t-shirt and shorts. His monster rod was in full view, eager to come into action anytime. Jonny slipped his hand over his throbbing cock.

My body was again trembling in the same manner it was trembling yesterday. I lifted the gown above my head and removed it completely. I was now standing completely naked in front of my teenage son. Gripping his cock in his hand Jonny eyed my naked breast. My tits are not very large, still they are round and firm, with dark-pink nipples straining out in teasing stiffness.

I took a step towards Jonny, took his naked body in my arms and put my lips over his lips. Jonny responded in a forceful manner. He grabbed me by my ass and forced his tongue between my lips. His enormous hard on was nesting between my bush. A feeling of deep excitement ran through my body. My pussy started dripping by just feeling the presence of the rigid organ of my son, after a long spell of celibacy. I sucked hungrily his tongue. I shifted my shoulders and watched as one nipple brushed across my son’s chin. I held my breath as I pushed the nipple to his lips.

“Suck it!” I whispered hoarsely.

Jonny reacted immediately. He drew my nipple between his lips, and sucked wildly, eagerly, his tongue lapping in wet swirls.

“Ohhhh, God, baby!” I sobbed softly, my tit swelling inside his mouth. “Suck it hard, Jonny! Oooooh, suck it very hard!”

Jonny pulled as much of my tit into his mouth as he could, hungry for it. The wet pull on my tit sent a wild ripple of delight down my body, causing my cunt to suck inward tightly. I squealed in soft sounds, my eyes blazing and slightly unfocused with fiery passion.

Fighting my violent desire, I pulled my tits from his mouth. “Oh, baby!” I hissed, dropping to my knees before him. With my eyes staring at his bulging cock, I placed my palms on his thighs. I gently took his manhood between my trembling fingers. His cock stood up seven inches, hard as possible, its head smoothly swollen. His small piss hole was wet with his pre cum, gleaming invitingly. I closed my fist about my son’s cock, testing the hardness by squeezing. The head seemed to bulge more, and a clear bead of love dew bubbled from his piss hole. With my fist tight around his cock, I pressed down hard, bringing a moan of delight from my son. Holding the base of Jonny’s cock I ran my closed lips up and down his long shaft.

“Ohhhh yes, Mom,” he moaned.

When I reached his head I opened my lips and let my tongue slide up and down his cock, completely covering his cock with my saliva. I parted my lips and let Jonny slip his cock across my lips and into my warm mouth. I started sucking his cock with a passion. I pumped his shaft with my fist as I flicked my tongue on the underside of his dick

“Mom oh god Mom…. that is so good” he moaned in ecstasy.

My lips continue to move up and down the length of his shaft. Jonny was also now thrusting his cock in and out of my sucking mouth. His movements were rapid now, indicating that pressure is now building up deep within his balls.

“Mom..! Mom.. Ah, I am going to shoot.” He cried, increasing his pelvic actions. I was not in a position to hear him and continued with my blowjob. Suddenly his cock seemed to swell in my mouth and with great force he started filling my hungry mouth with his love nectar. I greedily swallowed his hot cum for a moment and then pulled it out. Jonny’s dick was still jerking and white globes of love juice were flying from his pisshole. The drops of hot cum splashed against my cheek, my nose, my lips, and my forehead. I have always loved the feel of cum, not only in my cunt but also in every other opening and all over my body. Cum splashed onto my tits, spunk dripped over my hand, drenching my face with the creamy wetness, then my tits.

When Jonny was finished, I took his flaccid cock in mouth and cleaned him with my tongue.

Jonny was ecstatic. ” Mom..! That was great!”

“I know, honey!” I smiled mischievously. ” Now it’s your turn baby, make your mama happy. Take me to bed.”

Jonny took me to his bed and made me lie on the bed astride.
He then climbed on the bed and positioned himself between my open legs. Hungrily he feasted upon the naked charm of his mom, opened shamelessly before his prying eyes. My cunt and thighs were drenched with my own spending. He put his hands on my thighs and slowly lowered his head between my mount of Venus. I could feel his hot breath over my cunt. I closed my eyes with extreme delight. His hot breath remains there for a moment. Perhaps, he was getting comfortable to the sweet aroma of a woman’s cunt. Slowly, the tip of his tongue touched my wet pussy lips. He ran his tongue along the slit.

“Ohhhh, yes!” I moaned as I felt the pressure against my cunt, then the parting of my pussy lips. Slowly his tongue was inside me, licking me enthusiastically. His took my protruding clit in his mouth and started sucking it.

“Lick my pussy Jonny, I need you to make me cum.” I pleaded.

