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My stepdaughter and her friend

I have wanted my stepdaughter since she was 13 years of age. Petite and small, she is extremely cute and looks young for her now age of 32. I figured I had no chance of ever having sex with her and was doomed to a life of fantasy and self pleasure- where she is concerned- until her best friend came into my life.

My stepdaughter, Shaniah, always seemed so straight, but her friend, Mindy, is hell on wheels. Married at age 30 with 3 kids- one 13- Mindy leaves her husband at home while she goes out and picks up guys at the local bars. Alot of times, Mindy goes with her mom and they both pick up on men- sometimes the same guy. Well, Mindy is hot! I decided one day to take a chance and approach her about sex. I am 48, but nice looking and in good shape, and Mindy didn’t hesitate to saying yes to meeting me. I went to her house one day while her husband was at work, the kids were in school, and I and her both had the day off. It was GREAT!!

Almost as soon as I walked in the house, we were all over each other- kissing and grabbing and feeling. Within minutes we were in the bedroom, naked, and tongueing each other and screwing- you know. BUT, that is not what this story is about. After sex we were talking and she said she could tell I always wanted Shaniah- my stepdaughter. I had to admit that I did. I asked her if she thought I had a chance with Shaniah. Mindy said no- not in the conventional way, but she did know how I could have her, but that she wanted to watch. I agreed in a heartbeat.

She told me that they used to play a game where one would bring a guy to meet the other one, but the one was tied up in a chair and blindfolded so as not to see who she was with. MAN! I was getting hot and hard at just the prospect of that, so I said ” Let’s do it”.

It took a couple weeks, but Mindy, true to her word, invited me over one day to find my stepdaughter tied and blindfolded to a chair- naked! Boy was I aroused!! Mindy took a seat in the corner as I took off my pants and approached Shaniah. I stroked her hair as I brushed my fully erect shaft along her cheek. I was also playing with her beautiful, small breasts. I tweeked her nipples between my fingers and had them sticking straight out. I sucked her tits for a little while, but was eager to get to her soaking cunt and lap up her sweet, fresh juices. As I sucked her cunt, I played more with her titties and even fingered her asshole. She was moaning and squirming all over that chair. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I raised up and guided my swollen cock into her eager mouth. She went at my shaft hard and wanton- taking in all 6 1/2 inches and sucking so hard I thought the end would come off in her mouth. I have to admit, I was so excited that it didn’t me long at all to splash cum all over the inside of her mouth and down her throat. I came hard too, but she took it all and swallowed every drop. I kissed her and carressed her tits some more and noticed Mindy was naked and still fingering herself to climax. I loved every minute of all this. I went over to Mindy and kissed her, grabbed some tit and helped her finish herself with my tongue and finger. I left with my stepdaughter still tied to the chair and blindfolded. Mindy said that next time she will have her tied to the bed so that I can screw her in the pussy and the ass. She still doesn’t know who did her that night, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next visit.

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