Jonny quickly licked and sucked my pussy. His tongue traveled across my most sensitive part of my vagina; sucking and licking, bring me into a state of pure ecstasy. My pussy lips were quivering from excitement and I knew my orgasm is not far. It was now my turn to feel the pressure building inside me. Jonny’s movements were now more frantic, he must have sensed my climax approaching. With a huge cry, I grabbed his head and forced it to my cunt, filling his lapping mouth with my sweet nectar. I was experiencing the most powerful orgasms I could ever remember. Jonny didn’t stop till he sucked and licked every drop of my spending.

When he withdrew his head from my cunt, I could see his lips and chin were covered with my honey, and he was eagerly wiping the cream with his tongue. His eyes filled with a mischievous glint.

“You’re delicious! Mom.” He whispered.

I looked at Jonny. His eyes were filled with hot desire. I could hardly breathe with the knowledge of what was about to happen now, something we both suddenly wanted. There was no time to think about right or wrong, we had already crossed that barrier. I glanced a Jonny’s cock it has again swelled to complete erection and was ready to fulfill his mom’s lust.

I took his cock between my fingers and felt my son’s cock throbbing–felt the intense hardness of it. I could not resist squeezing his prick, causing him to moan with pleasure.

All of a sudden, I grabbed my son in my arms, pulling his mouth to mine. I pressed my hot cum coated lips against his, and kissed him strongly. I felt my son pressing his tongue into my mouth, and I began to suck it. I felt my son’s hands go down my back, and then he was feeling about my ass cheeks. My son groaned, his fingers digging into my bare ass cheeks. I put my tongue into his mouth, licking and thrusting hungrily, tasting him, squirming my crotch toward his cock. I shoved my son’s prick between my thighs and closed them tightly, jerking my hips, sliding my steaming cunt slit along that rigid, beautiful, throbbing shaft. I pulled his hard-on to my hot cunt.

“Fuck me.” I cried with passion. “Oh, God … fuck me, Jonny!”

I bent my crotch up to meet his thrust and moaned softly as my son’s cock nudged at my wet opening. It was heavenly to feel a cock, my son’s cock, at the opening of my love canal. I lift my crotch against his impaling monster, feeling my cunt lips opening to the limits to accommodate the intruder within its soft enclave. I could feel his hard cock moving deep into my cunt and with a wild cry he was fully inside me, his balls resting against my naked ass cheeks.

I began to beat and toss my cunt around his cock. I grabbed his bare ass cheeks, grinding my cunt hard on his love organ, muttering with ecstasy. I felt my son’s hands sliding up and down my thrusting, grinding hips at my flexing, exposed ass. My son began to pound his cock into my overheated cunt, fucking my very hard. I rocked my cunt up and down, fucking him in fury, my mind boiling with the most forbidden thing my son and I were doing. His cock felt so very long and thick in my cunt, I thought the friction would actually cause my cunt to burst into flames. I fervently tasting the forbidden fruit and it was tastiest of all.

“Oh, fuck me!” I screamed, my head tossing about, hair disheveled. “Fuck me, darling! Fuck me hard! You’re making me come! Ohhh, baby, you’re making mommy come! Oh, God…I’m coming!”

My cunt closed tightly about my son’s thrusting cock, squeezing with tight, wet, steaming convulsions. Jonny clutched my ass desperately. I could feel his balls swollen, his cock throbbing ready to shoot. I knew he was going to ejaculate. His throat seemed constricted, and the only sounds that came from him were grunts and moans. Suddenly he gave a wild hoarse cry and sprayed his thick, boiling seed along the thirsty walls of my pussy. The deep pulsations of his squirting cock triggered my orgasm also. My pussy was throbbing violently around my sons jerking prick. I felt my son’s cock gushing into my cunt, and my pussy squeezed and sucked its willfully. I was no longer screaming, but sobbing with rapture, feeling the divine. I clung to my son’s ass while he spurted come juice into my cunt. Finishing his job, he slumped over my body.

I didn’t remember how long we stayed in that position; Jonny’s cock was still buried into my now satisfied pussy. I was savoring the every moment of that blissful feeling. I regain conscious only when Jonny withdrew his flaccid cock out of me. He again slumped to my side, his hands exploring my naked tits, his thighs still touching my wet pussy. Our love juices were flowing out of my cunt to my bare ass and finally to the bed sheet below it. My eyes met with Jonny’s, I gave him a faint smile. Here was my lover, my son, the man who can fulfill my physical as well as my emotional needs. I knew I am hooked to him for life.

My son is now my lover and I am not ashamed of it.

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